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PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 10:13 am
by Tigress
((Woo! Go Foxx :D that's great, especially for 4am *laughs*. I've been anticipating this sooo much! Luna = love <3... smexy adult form preview? :O I'll love you long time!))

Her vision seemed to sway in the darkness, all this was put onto her now, to deliver the news, to tell the filly what she must do. She felt like a guard delivering a prison sentence, because for Luna to receive her freedom and the wish she'd held onto for so long, she had to make one of the most important decisions of her life. And she knew that the filly would make the right choice in her heart, but it was still so much to ask of someone so young. Luckily for Luna, her mind was on her side, as she was wise beyond her years. Even if she faltered in emotion to herself, Frostbite had faith in her, she was strong enough to handle this.

Tigs felt the presence of the icy mare much before she came into view, nodding her head solemly towards the filly, she gave eyes of understanding and patience. "You not only need answers, but you deserve them. After so long..." She cut herself off suddenly, puzzled, and then seemingly embarassed. 'That is a lot to ask...' She said to herself, ready to let the mare break the news herself upon return.

"Bonding is not a bad thing. Bonders, are what can be bad. This is why you have to be careful in choosing a bond. Bonding, I believe, has been the most amazing gift I've ever been granted, and I've been granted it over ten times now. Every time it brings tears to my eyes and I am honoured to share myself with those who choose to bond with me. Bonding for me, is giving over my heart and soul, my secrets and affection, everything that I can offer, protection, advice, love, devotion. Each and every Serian bonded to me has touched my life in unique ways that are hard to explain. Each and every one to me, mean the world and the galaxies combined. I could not imagine myself without them. For Frostbite... well, she returns..." Allowing herself to go back to a contemplative silence, she smiled to try and cover the tears that welled in her eyes. Expressing such an intimate and personal bond was a very emotional thing. Beautiful, in the same way.

The moonlit mare dipped her head in greeting and tried to remain neutral, though her mind was racing through the conversation she'd had with the elusive dark stallion. "Bonding to me... was what saved my life. I knew Tigs was the right choice from the moment I saw her, which is why I pushed that bitterness away just for a moment, just to see if she would accept me. I was abandoned, tossed aside and broken in my own right... but when I found her, I found the strength to love again. So strong was our bond from first sight that I knew I would never be let down again. I was right, and every day I am only more and more touched by her understanding and affection for me." She paused to consider the words of the others who had explained their idea of bonding, and nodded her head.

"I am one of the lucky ones. Not all Serians are so lucky as to find a proper bond. There are many who abandon, abuse, and ignore the Serians who have bonded with them... and speaking from experience, it could very well destroy you inside. It's a terrible thing I wouldn't even wish upon my worst enemy. This is why you have to be careful, you have to feel that connection... it's hard to explain, but when you feel it, you'll know. It spreads a warmth inside you, like being tucked into the softest bed, by the softest hand and kindest heart. Once you feel this connection you know you could never be afraid. It's right, and you know it is, and you won't look back." She smiled, fighting back a grin at Tigs who had clasped her hand over her mouth in surprise, fighting the urge to fling herself at Frostbite at the same time as she was fighting back tears of happiness. The mare knew her words had been touching, and with one look she spoke to the girl in ways that words could not do justice.

"But now... I have something just as important to tell you. I spoke with your father for a long while, and he told me many things of which I am honoured to have been able to know. But the most important thing he had to say, was that he will allow you to see him... only after you've chosen a Bond. I know he will wait for you, however long you take to choose. And I know that you will make the right choice. I am just as eager for you to see him as I'm sure you must be now, having heard this." She laughed softly, tossing silver tresses in the light wind.

