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PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2005 12:40 am
by crystal
Faith raced to the lake getting nearer
and naerer every second looking back
ocasionally faith slowed down a bit
and ran in between bubble and verity.
Faith pulled her legs of the ground and
opened up her wings looking like she
was still running.Faith sped towards the
lake in between the two males and put
her legs down and raced fair and square
with them looking back only once to see
the two serians racing behind.Faith
noticed that they were only inches away
when she splashed into the lake feeling
refreshed in the kool water."Ahh this feels

PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2005 12:50 am
by zelda324
Bubble glanced over at Faith and slightly smiled as Verity looked towards the mare and smiled as well. They raced together and then all splashed into the water. Bubble and Verity laughed as they looked around, then Verity flicked his fins out and dived under the water. With the fins on his side he could move much faster then normal serains because he could also use his legs to add more power. Bubble looked towards Spirit and Scythe, Scythe had her head held high as she watched her foal. Spirit slowed down towards the water and looked at it confusingly she had never really been in such large source of water. She walked up her ears perked forward and head held high, and she placed her hoove in the water and then laughed and she jumped in the water only reaching to her knees. She jumped up and down splashing water all over the place and she bucked at the water having fun.
Scythe came up and just smiled as she watched everyone play in the water, she then slowly walked in and laid in the water. She let out a happy sigh as the water cooled her off and she made sure she kept an eye out for Spirit.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2005 10:53 am
by crystal
Faith smiled a bit and walked\swam over to bubble."Heh well that was fun."Faith nibbled on bubble's hair a little.Faith looked over at Spirit and laughed a little at the sight of the little foal playing in the water..Faith looked at Scythe and thought how lucky she was.'Some day ill have a foal of my own with bubble but that i will have to wait for.'Faith looked in the eyes still thinking to herself then looked around and noticed a sea shell and picked it up with her mouth."Spirit look at this its a sea shell do you want it?"

PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2005 11:24 am
by zelda324
Bubble just smiled and nuzzled her neck a little then glanced around to see if he could find Verity. He let a soft sigh out and moved into deeper water and dived under the water and looked around and finally spotted the stallion. He shook his head and swam back upwards and then looked around swimming back towards the shore.
Spirit trotted over to Faith and looked at the sea shell "Well it would probably most likely get broken if I took it" she just smiled as she knew anything that was breakable she would break it on accident because she was allways doing something.
Verity finally hit the surface and swam back to the grounp with a wide smile "We have another visitor" he turned his head back out towards the water. Scythe also looked out with a smile figuring who it must have been, and Bubble glanced around with a smile as he saw a dark blue with orange bolting by under the water.
The creature was another serain but he could move perfectly under the water, the serain jumped out of the water and back in like a fish. He then swam over to the group putting his two hooves in the sand, his long fish like tail floated in the water. "Well hello all"
Everyone smiled and said hello and looked towards Faith "Faith this is Bolt" Bubble spoke up and smiled as he looked back over at his friend.


PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2005 11:55 am
by crystal
Faith smiled at spirit and watched bubble
go under water and swim back up."You
can still have it though i break stuff too
that is breakable but thats ok nothings
using it so you can have it."Faith smiled
at Spirit and looked over at Verity as he
came up.Faith looked at the blue stallion
and looked at the amazing design on his
side and his tail was so beautiful.Faith
nodded her head as bolt said hello to every
one."Its a pleasure to meet you bolt."Faith

PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2005 12:14 pm
by zelda324
Bolt smiled holding his head up high as his tail waved back and forth under the water behind him. He glanced around his ears flickered around "So whats going on today?"
Spirit shrugged slightly and took the sea shell and trotted off over to her mother and set it on her back. The little foal smirked and then nuzzled her head into Scythes neck. She then laid down neck to her keeping her head high up above the water.
Bubble's ears flicked around as he glanced around "Well from what I know nothing much really at the moment" he flicked his tail smiling.
Verity flicked his short tail and neck and looked towards Bolt smiling and he then trotted around in the water kicking some of it up in the air.
Scythe shook her head a little watching the stallion and his foal like ways, she then looked down at her foal and smiled nuzzleing her gently "I see you are getting a little tired Spirit, maybe you should get out of the water and rest for a while. It is your nap time after all anyways"
The young foal looked at her mother and pressed her ears back and looked away not wanting to rest. Scythe stood up as water ran down her fur and pushed Spirit with her nose to get up. So she did and walked up to land shaking off the water on her small body. The mare followed shaking the water off as she stepped out of the water. They walked over to a large tree and Scythe laid down first, then Spirit laid down next to her curling up into a small ball. Smiling as she rested her head down around the young foals body to keep her save.
Bubble looked over and smiled "You know it is amazing how Cast has changed her, she use to not talk or go out that much. She has also made a great mother as well" he then looked over at Faith and the others smiling.