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(( *pokes Tig* Altar Serians don't have moms... they're parentless :P Unless it's an adopted mother or something... ^^ Oh! And a note to everyone: Luna's mother is dead, in case there was any question otherwise :) ))

*The foal had been half-heartedly listening to the ice-colored mare until the name Prophet popped up. She dimmly remembered...*

Yes! I think it's him! Do you know where he is?!

*She bounced up and down, her ears twitching wildly and her eyes pleading, desperately wanting to know more, but too afraid the chase would lead to someone who was not the stallion in her memories. Despite all her best efforts, however, she felt renewed with the hope of finishing what she started when she set out. She turned as a shape stepped into view and then did the equine equivalent of raising an eyebrow at what was said next. Spunk? Perhaps, but she felt it was only what the statement deserved. A little pride raised her head, but she quickly turned back to the mare that seemed to know who she was looking for with a vague affirmative comment, as she didn't exactly know how to reply to what had been said. She absentmindedly remembered to converse with the female later, however, because she found her remarks... interesting.

Just then she heard the promise from the darkunicorn that made her heart beat faster. Someone was going to find him! Or at least help... she looked at Lumi with big eyes.*

Promise? Really? He's out there, I just know it!

*As she waited for affirmation, she saw the near-disaster and stared, shocked at the unicorn's powers. She was pulled away from the scene, however, when another figure approached, asking about her past.*

My father... before he left he was my sunshine, and my mother's, too. We were so happy! But then something awful happened and he left. Some have told me he was driven away, and some say his absence is his own choice. Mother was not the same after that. But he is alive, I just know it!

*The foal's face shone with a fierce determination, rare in one so young and uncommon in adults as well. She then heard another one promise to find her father, and hope once again brightened her small frame. As she looked at the outstretched hand, she held back, still wary of actually touching a stranger, no matter how harmless the gesture. She still felt a tang of sadness whenever she thought of the tale, especially now that she was imagining her search for her father ending with his death as well. She shook her mane and scraped the ground with a hoof. She turned as another heartbreaking story was revealed, and once again was greatful for the offer for help. She was startled when she heard the young one speak of friendship; she had never known another foal in her Sha-en. Strict rules forbade it. Warily but with a hint of shyness, she offered her name to the little one.*

Hi, I'm LunarPrism. I... I-it's nice to meet you.

*She clamped her muzzle shut as an embarrassing stutter emerged, and, though she tried to stop it, she giggled for the first time in a long time. It was a nervous giggle, but it contained a hint of true joy. This land was so strange! For a moment the memories sunk into the chasms of her mind and she just lived in the moment, fascinated by this new youth. She had seen others, she dimly recalled, but this was the first time she hadn't been preoccupied with a stronger emotion, whether it be fear, panic, or sorrow.

Her thoughts turned back to her mother because of all those trying to comfort her and she froze, her mind racing. Should she say it all? She decided to only give a few bare details.*

I killed her by not helping her when I could have. I could have saved her. I should have.

*Her words started loud but by the end they were little more than a whisper, one filled with painful memories of a time she had tried so hard to reject. Fiercely she defied their logic; she had been taught to accept blame. That was the code of the wilderness and her upbringing had well schooled her in it. You cannot pass the blame where it is due. She had done nothing, and thus the fault was hers. Different faults belonged with others, that was true, but she knew that she had a part in the evildoing that had occured, if only because she had refused to act.

Luna's eyes shone in the moonlight, and she unconsciously stood proud and quite obviously alone. Her mane and tail glittered like her namesake, and for a moment she appeared to be made of both ice and fire, somehow combined despite their polar natures.


*The stallion's eyes were fey with emotion as they turned and focused on the stranger. He knew she had been following the foal's words and actions as closely as he himself had been. She had not been the only one watching from the shadows. His often-kind words were harsh, now, and his stance was all but welcoming. He did, however, choke out a few words, his darkly shining mane and tail streaming in the wind.*

Tell the little one she will not find me. Not ever. It would only bring grief to us both.

*The stallion's eyes were flooded with pain. He made as if to leave, but paused, waiting for her response. It was obvious that saying that much alone had almost broken his heart, though his features were stony and impassive with apparent uncaring. He had never been able to hide emotions; they always shone from his eyes no matter how expressionless the rest of him was.*

((*Shakes her head* Looooooong post, sorry 'bout that. I'm going to be gone for a bit, but I'll hopefully be back by Sunday! Going on a surprise mini-vacation tomorrow :P Hope you guys like this one, it took me a long time to get right, though most of that was because some of my sick-pills were making me dizzy @_@ But I'm all better now :D ))
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Rainer smiled at the filly's determination. "I don't think you know my name, I'm Rainer." She glanced at her when she said her name, then flicked her gaze back to the ground.

"I'm sure many people would love to help you find your father, me among them..." She paused when she heard Spin turn slightly, his gaze settled on the dark stallion. "Spin..." Rainer whispured, following his gaze. Rainer and Spin exchanged worried looks, then Rainer nodded. Spin nodded back, content that he now had something to occupy his mind.

He started walking in the stallion's direction. He attempted to read his body language, then heaved a sigh. When he found himself not too far away from the stallion, he spoke, his voice just above a whispur, "Hello? Mind if I ask your name...? I'm Spin."
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Avalir shook his head. Foolish, he had already known that he didn't know this filly's world, and his few word sounded arrogant in his part. He smiled slightly, a ghost on his face, at her pride, that unbreakable pride like Hinote's, and that loneliness so like the one Hellion tried to hide. But she was not them, she was something old and young and beautiful, a whisper from a world he hadn't known to exist, something that he could barely scratch the surface of. Something out of his protection but still making him want to help her in any way he could, if he could move the sun and moon that shone in her eyes.

