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((Please remember Lumi is only with Prophet mentally, she's using mindspeaking. XD Her body and the rest of her mind is still by Luna. ))

Banjo chuckles, "It does huh? Thats a pity because playing in the water can be alot of fun." she swishes her short little tail. "Would you show us your illusions? You must be pretty talented." the blue and purple mare smiles.

Lumi's ears flicker, "Illusions? Ooh do please show us what you can do, Luna. I would be honored." The darkuni had a great love for magic.


What else are we supposed to think? We don't know the whole story. It seems shady and irresponsible to me. I am sorry if I sounded harsh, I can see this is terribly hard on you. It is hard to understand how you are prevented from meeting with your daughter and why. All I can think of is that you're being blackmailed or something and this is all for her own safety.

I figured it would have to be for her own safety at the least. I'd rather know that he didn't have a choice than think he didn't want me anymore.

*Lumi mentally sighs, unsatisfied* You honestly think she'll believe that? I wouldn't if I was her. I'd want to see proof. You got any proof to give us, that would give your death any credibility? And how would she Not eventually discover the truth? As Frost says, there has to be something better than lies.

Though no one really knew it, Lumi fully intended to keep her promise to Luna as best as the circumstances would allow. She had an idea...hopefully it would be enough.

The darkuni had a great deal of power, Prophet said he and his foal could not meet as in not be within physical distance of each other. But what about mind to mind? A private conversation between just the two of them. It was something Lumi was thinking hard about.
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Rainer crossed her legs, running her fingers through the grass. She tore a blade from the ground and started cutting it into smaller pieces with her nails. She sighed, flicking her gaze back to Luna. She wiggled backwards on her hind end, giving more space to the filly.

She glanced at Spin and Prophet for a second, then flicked her gaze back to the blades of grass that she was tearing up. "Lunar... When's your birthday?"

Spin sighed, thinking hard. His memory wasn't serving him as well as he would have hoped, but he did remember the rainbowy stallion. "Ah yes, Prophet... That is all I needed to know." He bowed his head slightly, then turned and trotted back over to Rainer, haulting beside her. He lowered his muzzle so it hovered just beside her head, and whispured something. Rainer paused for a moment, listening carefully, then nodded. She turned her head and thanked him.

Spin backed away a couple steps and just watched the events happening before him. If he were that filly, he'd just go find somewhere quiet for the night.
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Amy smiled at Luna. I'm still young, but I feel older. Papa says I am growing like a weed. I think we may be of the same age, but who knows. she said, her smile growing brighter. Do you like to play? she asked, hopeing that the other filly did. I have a big sister, but she is too busy to play with me. I think she is a snot anyway. she added, looking out of the cornor of her eye at her mother. Pride just giggled and nuzzled Amy's mane, hopeing that it wouldn't make Luna uncomfortable.

*yes, I know, it's short, but I have to stay in. . .must have bebe. . .and I can't thing and stuff and I WANT MY NET BACK*
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((OOC: Ack, sorry... I lost track of who I notified and who I didn't, so I'm going to just narrow this down to the 3 I'm deciding on. The only people posting after this should be Silverdust, Tigress, and Luminaire. And *laughs* It seems like Prophet's more of a character now than Luna! *snugs Prophet* :angel:))

At the mare words, Prophet's head shook around and his ears dropped a little as he recognized his state of denial. He had so hoped to spare her from this... he sighed.

You are right, she is not as ignorant as I may wish her to be. Even when I knew her as a near-infant, she would have known.

Prophet's eyes dimmed in self-reflection and consideration, and he settled his feet, hearing the voices around him clamoring for an explaination that he didn't feel he could give. Still, he gathered his resolve and abruptly decided to inform them. He was so very lost... his deep voice took on a chant quality and he began his long story.

Long before the Fields became a place of meeting for the Bonded Serians, it was the homeland of my Circle, called the Circle of the Voice's Bane. This time was still one of violence and the Skyblood had not yet been erased, where chaos ran rampant and there was much fear... and so, when the time came that Serians began to Bond, the mistrust and envy among the Unbonded intensified, and eventually all the Bonded were cast out (though had they fought harder, they could have stayed had they truly wanted to).