Tigs looked at the filly, admiring her only a moment before looking to the sky and back to those captivating eyes. "Luna... you know that I would be honoured to have you choose me, but even if you don't, know that you can always find me, and we don't have to loose touch. I'll play my songs for you at any time, and you can show me more of your unique talents." She laughed at the memory, so interesting was this daughter of Prophet. "But know that you have inspired me in many ways, and I admire you for so many things. I... feel a connection to you strongly, even though you may not feel the same. But this is the truth from my heart." Her cheeks flushed in embarassment, it was hard to admit knowing very well that the filly may simply not feel that connection with her, and may feel it with another instead. Either way, she was glad to be honest about it.

Frostbite cleared her throat, obviously impatiently waiting to say her part. Though the words were hard to find, once they were there, everything seemed to flow. "I have so long envied the other Serians bonded to Tigs, in the fact that so many of them have a mate, and a child. I have nothing, in the ways of affection from one of my kind. Friendship is powerful, but there is a gap in me reserved for love... and though I thought I felt it once, it was untrue. Ever since, I have been seeking love and wondering what it must be like to be those others mares who experience it in so many forms... Well, I still lack a mate, but I feel like I have found a child of my own at last. You are everything strong inside me, everything I was at your age and more. I do love you like you are my own, and I thank you for giving me a gift that I longed for so much. Now, my offer is to do the same for you. I would be honoured to be the one who takes you to meet your father at last, and beyond that, I offer to be a true mother to you as much as I can..." Her eyes were soft and her body longed to nuzzle Luna, and show the affection that she held inside. But no, she was still going through so much, so Frost would be patient and wait for her to make the first move, whatever that may be. They'd both made their offers, and waited patiently with open smiles.

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by Foxxfyre
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by Tigress
She's just as incredible as I was expecting, I knew you'd make her amazing :). I hope my rp skills are still up to par... emotional crisis tends to take away from writing ambition :S.

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by [Unknown]
((OOC: Take your time, since this is going to be the last one, before Luna Bonds :D *excited* Sorry it took so long, things have been.... hectic ^^; Hope it was worth it! There's some great RPing in here ^^))

Luna's eyes closed as she listened, with only the occasional trembling in the set of her feet to betray her thoughts. The wind had ceased to even tease at her mane, and it seemed like the entire world was waiting on a response. The pale gold of dawn glowed from the bright green of her eyes as they opened slightly, studying nothing visible as she examined her thoughts intensely.

Thier words whirled through her head as she tried to make sense of them. Bonding someone could be the most wonderful decision she had ever made, or it could ruin her completely. She shivered as she realized what was required of her, if she wanted to see her father again. She didn't know if she could trust anyone that much, yet so many Serians had made that choice, and all she had seen was happiness come of it. But happiness was normally something that brought creatures out of the shadows, for they seldom needed the healing silence.

Subtly she tilted her head a little to the side, studying the two Bonded before her carefully. Both of them seemed to share deep bonds with their Serians, respecting their wishes and requiring nothing unwanted of them. They seemed so close, but was there room for her, or would she just be overlooked? Did they even have time for a little stray like herself, when they already demanded so much of each others' attention? She shook her mane a little, dismissing the half-formed question in her heart. She pushed her thoughts away from the possibility of her bonding, as certain as she could be that she wasn't ready to ask herself to do that.

She was still hurting from the abandonment of her father, even though she understood that he thought he meant well. In matters of the heart, sometimes people overreact. Then again, perhaps this was a turning point in her life, one where she would have to choose her future, and he didn't want her to make the decision without knowing the harsh possibility of ending up alone. Alone... she cringed away from the idea. All her life she'd had a relationship with her Sha-kyn, and Sha-en, even if it was sometimes distant. The more she thought of her home, the more she longed to just see it, so she would stop feeling awkward and unwanted in this land that was so foreign to her. Even her father...

She snapped herself out of her small lapse into her mess of emotions. It was hard to ignore them, but until they healed, it would be like poking raw wounds; they would infect her with misery. She gathered her courage and, despite her misgivings, spoke her decision.

