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Lumi makes it back to the filly and nods, "I promise, no matter what, or how long it takes be it moments, or years. I'll help you find your father."

Ahh, regrets...they were a waste of time, but so hard to let go of. Living without regrets was truely wonderful thing that only a very small few got to enjoy. It was free of those kind of burdens that could not be changed. Lumi was not one of those fortunates, but she did try to let go of things she couldn't change.

She understood the kind of responsibility the foal is shouldering on her tiny frame. And truely it was one that many refused to accept. The darkuni admired the foal's celibre of spirit and maturity to know that not doing, or not choosing was still a choice. Yet she was also sad that one so young had to grow up so quickly.

The darkunicorn had been seeking for the stallion Prophet with her telepathy since she'd made the promise. She finds him mere nanoseconds after Frost makes her plea to the stallion.

Luminaire did not beg the stallion however. More grief than either of you already have? Do think, dear sir, that you are prolonging the pain by not meeting with her and explaining to her why you cannot be together? She's your daughter, and you're her father, you owe her an explaination for why she has to be without your presence, protection, teachings, and most importantly, Love. And Yes, you most definitely should have the Guts to tell her good-bye to her face.

Don't be so weak as to try and aviod it because it's hard and will tear your hearts out. Give her the closure she needs to move on with her life without you. Otherwise she will just keep trying and trying, and trying to find you for the rest of her life. Do you honestly think you can avoid that? Sooner or later their will be a meeting between the two of you. The sooner the better.
Lumi's mindvoice in Prophet's mind, is strong, sure, and absolutely resonable.

Please do the right thing and not leave without a word to LunarPrism.

While, Lumi was talking to Prophet, Banjo had smiled at LunarPrism. "Hey, I'm Banjo the silly mare who almost had a closer look of the river rocks than she wanted." she chuckles, almost churbling like water.

The sacred sea mare tilts her horned head to the side, she thinks this poor foal needs something fun to take all the terrible things off her mind for alittle while. "Want to try out the water slide?" Banjo asks Lunar engagingly.


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Dawn was quiet for a long while, watching the others from behind her long lavender mane. In truth, she had to think about this. As much as it annoyed her, this wasn't one of those things where she could make it okay with a few well-chosen words and a pat on the back. She had a feeling that this foal wasn't one that would accept gentle mothering reassurances anymore, and, even if that had been what the little mare was after, that wasn't what Dawn was going to give. The little one deserved more than false promises of better days and happy times, because you never knew if those were going to come or not. Chances are, Dawn had learned, they weren't. But things sometimes got better, though it took a while.

Sighing softly, the mare waited as the others crooned and promised that they would find the foal's father, Prophet. Though she decided not to show it, Dawn felt rather peeved at that whole display. She had heard such words when she was younger. They were lies.

"Listen, LunarPrism," she said softly, tossing her mane out of her eyes and piping up at last. "I'll tell you the truth. I don't know if I can find your father. I don't know if any of us can. But I will say that I'm sure as the rising sun going to try. I'll do whatever I can to track him down for you, I give you my word. You deserve to see him, after all you've been through, no?" Dawn, at that moment, was more solemn that she had ever been in her life. She meant what she said, every word of it.

Little did she know that Prophet had already found his daughter.... <_<


Blinking back a tear from her green eyes, Amaryllis shouldered her way through the branches and undergrowth until she made it to the edge of the forest. She could clearly see the hills where Prophet stood, now, along with the others.

She was torn. She didn't want to crowd the poor stallion, who obviously had more than enough to deal with at the time, but, at the same time.... What she would have given to see her mother once more -- her real mother, not the strange woman who had taken her place and acted like she didn't know her daughter -- and to say goodbye.... However, she knew deep within her that speaking with those she loved would have made leaving that much harder. There was some merit to the stallion's insistance.

Fighting with herself, Amaryllis remained in the forest, hoping to be just hidden by the leafy branches.
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((OOC: Sorry it's been so long... thought I'd do it now so everyone could take time and contemplate their replies while I'm gone :) More narrowing down the participants when I get back!))

*Luna looked quietly at Rainer and smiled, though it was small. Promises were all fine and good, but she seemed to be getting nowhere. She turned to the stallion who had eyes filled with grief.

