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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 10:06 am
by Rainer
SaphireSpin glanced out from behind Arch. Since Spin had gone with Rainer, the blue stallion had been left in charge of the filly. She was gazing at the foal curiously, her ears flicking in random directions. She moved up beside him, still gazing at the foal. "Hey... Uncle Archy, who's that?"

Arch shrugged as best as his anatomy would allow, glancing at Saphire. "Not sure, I think the little one is new." He replied calmly, glancing at each of the one's coming forth to see the serian. But one caught his eye. He could bearly make her out of the shadows, but he was sure a bonded was in there somewhere. He flicked back an ear, attempting to get a better look by taking a step towards her.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 10:24 am
by Tigress
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Tig noticed Arch and smirked a knowing smirk that easily said 'I've heard tons about you, young stallion...' And of course she had, as Chime had spilled all the goey details in girl talk with Beta and Sirensong and Tig just happened to overhear... Upon finally getting to really inspect the stallion, she felt she approved. His smile was welcoming, and she knew he knew exactly who she was.

She noticed that her tune had also caught the attention of a few owners and she blushed slightly, at least happy that she'd been able to bring a smile to some of her friends' faces. Music was a beautiful thing indeed. The foal was adorable, she couldn't lie. And she thought back to the days of Chaos... what would it be like to have a female foal? She appeared to be a very curious and yet cutely shy little thing.. Would she be as reckless and egocentric? Her beauty spoke that she could easily pull that off, but with such a youthful innocence, it was hard to tell what she'd become in the upcoming months as she grew. And oh what a lovely lady she'd become...

Frostbite caught Tig's analyzing glance and flattened her ears, crazy girl thought too much. However, even she had to admit that the foal touched a part of her. Maybe because she was the only mare of Tigs basially to not have a mate, and therefore no promise of upcoming foals someday... She could teach the tiny forest belle so much, if she could stay out of her seemingly vanished depression. Maybe a little excitement was good for a Serian?

She noticed SapphireSpin and grinned, Chime had wanted to mother the little one as if it were her own, simply because it had a connection to Arch. But of course, she was sure that Frolic wouldn't be too enthusiastic about that!

Tig watched as another one with silver hair like her own, without the blue sheen, crowded about the little foal. It was getting harder to catch glimpses, but she was content with waiting her turn. It would be more interesting to get to talk to the foal by herself, maybe play some more music. She noticed yet another one, but she was hiding in the shadows and watching. Hopefully she'd come out enough to get to see the foal when it made its way out of the crowd eventually.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 10:27 am
by Silverdust
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 10:38 am
by Tigress
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 11:50 am
by Nyx
Nyx listens as a strange tune floats on the breeze. She looks down at the foal to her side and smiles. The tiny foal is taking small dance like steps as she walks, engulfed in the music. Well, Amy, shall we see where the tune is coming from? she asked the foal. Amy just looked up at her and smiled, then took off in the direction of the song. Nyx grinned and raced after her, not wanting to see her get into trouble, which she was known to do.

They broke thou the clearing and Nyx grabbed Amy moments before she would have ran into the tiny trembleing foal. She noticed the others around and hung back as not to frighten it further.

Amy wiggled free of Nyx' arms and stepped carefully towards the other foal. Why are you shaking? she asked, not knowing about fear and the hold it can take on you. She sat down on her little rump, and hoped to put the other foal at ease.


PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 12:08 pm
by zelda324
Amanda blinked a few times glancing around seeing as more people and serains started to join in and thought where they were all coming from.
Verity glanced around then back at the foal with a smile then turned to his bonder "Well with everyone here it might scare the young foal more hopefully it doesn't though" Amanda slightly nodded petting his neck gently as she sat down on her knees hopeing that being lower, wouldn't scare the young foal. Verity flicked his short tail with a smile still looking towards the foal. He then watched as the other foal walked up and started to talk with the one and he just couldn't help but smile "Spirit should have come with us" he said softly.
He then flicked his ears around when something bumped into his legs, his brought his head upside down looking inbetween his legs to find the foal he was speaking about. He lifted his head and turned his head as Spirit walked to his side with a wide smile "Well what are you doing here little one?" he asked tilting his head "I followed you two" the youn foal replied.
She then looked over seeing two other foals one she sortof heard about and the other she had never ever seen. She slowly made her way forwards towards the two foals "Hello there" her ears slightly went down a little scared herself she looked towards the shaking foal and smiled as she laid down "I'm Spirit I don't think you have to be scared with all the others around they want to just be friends" She had an idea of being scared because her mother had talked about it with her and explained to her that everyone can feel it. She also knew that her appearance may scare others for a while until they got use to it.