Along with Chasm and Finch, a Rogue and a Warrior, I was a protector of our Circle. Though I had not their strength, I was considered the third strongest. My first foal was by Finch, and her name was Moonwing. She was the first filly of the Unbonded to find a Bondmate.

Moonwing died in an event that was eventually deemed to be the direct fault of myself and her bondmate, who was also killed. I was cast out as someone who was not only sympathetic to the Unbonded, but also as one who has slain a member of their family. I left willingly, though many vehemenently questioned the decision that had been reached by the Circle's Elders. Chasm, Luna's mother, agreed with those that demanded I leave.

I cannot see Luna because I am an outcast. If she knowingly meets with me, she will share my fate and will be unable to return to her Sha-kyn. It is bad enough that she is seeking me out... but I will not let her become an exile. Even were she to return and never speak of me to another Unbonded, they would know through her mannerisms and emotions that she had found what she was looking for.

Prophet hung his head, and sighed. His story was not complete, and was incredibly rushed towards the end, but it felt good to cease dodging the subject of his past.


Looking curiously in the general direction Frostbite left, Luna flicked her ears in contemplation, trying to see herself as independant as the frosty mare had seemed. Deciding that she liked the comparison, Luna smiled to herself and lifted her head a little higher unconsciously voicing her approval of the comment.

As she heard mention of music, she tilted her head and thought about how to respond.

I have heard some of the instruments, though I've never been taught to play them. Mostly my Sha-en use horns and shells as signals, as well as drums, but sometimes they sound them in joy. I've never heard music like the kind in this place, though. It reminds me of a bird's song!

Luna turned, sensing the sadness in the stallion that she felt both drawn to and alien from. She took in the vibrantly colored stallion with her eyes and saw an understanding of her words reflected in his face. Wanting to speak, she paused, not knowing what to say, and finally discarded what little half-words that had formed in her mind. Something beyond her past and his seemed seemed to be paining him, but she just couldn't figure out what. Puzzling over him, she turned to listen to the next Serian.

Illusions? I can try...

Looking carefully at the water, Luna suddenly disappeared and a tiny little wyrm popped up, beting its wings at the sky and moving closer to the water. The tail came a bit too close, and suddenly she was tiny little Luna, standing in the same place she had been before. Glaring at the water, Luna sighed and shook her head, a smile coming to her despite her vexation.

They're still a little hard to control, but I've been practicing a lot. Mother used to say that it was an important thing, practicing. She said I should learn as well as I can, because not many can make illusions like me.

She looked satisfied with herself, and proud. Her talent was the thing that made her unique, and she was more than a little vain about it. It was one of the things that proved she was, like her mother, a Rogue.
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((Pfft, naw, I love Prophet and all, but Luna still blows my mind ^_~. Woo! First post again! A little long, but hopefully not boring ^^''))

Frostbite smiled sadly, and before she could comment, Prophet had started into his story. She sat quietly and absorbed it, trying not to focus too much on the parts that she didn't understand, being from another part of the past which she didn't endure.

"I understand now... thank you Prophet, for I know that you are one used to keeping to yourself, this must have been difficult for you to tell me." *swoon XD* She took a second to think of what should/could be done, and the answer happened upon her instantly. "But, she has a choice to make, it's too late to make this for her. Like you said, they'd probably already be able to tell she's met you, you have to let her choose. You may be the only one she can be with now, unless she was to abandon this life of roaming, and become as I am. However, I'm sure you may be against this, being an Unbonded yourself." Her voice was careful and calculated, eyes watching his for the reaction. She would solve this, because she'd told Luna she would.

Frostbite turned her head slightly and looked over the hill, where slowly the people were departing, getting dishearted as it seemed the filly had taken a liking to three certain ones. And, to her complete joy, Tigs was one of them still remaining seated.

"So I must formally ask... would you have her with one of the humans you see below? I know they all have caring hearts for her, and the Serians themselves are getting attached. It was love at first sight for me, I'm afraid." She chuckled nervously, trying to ease some tension out of the air, but going serious again in time to hear his response.

