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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 10:33 pm
by Luminaire
Well, rather they were being sarcastic to each other without resorting to name calling. Course it might take awhile for Saphy to catch onto that just because it was subtle. Not that it lasted long anyways.

Stormy glowers, "Better than being a stick in the mud! Loosen up will ya? Get dirty once in awhile you might like it!" with a snort, that practically sprouted smoke, Stormy turns his back on his sister, ears flattened unhappily.

Darkwind seems to go cold and eerily still for acouple minutes and then she charges at Stormy, "I'll show you dirty!" she yells before tackling her brother and sending the two of them rolling down the hill. Lots of screeching and hollaring accompany the trip down.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2005 9:17 pm
by Rainer
Saphy's eyes went wide when they started tumbling down, and took off at a gallop after them, shouting for them to stop. "Hey! Cut it out you two!"

She hesitated, staying a couple feet away so she was out of their range. She didn't want to get hit, you know.

"C'mon guys... Stop... Please?"

PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2005 7:44 pm
by Luminaire
They hit the bottom, bouncing apart, but not staying seperated very long. Stormy trumpets and charges at Darkwind. She hollars back, and they're chest to chest on their hind legs, forelegs locked together, biting and hammering each other with their teeth, screeching loudly.

They probably didn't hear Saphy's pleas.

A blur runs over, covered in cloudy markings of black and gray, deep royal blue hooves flash, while a purple and grey mane/tail whips. Orange dragon eyes blaze as Storm rushes to her fighting foals, "Thats Enough!" her voice booms like thunder and she nips each of them sharply on the rumps, and seperates them firmly with a few pushes of her head. "What did I tell you about fighting?" Storm rumbles lowly.

Stormy and Darkwind squeal at the nips, tears welling up at their upset mother's face. "But Mom she called me a Bush!" "He called me a Stick in the mud!" they whine tearfully in defense.

Storm shakes her head briskly, "I told you both not to call each other names! Whats the matter with you two? Can't you see that you scared Saphire? Is that the way to behave infront of a friend?" she scolds not unkindly.

"No.." they both answer, looking at Saphy.

"I want you two to apologise to each other and to SaphireSpin. Then you're going to go to your father and apologise to him for breaking your promise not to fight with each other." She nudges them both with her soft nose. "Then maybe you'll get to play with Saphire some more, or we'll go home. Your choice."

They immediately protested going home, they wanted to stay!
"Then do what I asked you to do, say you're sorry and Mean it." Storm replies to her recaltrent offspring.

Stormy and Darkwind eye each other for a moment, "I'm sorry, Stormy." Darkie goes first.

"I'm sorry too, Darkie." he replies still feeling mad. Then he looks at Saphy, "I'm really sorry'll still play with us won't you?" he asks hopefully.

"Sorry Saphy." Darkwind apologises to the filly.

Storm nods her head satisfied, "I think Shade is still talking to Spin. So go find them all three of you." Storm nudges her foals lovingly. She'd follow behind them.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 10:19 pm
by Rainer
She released a sigh, and put on a weak smile. "It's ok... Sure I'd love to play some more.... If it's ok..." She glanced up at Storm, then turned to the direction that Shade and her father were in.

She took off at a trot, glancing at them from over her shoulder. The smile had faded into a blank expression, still a little shaken up from the fight.

Stice and herself rarely got mad at each other, never mind fighting. They did once, but that was another story.

She sighed, her form visibly relazing, the small muscles beneath her green coat seeming to ease.