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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 1:48 pm
by Tigress
Tig was sitting on a rock in the shadows, watching the foal with interest, heart racing, playing her sweet melody but quieter now, just until the foal was close enough to speak, then she'd stop so hopefully nobody would notice where they were. She could feel Frostbite's eager thoughts from behind her, and silently thanked her friend for trusting her. She motioned for the foal to come closer into the shade of the small area she'd found, hidden fairly well by bush. Sensing the foal might be suspicious, she decided to give up her melody a moment and speak. She crossed her fingers and decided on giving the most appealing reason why the foal should come near. "Quick! Before they see you. I'll hide you."

Frostbite smiled to herself, good move. Last thing that poor little one needed was to be a sheep with a flock of hungy wolves on her tail (You know who you are- this analogy was your fault XD). Soon perhaps she'd make her presence known, but for now she smiled dreamily, her heart racing in pace with Tigs. She saw so much in those eyes, so much for one so young. And the look in those eyes was painfully familiar. She'd lived a life of shadows and mourning, and now she was so recently rejected again. She'd felt so useless and unloved, and Tig had been trying to cheer her up. If only she could just talk to her a little... Patience. That's what this was all about.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 1:50 pm
by Silverdust
Avalir had unnaturaly acute senses. He knew she was there, he could feel the fluttering of her tiny heart, an all to familiar feeling. He had been lost from the moment of his birth as well, completely alone with few memories of his parents or siblings...

His siblings, he didn't want to think about them. He gave no indication of seeking her out, knowing it would only frighten her. He had been as flighty as her, Hellion and Hinote being the ones who would stand and fight. He knelt on the grass, listening to the sound of Tig's flute on the wind. This place was calming, nice, and he hoped she would find it so as well. He fluttered his wings slightly, the golden rings tinkling vaguely along with the melody.

Sive could feel the mare still, but she coudn't see her. She was content to stay in the tree's shadow, and wait. She would let the young one find her own way, her own path, on her own time. To rush her, it would only be idiotic. No one could find a place if they were forced too. She only hoped that she would be the only one to realize this filly, and not her sisters. She could only shudder to think of Sethe...

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 2:12 pm
by Nyx
Nyx watched as the poor little thing bolted. Maybe Amy had been a bit to overwhelming as she was known to do at times. Maybe we should hang back and see what happens. Or at least I will. Maybe the foal would be a bit more comfortable around someone smallish like herself. You can follow but be as careful as you can and don't frighten her. Nyx warned. I'm going to stay here in case you need me. she added, not wanting to add to the filly's distress. No worries Nyx, I will be gentle. Amy said with a wink and walked in the direction she had seen the filly go.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 2:23 pm
by Luminaire
"On second thought...maybe we shouldn't go over there." Lumi says to Banjo and Fate. "Too many people once again." the Darkuni looks around thinking...they weren't too far away from the music in any case so perhaps they'd just have to think of something that would attract a foal to them.

The darkuni had the feeling that perhaps they were being watched. Then she hears a loud splash from Fate and gets an idea. "Banjo do you like to play in the water?"

The mare gives Lumi a look. "Well, of course I do. I am of Sacred Sea after all, and it was my plan to go swimming with Fate before you arrived." With a wink of her silver eyes, the spritely mare jumps into the river with a happy laugh. *Splash!*

Lumi smiles, "Yes of course. how silly of me. Fate, how would you like me to make you a water slide?" the black mistress of Darkunicorns had a twinkle in her eyes.

The fish-tailed serian fairly leaps out of the water, "Oh, Yes I would like that very much!" his shiny purple spots gleam wetly as he swims excitedly around Banjo.

Lumi chuckles and taps her hooves on the river bank. "Then here you are." A lovely natural looking slide forms out of the side of the bank, rising up a few feet and then curving around in a spiral down to the water. A small stream kept the slide wet and a water latter was made so Fate could get to the top of it.

Land serians big or small could get to the top easily from the bank. With a happy whinny, Fate goes up the water latter and then, "Wheee!!!!heeheheee!!" goes down the slide.

"Lumi! That is so Awesome!" he exclaims just as Banjo reaches the top.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 2:25 pm
by zelda324
Verity caught site of another girl, the one who seemed to get to close to the foal before. He shook his head and slowly made his way to where she was and tapped her foot "You know maybe we should leave the young foal alone, as much as I want to be near and watch over her I can't and with you being so close will probably scare her even more. So why don't you head back to the group" he spoke to Emzey knowing that she seemed to want to get close to the foal but from what he could tell the foal was to frighten "Come on you can meet others I am sure, maybe let the foal come to the group" He lifted his head glancing around hearing a voice saying that they would hide the young foal. He just shook his head lightly wanting to be with the foal and yet protect her, though it would be her choice of what would happen.
Spirit watched as the one foal got up and she tilted her head and she got up and followed the foal "Mind if I come along?" she asked somewhat shyly she would stay back if she had to but she wanted to try to make friends with the foal and get to learn more about her.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 2:28 pm
by Nyx
Nyx watched as Amy walked towards the sound of the music, then she stopped. She looked back at Nyx and turned around. What is wrong Amy? she asked, bending down to nuzzle the foal. I don't want to hurt her. Too many people and she is scared. It will be like that baby bunny we found that was all scared. I don't want the foal to go away like the bunny. Amy cried and snuggled her head into Nyx' lap.