Tigs watched the small filly and sighed, biting her lip. "You know what's going on, don't you? You've matured so fast, such a complex mind, no wonder Frostbite likes you so much. Don't interrupt them right now, I trust Frost, and I'm enjoying your company." She teased softly, grinning and looking behind her. It seemed the young one had found pride in the thought of being like her lovely mare, who had endured so much, but was still a frosted angel, and this made Tig feel proud for Frostbite, who was still talking with Prophet, no doubt.

"I'm glad you like the music, however their use of instuments sounds equally as interesting!" She said, curious eyes studying the foal and soaking up the information. Tigs liked to know things, especially things about music. The strange illusion that Lunar performed however, made Tigs' eyes go 'O__O' and it took her a moment to form a sentence. "That's amazing... you must have practiced a lot to do that. I've never seen a Serian do that before!" She exclaimed, giggling behind her hand, eyes sparkling. Most bondeds had tons of special abilities, but Tigs' abilities were all self-taught, she didn't shift or change or sparkle or anything. She was just Tigs, with a flute and a pretty good imagination and creative streak, so to see something like this, always made her giddy in wonder.

She didn't bother with any more promises. She'd already promised the foal she'd help find her father, and she'd done just that. To promise anything else, would be to risk letting her down, and she couldn't do that. Yes, LunarPrism was strong, oh, was she ever, but even the strongest minds and hearts can be broken eventually. Tigs sat for a few seconds admiring the small femme's beauty, before grabbing a flower and moving towards Lunar's mane. "Do you mind?" She asked, before actually making the move of touching the rainbow cascade of mane. "I just think the flower would compliment your beauty. Something to remember me by, if we part ways and my melody ever fades from your memory." She touched the flute with her other hand while still smiling, trying to keep the foal's spirits up until the moment came when either Prophet came, or vanished once again.
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((Hehee they're both wonderful. ^.^ ))

Luminaire buries alittle anger at this information that discrimination was sadly abound here between the Bondeds and Unbondeds. She always found such things incredibly harmful and unfortunate for everyone.

And that sweet filly was the addictude's latest victim. The Darkuni observed a fact that Prophet understandably was overlooking. Luna wouldn't be outcasted for finding him...she was already outcasted for wanting to find him. And if the Unbonded's additudes were anything like other discriminating addictudes she'd known...the mere fact that Luna had been among them and talked to them as well as their Bonds, would also be a black mark in her Sha-kyn's eyes.

You are a good father for trying to do the best you can for your daughter in such terrible circumstances. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Lumi tried to decide what to tell him. It is truely upto Luna...she may of already made her decision by coming to find you, not to go back. How do you know that she evens wants to go back? She might prefer you.

She pauses as Frostbite draws his attention to the three different parties around Luna, Tig, herself the Darkunicorn, and the serian Avalir. Prophet, if you would speak to her right now, what would you say? her tone was quite earnest, for though she was firmly recording all in her mind's eye, Luna would need to hear words meant for herself.


Banjo and Lumi both bounced delightedly over Luna's wonderful creation how ever long or short it lasted. "That was Marvelous!" Banjo exclaimed beaming a grin at Luna.

"You have a beautiful talent, indeed!" Lumi compliments. "Oh yes, Practice is very important for improvement and for maintaining fine skills. Considering how far you've come already you'll be an absolute Master in due time!" her voice was full of confidence in Luna and her talent. Lumi was very fond of encouraging her friends in their abilities and did so often. She was a fine coach and gave as much comment and criticism as was asked for, as well as good advice. Whats more she firmly believed in them being able to reach any goal they set for themselves.

Banjo perks up as if having been struck by a great idea, "I bet Lumi could help you with your illusions, Luna if you would like it. She loves to help and is very good with magics." the blue mare was excited as she said this for she would dearly love to see all that Luna could accomplish.

Lumi perks her ears forward, dearly wanting to know what Luna thought of that idea. She was hopeful of course, but would not expect anything the filly did not wish to give. Some would prefer to learn to do things completely on their own and truthfully Lumi preferred that they do so, however everyone needed alittle help here and there. And everyone needed support during such things when it was particularly frustrating trying to get something to work.

She smiles at the flower Tig was going to put in Luna's mane. "It would look very lovely." Lumi likes Tig's gesture, it was very sweet.

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