Post Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:34 pm

A spirit away (open to anyone)


Flapping leather wings caused the grass to bend, as the strange female came to a landing. Two golden hooves, and two black hooves touched softly to the ground. The head flicked up knocking the mares crimson mane up in the air. Only to have it resting upon her right side. The leather wings folded comfortably against her side, as her crystal clear eyes scanned the wide open plain.
The grass and trees dances with the wind, while the clouds billowed by slowly. With a flicker of Spirits black tail, she walked forward wondering what she might find here. She was feeling rather adventurous and troublesome at the same time. Her ears flickered about her head, as she listened to the sound around her.

"I wonder what kind of mischief I could get into around here?" She asked herself with a sort of small smirk. Her mood would change quickly depending on the type of company she might encounter. It has happened before as a foal, when ever she felt like getting into trouble another foal would appear, and all she wanted to do was have fun and go on adventures.

The mare sighed, taking in a deep breath, then wondering where her mother and father were up to. It wasn't unusual for Spirit to think of her parents. Though it wasn't to often that she did when she was accompanied by someone. If she was along then the thoughts clouded her mind. As the mare kept walking she found there was a small pond, which she gladly took a drink from it. Lifting up her head to glance around she didn't notice anything unusual, yet.

(I had gotten the sudden urge to rp, and its been about a year since I have rped, so I hope the post it alright^^ )