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PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, 2004 10:14 pm
by Talia
SilverRain waded in next to him, and then pranced, somewhat clumsily around in surprise as he felt a fish bump into his upper leg. He quickly regained his steady stance, and sidled up next to Chaos. The soft wind coming off the fields tickled his nose, and he scrunched up his face. The water was surprisingly warm in contrast to the night's cool breeze. For that, SilverRain was grateful. He grinned at Chaos, and waited for him to count them off.

Bridle yawned and nodded in response. "Chaos' changes are more noticeable for sure. SilverRain's are more subtle. He too's gaining muscle mass, but not as rapidly as Chaos. I suppose he's likely a bit more nimble as a result of his wings, which I noticed are also gaining in length. I can only hope that things smooth over for them." He watched patiently.. he was curious as to what they were doing, and wanted to see how it resulted.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2004 6:57 pm
by Tigress
Chaos grinned as a fish clumsily bumped into his right flank, and laughed as he saw Silver's reaction. "Ready? Set... GO!" He called out and then took a deep breath, plunging under the water. His muscles rippled under his sleek fur and his mane looked like fire underwater. With all that extra strength he decided not to swim and sank lower, racing on the sandy bottom, clouds of disturbed sand flying from under him. He swerved his neck gracefully and caught a mouthful of two fish, it was a lucky catch and he was off to a good start. He would eventually need to use his from legs to stash his fish, and there Silver had an advantage with his wings.. unless.. He plotted up a plan and kept tearing up the river bottom.

Vapor watched drowsily, smirking and then chuckling in mirth as she saw both teens take part in one of Chaos' crazy games. He always did have an amazing imagination. "Yes, Silver's gaining his own size.. and his wings are beginning to become quite lengthy.. Oh my.. I hadn't noticed that before.. Chaos has a silver ring in his right ear.. it must have been hidden in his mane with his ears being shorter as a cub.." She studied both of the growing serians curiously before staring back at Bridle and nuzzling him.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2004 7:21 pm
by Talia
SilverRain took off like a flash, diving into the water on the one side of Chaos. Using his wings like a giant scoop, he forced mass amounts of water behind him, propelling him forward. He caught sight of a small flicker of silver flashing at the top of the water so he struck upwards, snatching a fish and flipping it backwards into one wing. He was slowed now-he could only use the one wing to push himself forward, so he was unbalanced. He decided to compensate by using his legs.

Kicking ferociously, he dove forward, but his vision was obscured by flying sand from Chaos. Two can play at that game, he thought. diving down deep into the muck he swerved off to one side, coming up beside Chaos speeding up a bit, he kicked hard, sending a large amount of sand Chaos' way. He almost felt like smirking, but he caught another quick flash of silver. It was a startled bottomfeeder that Chaos had kicked up from the sand in all the commotion. He swerved back quickly and caught it in his mouth, flipping it back into his wing like the previous fish. Now he was behind however.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2004 7:49 pm
by Tigress
Chaos had two more fish in his mouth and suddenly came up for air, going straight through the cloud that Silver had formed. He placed his four fish on the bank with an easy flick and skimmed along the surface, almost gliding atop the water. He had lost very little speed in the carefully calculated process and when he dove back down he was right back near Silver. He grinned and proudly increased his stride with easier movements, not having the fish to worry about.. except one that had slammed into the bank to get away from him.. he curved and snatched it, fumbling it minorly but still keeping hold on it. The water was warming slowly which meant the bend was coming near. He was rudely smacked in the forehead by a fish and swam upwards to angle it into his waiting mouth. He would have laughed but could not so he simply swam on, legs pounding against the sand once more. One more fish... and the bend was so close...

PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2004 8:10 pm
by Talia
SilverRain, seeing as his underwater tactics weren't working very well, swam closer to the surface and sort of...well...cheated a bit. Quickly, he too flicked his fish onto the shore, and leaving all of his body in the water, but his wings out, he literally flew across the water (his body was in the water, so technically he was swimming... ;) ) He laughed in spite of himself, and quickly scanned the water for more fish at the surface. Chaos had 4 to his two...his eyes flickered quickly to the water as he spotted a small school of fish. Managing to scoop three up nimbly with a wingtip, he deposited those on the shore. Dropping back into the water, he dove again, searching for more. A movement caught his eye, and he felt a sudden bump against his leg. With his mother's lightning quick water acrobatics, he somersaulted and swiftly flew back to catch hold of the fish in his mouth. Turning back, he saw Chaos nearing the shore... he sped up, both his limbs and his wings free to move. Using the scooping motion that he had earlier, he managed to get up to Chaos' side again... but he still hadn't found that last fish... He looked frantically about, for he could see the bend coming up.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2004 9:08 pm
by Tigress
He thrust forward eagerly now, feeling that the bend was only inches away and at the last moment spotted a flash of silver and found it suddenly in his mouth. Thankfully he crossed the finish line and came up for air, depositing his fish at the side before turning. He had forgotten to see where Silver had been and now wished he had of payed closer attention. He shrugged and spoke,

"I think that was close... did you see who won? I ended with seven fish total... lucky catch at the end, it wouldn't happen to most serians.. but as said I was lucky!"

There, he had actually done something outstanding. In case Silver had not gotten all of his fish, he had said something to mask his talent to avoid a bruised ego. He smiled in spite of himself and found his muscles aching angrily back at him. He wobbled a bit and slunk onto the shore, grinnign and mumbling 'Ow..'