If my mother were here, I would have her talk to you. She gave me this 'strength' and yet I was still too weak to act. You are not a coward as I am. You can still find your strength, while I had mine and still did nothing.

*She shrugged uncomfortably, she had intended to be comforting but instead turning into a mess of words, none of which sounded quite right. Someone else was talking about her past... and Luna turned her head in confusion. Why would the mare get so upset over the responsibility she was taking over her inability to act? Tilting her head she looked uncertain.*

From the moment we are born we are treated as adults in our responsibility. If I had told my Sha-kyn what had really happened, I would not have not been allowed to stay much longer without redeeming myself.

*She looked at Amy and smiled tentatively*

And though I'm named LunarPrism, you can call me Luna. How old are you? I haven't met many that are around my age.

*She turned a little as someone else came forward, and shook her head at more of the reassurances that she was convinced were well meant but not applicable. Just as she was about to reply with more statements of self-reprimanding, she listened to the light blue mare, ears perking at the mention of the stallion that might be her father. As the mare went on talking, she was saying the same words that everyone else had offered her, more of less, but for some reason the spark of good will seemed to cheer her up a little. Luna decided that she liked the blue mare, and in response to the wink, she giggled. Suddenly, the blue mare leaves, and she quizically looks in the direction she ran, then turns back to those surrounding her just in time to hear what the horned mare says.

Waterslide? No thank you... I am afraid of water. It ruins my illusions.

*After her matter-of-fact statement, her eyes softened at Dawn's words. They seemed more real than most of the promises made to her recently. She slowly nodded and thanked the mare, genuinely greatful for the other's offer. The wind sliced across her back and ruffled her mane, hiding her features and the emotion filling her bright eyes. She looked around at the thinning crowd around her and stopped, puzzled. More had left than she had previously noticed. Why would so many have gone, all at the same time? Tucking the question in the back of her mind, she absent-mindedly shook her mane back into place.


*The stallion turned an icey glare towards the red one. He couldn't help it... his frustration was eating up all his kinder emotions. With a half-distracted comment, he answered the question.*

You know me, though you may not remember... my name is Prophet.

*He turned to the quiet one with whom he first spoke. For some reason his hard gaze softened a little, letting his grief through a bit more. He saw in her something of his little foal when last he saw her. Still distant, his wild, multi-hued mane curled around his face as he looked at her*

Please... she needs to know that I will not let her find me. It is for the best, though she will not think so. I ask this favor of you.

*He turned his head as another called his name, shifting his feet to turn towards her.*


*He sighs and shakes his head. They knew nothing of his little one, or their story. Too much had happened to explain, even more than the tiny foal knew. Even more than any Bonded besides Foxxfyre had even guessed at, and Foxx... she supported him as much as any friend could but his burden was still too heavy.*

I cannot. I hope you understand, Frostbite. She should not have come here.

*He turns towards Luminaire and grits his teeth*

You act like I am being irresponsible, but you do not know of the constraints I am under. I cannot meet LunarPrism. I have no choice in this. And closure? What would you rather remember? A father turning his back on his young, helpless filly or the fond memories of the two together in the past? If you must, tell her I am deceased. She will never know otherwise, and it will give as much closure as she could ever want.

*Colors dimming in the night, Prophet's eyes seem to blaze in a multi-hued fit of spirit, and he turns his head in dismissal, warily eyeing those around him. Crowds draw attention, the last thing he needed. Uneasily he shifted, backing a few steps. His pride stayed his footsteps from full retreat, however. He would not run from those who would talk down to him. He was no coward, despite voices demanding that he name himself thus.*
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Indi smiled. She was making connections. Although it wasn't with her, it was a good sign. She leaned back, giving the filly more room. Suddenly something warm brushed her and she whipped around.

There stood a little black colt, his pink mane over his eyes, asking, "Watcha doin'?"

"Stice. What are you doing here?" Indi could of screamed and danced with rage. But she kept her calm for the little filly behind her.

"I followed you. You always take forever to pick flowers, but you were taking longer then normal." Then he peered around Indi. "Cute filly. Where'd she come from?"

Indi held her breath, cause she knew - just knew - Stice was going to do something. But to her surprise, he acted just like a young gentlestallion.

