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Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 12:38 pm
by [Unknown]
*As the foal stares in fear at the newcomer, her feet shift as if she is about to run. The non-threatening stance of the figure, however, stays her. Looking up at Lumi she widens her eyes and her ears relax a tiny bit.*


*Her ears suddenly go flat against her skull as another stranger appears. She had always been mistrustful of them, especially since her mother... she stepped back as far as she could until the branches of the bush crackled behind her. The green stallion reminded her of one of the Warriors she always bothered, but she was still frightened. In the distance, she noted the hint of music, but her nerves were so wound up that it seemed nothing would calm her down. Then more and more stangers appeared, crowding around her, all asking her the same sort of question. As the little foal comes up to her, she seems to make a decision.

Suddenly her eyes narrow and she stops shaking, her body still incredibly tense but apparently the little one had decided to face her fears head-on. She straightens and tosses her head, wary eyes taking in each individual in the crowd of strangers surrounding her. Her courage is short-lived, however. There are just too many for her small figure to be comfortable with. She takes a few steps away and then bolts, heading vaguely towards the music and the forest beyond it.*


*Her small voice shrills as she calls desperately for her father.*

((I said Unbonded RPing was hard, so don't say I didn't warn you. Especially since this little lady has a special place in my heart for various reasons. Good luck, all!))

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 12:45 pm
by Tigress
Tig watches the figure bolt, and tells Frostbite to stay back. She places the flute to her lips again and plays a soft melody, trying to lead the foal into the woods near her, just enough to calm her down and give her some well deserved privacy. Poor thing... she knew it would get too many too quickly, hopefully she'd be able to help before the thing got too wound up...

Frostbite watched from a bush with wide, hurting eyes. So scared... she hung her head behind that mask of silver to hide her thoughts, biting back the tears. Her heart ached like that of a true mother and she yearned to go near the foal. Papa?... It must already have a mother then... but she could hope, could she not? The bush seemed so impossibly huge then, barring her from what she so longed to do. Just walk over and comfort the young one and tell her stories of how she used to be so scared, just like her... But she listened to Tig and watched for now, seeing if the foal would stop for the sweet soothing melody, or run on.

((No wonder Foxx, of course I'm sure we're all slightly curious about these reasons :P everything will reveal itself in time. I kind of anticipated the poor thing bolting *pets* awwwh ^^))

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 12:48 pm
by Silverdust
Sive's eyes widened slightly as the young one bolted towards her andthe other with the flute. She had called for her father, something they all could'nt be. She wondered vaguely where he was, and why he had left her alone, but she wouldn't question him. After all, she had done the same with Avalir...

"She is frightened."

He was beside her, as he had been for awhile. She could feel those crimson eyes burning onto her. "Are you going to stop her?"

"Did I stop you?" was her light answer. She smiled. "Maybe you would be better to calm her, she is looking for her father after all. You could be both."

She heard a light snort. "I will stop her if she does something drastic, like jump into a river," she gave him a sidelong glance at this. "But till then, it would be best not to scare her anymore. Step into the light, it might work."

The leaves rustled and Avalir stepped into the clearing, watching the scared filly. He nodded subtly at Frostbite and her bonded, and hoped that this little one would calm in their presence.

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 1:01 pm
by Luminaire
Lumi had been about to smile warmly at the little one as she had seemed to be about to say something. But then all the others appeared and the darling, though she tried to be brave, was overwhelmed.

Lumi's eyes become a sad shade of blue as the foal bolts looking for her papa. With a sigh she looks at the crowd around her. She felt like saying something, but just closes her mouth. It's not like anyone could of helped it, the foal was just that magnetic.

The Darkuni looks in the direction the foal had gone, wanting to follow, but that would just scare her more. Instead she wanders toward a river in a nearby direction with the hope that there would be another oppertunity to talk to the young one.

When she gets there a blue and purple mare greets her from the river bank. "Hey, Lumi! Whats with the sad face?" Banjo greets as another darker form splashes in the water.

"Oh, I just saw the most enchanting little filly over in the field, but then so did just about everyone else. The shy little thing got so overwhelmed she ran away before we could talk alittle bit." Lumi smiles at the two bondeds.

A black face pops up onto the riverbank near Banjo, "Oh really? Thats too bad, but you'll probably see her again. Do you hear that music?" Fate asks.

Banjo nods, "Very pretty music isn't it? I wonder who is playing it..." she walks a few steps in the direction it was coming from.

Lumi chuckles, "Yes...perhaps we shall go check it out in a minute." And perhaps we won't be the only ones drawn to it. she thnks to herself.

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 1:02 pm
by zelda324
Amanda watched as the foal bolted off and she looked up at Verity who was watching with care, for the time just watching the foal he felt like he should be there and care for the foal yet he knew his chance was very little. Amanda just smiled as she pushed Verity a little to get him moving "Go keep your distance but watch over the foal make sure it is safe"
Verity looked at her then towards the foal and walked in the direction of the foal, he did as his bonder said keeping his distance. He could hear the sound of music a lot closer and he glanced around to figure out where the sound came from. He saw the foal and kept his distance he just wanted to make sure the foal was alright, and all he could do was smile yet feel bad for the young foal.
Spirit watched the young foal dart off then looked at the other one somewhat confused and figured the foal must have been to scared so she would leave it alone unless the foal came back.

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 1:42 pm
by [Unknown]
*The foal's legs were working furiously, her neck stretched forward and her tail streaming behind her. She needed to get away... the music was coming closer to her, and she slowed down, her coat starting to dampen with sweat. Being in the shadows comforted her for many reasons, especially because this was almost always where she found her father... before. She heard the whisper of the trees and her heart stopped pounding. She began to hear the music once more and cautiously walked towards it, staying well-hidden. And she waited, listening and watching. She saw others gathering, but she was much too far away for them to see. The tides had turned, and now she had a chance to observe them.*