"I am never going to return to my Sha-en. I will no longer have a place among them. I think I knew this when I left, but now... now I am sure." Despite herself, she could feel her tears welling up inside, and her heart yearning to at least say goodbye one last time. "I would like to come and reside here, and I would be honored if one of you would let me stay. Could you tell me of your homelands? It would take my mind off being so close to my past, and help clear my confusion. I... do not feel ready to Bond now, but perhaps in the future..."

She blushed at her clumsy words and hid her face behind her long forelock, shyness overcoming her usual bright personality. Almost inaudible, she whispered a quick summary.

"I would really like a friend."

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by Silverdust
Sive smiled gently, but her hands teased at her heart. Slighly empathic was a blessing, but a curse as well. Strands of darkness, the young one's sorrow, tangled about her core, but she maintained her calm facade. Avalir need not know how the source of her powers burdened her so, and this young one had already borne too much.

"Take as much time as you need for this decision Luna," she said, glancing back at Avalir. "Bonding is not something that can be rushed, for it shouldn't be a choice to be regretted."

She nodded at the stallion beside her. "Avalir."

There communication needed no more than that. Avalir's laugh was low and smooth, something meant to ease that burden that the filly had spoken of. "Homeland...well, Sive's lands are far reaching. Most of us are wanderers by nature, or recluses, so she gives us space and solitude as we need it. She is there when we need her, and that is all we ask. We look out for each other, take care of ourselves. But there will always be someone there for you, if you so need it."

Sive wove her hands together gently, seeming to pluck light from the air around her and the glimmer off the water. Images formed in the brightness, luminescent and fragile. A tall forest with stately, ancient trees, some straight as towers and others weaving and twisting vinelike about them. They grew almost as if they were a fortress or a castle, protecting an smooth formed cave jutting out of a cliff wall. A young mare danced in the shadows and light cast upon a river bank, while an older stallion watched from the cave entrance. His eyes with their iridescent mask flicked between the book before him and her laughter.

Avalir flicked his mane approvingly. Sive was showing her other bonded as well, and the places they had chosen. Her way of trying to show Luna the nature of what a bond could be. He caught her eye lightly before turning his attention to the picture. "Cedar is the stallion, Mist the mare. He was a recluse, but he decided to take Mist when she first came. He's been protecting her since, and they live in the eastern woods."

Sive hummed a bar of song and the picture changed. This time it was a garden woven of flowers and light, vibrant and tropical in their color and form. There were small streams and pools, miniature waterfalls shimmering over rocks and the glitter of fish scales. Bridges and pagodas of oriental design flashed from the rich floral play, as well as angelic statues and promenades echoing a greek heritage. A mare of aqua and violet stood cast in an angelic glow, speaking to another the color of desert sand and sun, brilliant white wings folded against her back. Avalir's gaze softened as they fell upon them, but also echoed something like sorrow.

"Mirage is the winged one, Eve is without. Mirage is a distant one, but when she comes she will be with Eve. Eve prefers the gardens, and she spends most of her time there..."

"As do you," Sive teased gently. Avalir snorted wryly but did not refute her.

"For the most part Eve is alone, but that Eden is all she asks for. When I do not wander, I try to stay with her."

"Avalir is not oft in my lands," Sive said quietly, the picture beginning to change in her hands. "He is a wanderer like none I have seen before. Except for myself, that is, but we are never too far apart when it comes time."

The images shimmered now rapidly, showing snapshots of the lands still unchosen. There were valleys, hills, mountain stretches and deep caves and forests. Some had been tamed by a delicate and artisitic architecture, others were aesthetic works all by themselves. The last flickering image was a high tower of ivory, alabaster and silver set upon island. Sive smiled, meeting Luna's eyes for a brief moment. "My tower, where I come to rest, and where you may seek me."

The dance of light died in her hands. She drew her knees up to her chin and leaned upon them. "The land is such that it will change eventually into something that pleases you. You are always welcome here, Luna, no matter who you choose to bond to."