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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 6:14 pm
by Silverdust
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 7:20 pm
by Rainer
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 8:46 pm
by Silverdust
Hellion snorted. This stallion didn't know the half of Mist's problem, in fact, no one but herself and Cedar did. The older stallion thought it best to wait before they told Mist herself, as it might backlash. The young mare was not one to be understood so easily.

Mist smiled slightly and nudged back at Hellion. "No, Hellion was the one who rescued me," she giggled lightly, childishly. Hellion rolled her eyes and gave her a sharp nip, which the mare ignored. "She found me when I was wandering, and she brought me to Cedar."

Her face lightened a little at the mention of the name. Hellion smirked a little as she watched the mare's face change. That Sparkle stallion had competition, she wondered how he would handle that.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2005 8:39 am
by Songhue
nodding at the others memories Sparkle couldn't help but notice the way Mist looked when she spoke of cedar. he did love her, he knew that now, but it wasn't a selfish love. he wanted her to have everything she needed and if that involved another mate then so be it. his heart would learn to heal.

"Does Cedar live with you? and satin, i was said you were at the festival, could you tell me about it? i like to hear things from others points of view."

he couldn't help but notice the crestfallen tone his voice had taken and absently moved closer to Mist for comfort. he nuzled her chin with his nose in a silent promise that he felt he could only understand and then moved away, quickly, as he cought himself. if she wanted him to fight for her then he would. if not then he would let her be.

but in the meantime, he thought, i can hear about what happened with others and keep learning. it's what i've held on to this whole time so i might as well keep it up.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2005 3:25 pm
by Silverdust
Mist nodded, beaming brightly, with an almost childlike innocence. Hellion rolled her eyes. Sometimes Mist seemed like a poster girl, optimistic and bright to a fault. Twas infectious for most, but annoying to her.

"I live with Cedar, he's my guardian," she smiled with the words, her eyes turning soft for a moment. She blinked in surprise at Sparkle's gesture, and his crestfallen tone. She nudged back a little, having no idea what was going on, and only wanting to offer some support to her new-found friend.

She moved toward Hellion, whispering to the older mare. "What's wrong with Sparkle? Did I do anything?" her eyes were furrowed slightly with worry and confusion.

Hellion snorted. Make that innocent to a fault as well. Mist had the outloook of a child, often oblivious of feelings beyond friendship. Heck, she didn't even realize her own affection for Cedar. Hellion gave the stallion a brief look and shook her head.

"Don't worry, he's only being male."

Mist was more confused by the mare's words, but shrugged and listened to the others, offering another tentative smile at Sparkle. She wanted to hear their stories as well.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2005 8:34 am
by Songhue
Sparkle's heart ached with joy when Mist returned his gesture. even so he manages a slight chuckle at hellions words. he was finding it heard to consentrate but he did want to hear the stories. after a moment of fighting with himself he moved closer to Mist, getting her a little way away from hellion. he knew this would upset her a little but this wasn't easy for him.

"listen," he murmered, his heart weeping objections, "if i could help out, maybe get the two of you a meeting place or something, just let me know, okay?"

then he moved away, whispering as he did a soft farewell to the one he'd fallen for; "i will always cherish you." he didn't think she heard and at this point it would be to late anyway. she had clearly fallen just as hard for Cedar and Sparkle was not going to upset that. his farewell to his love said he could now listen to the stories while his heart wept in silence.