Post Tue Nov 08, 2005 10:34 pm

Head swimming with the last of his shock, Sparkle dove deeper still, tricking himself into thinking it was a close forest that blocked the light and not to depth of the water. He knew what he needed to really clear his head; he needed to push himself. So he went as deep as possible and when his lungs really burned, he turned almost on the spot and shot for the surface, swimming as fast as a falcon dives, finally breaking the surface with so much speed that half of his body leapt out of the water. He still didn't see Amber but he had no doubt that she would be close so he pulled himself on land, and ran until he reached a low brush where he had to stop to rest his legs.

Well, he thought tiredly, My head's clear now. I can think...Great. Like I really need to think right now.

Frustrated, he sat there and simmered, concentrating on the game, trying to think of how he could keep from getting caught when his legs were still trembling beneath him.