He looked away, unable to stand that cold and bright lonesomeness and brilliance that shone from her eyes. "Regret. There are things I should've done, perhaps a long time ago. Then maybe, I might've been...something else..."

He shook his head. "I'm sorry for being a hypocrite. That blame lived in me when I was younger, and now, even though I may run from it. I just hoped that I would never see it again in one so young."

That ghost smile crossed his face again. "You are not a coward as I am, you have accepted it and understood it, whereas I...I'm still running. Thank you for showing me that."

He shrugged awkwardly, this conversation tiring him It was rare he spoke so much. "I would help you as well, if you ask it of me. Though I believe you have enough strength on your side."

He motioned at the people standing around her, who had offered her so much more than his few, scattered words.

Sive would've reached out to the stallion, but she knew respect and she knew fear and pain. Instead, she looked away, over the hills and to the filly shining like a fallen star. She still held that distant tone in her voice. "If that is what you wish."

She looked at the stallion, an odd light in her eyes. "You understand the situation better than I, I'm not here to judge your decisions, it would be stupid and arrogant of me. I'll be the messenger if you ask it of me."

She wanted to take away the pain in his eyes, so badly. Just as she had wanted to take the darkness from Sethe's, from Sanguine's. She had tried, and she had failed miserably. She didn't want to try again, especially if she could hurt this stallion more than he already was.

((It's early for me, so that's why Avalir's first paragraph is rampant poetic and sounds like he's drunk :lol: ))
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How can you be to blame? You are so young, I'm sure you did what you could to help her. Pride said as another bout of tears threatened to spill over. I never knew my parents. . .I was taken away when I was young, but I know that such blame cannot be put on such a young life. Who would do such a thing to such a tiny filly? she asked knowing there was no answer.

Amy looked at the change in the other filly. My name is AmbientWonder, but everyone calls me Amy. That is what you can call me if you like. My Momma's name is Pride and that is Nyx over there by the trees. She didn't want to crowd you so she stayed there. She's out bounded, and very nice. Amy says with a smile.

Pride looked down at her foal with a sence of completeness, she was very proud of how mature she sounded. So you think your fathers name is Prophet. I think I may have heard of him in the stories Nyx tells us about the lands, but I can't remember much of it now. We will do our best to help you find him.
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Indi knew she was making the foal uncomfortable, so she quickly dropped the hand. When she heard the filly confirm that her father was Prophet, part of her became pure joy, while the other caused her to shiver. She had never thought the calm Serian greeter would do anything without a reason, so why had he left this foal to herself? Her questions overwhelmed her, but she kept them at bay.

She smiled softly. "It was not your fault your mother went. It was her time. Trust me, I know how it feels to want to save someone when you can't possibly." She remembered her father, choking on the hemlock put into his drink. "Just remember, it was never your fault, you did the best you could."

"I sincerely promise to try," Indi vowed. "I will hunt him down off the end of Sionayra if need be." She winked rogueishly. Hopefully humor would help this troubled foal.
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((*pokes Foxx, remember Angelique? Her human mom? :P ))

Frostbite grinned at Tig as the foal attempted to raise an eyebrow the best that a Serian could. "She seems to have a point. You have an interesting attitude. I'm not sure if I properly introduced myself, I am Frostbite." She said, dipping her head sweetly. "It's a pleasure to meet you LunarPrism." She paused a moment as the foal seemed to become excited by her words. "Prophet yes, I know him. We met once, he... well, there are no real words to describe him." She smiled enigmatically and then bit her lip, shaking her head at the comments to follow. "I swear to help in any way that I can, perhaps he needs some sense talked into him..." She said sternly, hoping that he would show up.

"What could you have done, really? So young, how could anything be expected of you? Everything happens for a reason, and her death was not your fault. Though I may not know the entire story, I believe my words." She said, giving the foal a motherly look before smiling again. That one smile had been infectuous, she loved seeing the foal happy. "Now cheer up little one, there's always hope." She looked at the other foal and nodded her head. "I as well, offer my friendship, I also offer to protect you should you ever need it. All the advice and help I can offer is yours, you only need to ask." She winked and fought the urge to nuzzle the foal, though she so desperately wanted to. Sighing with longing, she felt a nudge from Tig.

"Frostbite... go investigate something for me, please?" She whispered a few words and then Frostbite looked around, nodding before trotting off. Tig looked at the foal and smiled. "She'll be right back. I just wanted her to go look at something for me." She smiled softly as well, encouraging more bright emotions, the foal had seen too much sadness for too long. "I heard a lot about Prophet, I see a lot of him in you..." She chuckled gently and nodded her head. "Defiantely that spunk for one." She thought a moment and then looked at those around her. "Just like everyone else, I offer my friendship, and like Frostbite, I offer my protection and anything I can do to help you if you ever need it."

Frostbite was racing towards the hill where she'd seen the shadow, and as handsome rainbow mane came into sight, her eyes shone with emotion. Another had stalled him so she came right up close, knowing that her presence would be less threatening than the humans. "Prophet! Although it is good to see you again, I'd always hoped it would not be like this..." She shook her head and glanced at the foal, she knew trying to lecture him would be stupid, he had such stubborn pride sometimes, so she decided to be firm but also appeal to his logical sensitive side. "I know you hurt for her, but you're hurting her more by staying away! I won't force you to tell me why you won't go to her, but if you truly think you cannot be with her then at least tell her why, say everything you can, at least say goodbye." Her eyes watered gently and she gazed at him pleadingly from behind silver mane, though her gaze was stern like the motherly type she was. "Please, Prophet, listen to me..."
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