Stice bowed extravagantly, though it was put off by his small size, and then lost all formality. He said to Luna, "Hiya, I'm Summer Solstice, but you can call me Stice." He flicked his tail. "What's your name? Do you like butterflies?"
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Frostbite was determined, and it hurt her to see the fire in his eyes. She came forward as he stepped back, blocking out the two humans who had upsetted him with their quick tempers and accusational words. She decided that it was best of her to respect him while still trying to help the foal.

"Prophet... I envy all the other mares in Tig's realm. They all have loves and promises of foals. I have nothing. This is my daughter. No matter where the future leads her, my heart looks at her like a piece of my flesh born from my own body. Treat me as you would if I were her mother. Help me help her. She knows you're here now, she's not stupid." The mare stopped to chuckle, pride in her eyes. She knew the foal was strong.

"Far from it. There has to be something better than lying to her. Help me understand, Prophet, please." She was asking a lot, she knew. But there was nothing more she could allow herself to do. She had to put every last bit of effort into resolving this and helping the foal move on.

Meanwhile, Tigs looked at the foal curiously. She didn't know whether to go for truth or not. She finally decided it was better to talk about another topic, get to know the foal now that all the sadness was temporarily forgotten. "You remind me a lot of Frostbite when I first met her. So sad, so broken... but still as firey as ever. She was always getting into mischief, always knew how to get out of it too. Saucy thing she was." She laughed and shook her head.

"She likes you a lot. She sees the resemblance as well. Frostbite doesn't truly accept many. She respects you like she does her best friend, Beta." She hoped that revealing this to the foal would bring another precious smile. Until Prophet made his move, or didn't, she wanted to keep the foal happy and explore her intriguing personality. She pulled the flute out again and showed it to the foal. "Did anyone ever play music for you before today?" She asked curiously.

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Avalir smiled at mare's words, not just the words but the feelings he could see so clearly behind them. She was wiser than even he, in her few years. He wanted to give her something solid to hold on to, but he had nothing, no childhood to fall back upon. He would rather let her find solace in the others, than in his half-hearted promises.

Something stung inside, in his heart, and he could feel Sive running through him. There was something painful, wherever she was, and it had to do with this foal. He hoped he would not have to be the messenger any longer.


Sive took a step back, noticing the wildness in the stallion's steps. Trapped, in so many more ways than one. Everyone around her was offering something concrete, something warm which is what a normal foal...needed, she supposed. But Luna seemed so different from all the others, an innocent and an elder, a walking contradiction, lost, and yet found.

She couldn't judge her, couldn't offer to protect something she didn't know. But she could, she could try to ease some pain, somewhere, whatever little she could offer.

"I..." she started, her voice hesitating, but she swallowed down that uncertainty. When she spoke again her voice was calm, even though still soft in its fragility. "I'll do what you ask of me, it's the only thing I can, I suppose. But I won't lie to her, I can tell her all you ask just don't ask me to lie to her."

She had a small flicker of hope in her. Like Frostbite had said, the foal was not stupid, not weak. She needed to find the answers on her own, because in her experience, that was the only way things happened. If you wanted to know something, find something, then all you could do was chase it. It might sort itself out, then.

She turned to go, but looked over her shoulder, one last look at the wild stallion. In her eyes, a promise that she would help him in any way her paltry means could offer. There was so much more of this story, so beyond this clearing and these hollow words. She wished she could be a part of it.

She bit her lip, slightly, and lowered her eyes. Her voice was a whisper, and she wondered if her would hear her softness over the stronger emotions. "Sometimes, things have to be broken, to make something of the pieces."

She turned and started back to the riverbend, a silver flash in the darkness.



He could read it in her voice. Something, news. He turned his head slightly, hiding the guilt in his face. He knew, almost, how it would feel, how this little bubble of hope might shatter. But everything did, eventually, but, he hoped, no, he knew, he believed that the little one would bear it. He couldn't bear it if she couldn't, the last light in the darkness flickering out.

He didn't want to speak anymore, reverting back to his quiet nature. He had said enough, all the vague impressions and promises he could give. These others, with their vibrance, their strength and experience, they could give her so much more.

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