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PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2004 11:23 pm
by Talia
Silver whiped around the bend, unable to stop his forward momentum and completely missed his last fish. Disappointed, he crawled out of the water, shaking himself off vigorously, damp wet hair matted to his neck and full of grit from the river floor.

He sighed and shrugged, looking at Chaos, who looked equally at wet and mucky.

"Nope... missed my last fish.. but I crossed the finish line at the same time... just couldn't catch that last fish," he said, frowning. He turned to look at Chaos and grinned. "That was an impressive feat though. You did a good job." He grinned goofily again, and then collapsed tiredly on the ground. He winced, and flexed his wings and legs. They were pretty tightly cramped.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2004 12:03 am
by Tigress
Chaos pranced and grinned, he couldn't help but be slightly proud. Of course he limped over to the serian who was quickly becoming his friend and sat heavily down with a loud 'oof!' and exhalation of air. He nodded, almsot to himself and looked at the midnight sky.

"Well... I did make up the game so obviously I've had practice wit hthigns like this- as said I do love to fish.. nevertheless you are a very strong swimmer, had it not been for the last fish it would have been a tie- or you might have won if someone had been watching the race carefully!"

He seemed still uncomfortable at the compliment and shifted a little, wincing and tilting his ears to odd angles making him look rather comical.

"We should be getting back, Vapor said no later than midnight, and that time is upon us right now."

He eased his solid form up with much strain and limbered ungracefully towards the fire in the distance. He hadn't paid any mind but his childish prefix for Vapor of 'Auntie' was gone. Somehow the last day with Silver had changed him, undoubtedly so. Vapor saw them coming from a distance and made two comfortable spots with heaping piles of soft grasses and leaves. "Hey, you two! You look exhausted, care to rest? We won't keep you up, Silver, we know how you hate it. Your father and I are merely enjoying each other's company in silence. Chaos? That was quite the interesting game you made up." Chaos flopped onto the grassy pile with a grateful moan of approval, exhaustion taking over as he was asleep almsot instantly, taking his last ounce of strength to grin lopsidedly at Silver.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2004 1:39 am
by Talia
He laughed aloud. For some reason, proving his point didn't seem so important. Being friends with Chaos was taking precedence.

"I think I got the swimming part from my mother...Vapour...My father doesn't really like water a whole lot," he said. He wiggled his ears comically, with the little strength he had left.

He followed Chaos back to the fire, trudging noisily along, he tired feet aching. Plunking noisily on the ground beside the warm fire, he could feel the heat slowly drying his coat already. He resisted the urge to stick out his tongue, or do something equally as childish at his mother's comment about his sleeping habits. Lying down his head, he struggled to keep his eyes open. He shot Chaos one last lazy grin and drifted off, noticing that Chaos had already done so himself.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 10:21 pm
by Tigress

Chaos woke early and wandered down ot the stream. His aunt had given him an odd look and with a stifled gasp he realized why- in all the time spent acting as a foal and enjoying himself, he'd been growing unnoticed and now.. he was so.. well.. big! The teen was a teen no longer, but now he had started his days as a young adult, soon to become a full adult. He nodded his approval and grinned, he certainly did like his new form. He pranced about and his excitement drew him to his sister. The sweet one that he missed so. In the short time he allowed himself to stay there, he realized she too was growing. He had barely wasted an hour and yet he was in a hurry to get back. A forest drew his attention, a beautiful blossoming rainforest. And that's where he met her.

A glimpse of feminine eyes made him jump from his resting position. "Hey! Come back! I'm not going to hurt you.. I'm Chaos.." He chased after the darting figure until she had lead him towards the meadow and where his parents, and his.. friend.. were sleeping. She seemed lost in thought, but finally spoke. "His name's SilverRain, isn't it?" Chaos blinked in confusion and suttered out, "You've been stalking him?!" The mare laughed and shook her head. "No, no. Observing is more like it.. I'm Tinsel by the way. Of the Arctic Winds." Chaos was utterly dumbfounded and Tinsel clued in. "Ah, a circle-born. You wouldn't know of 'my type' then... please?"

Her hesitant question made Chaos nod in response. This mare, Tinsel, was a shy one. But such beauty could not be denied and.. he had decided he wanted SilverRain as more than an acquintance, he wanted them to finally be 'friends'. What better of a gift to seal his offer? He lead her slowly out into the open, nearing the stream where Silver would most likely be, either swimming about or splashign himself with cool water t ofully wake up. When the familiar wings were in sight he smiled. "Sorry I left early this morning. I found an interesting lone serian..."


PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2004 11:11 pm
by Talia

SilverRain awoke groggily, and stumbled to his feet clumsily. He looked about in surprise. Where did Chaos go off to? He shook himself somewhat awake, and his increased alertness helped regain some of his footing.

Trotting nimbly away from the fire, for he didn't want to wake his mother or father, he decided to take a quick dip in the stream that he and Chaos had played in the other day, just to refresh himself. Blinking his heavy eyes furiously, he gazed at the water....and was completely shocked by what he saw there, so shocked in fact, that he continued to blink furiously for another minute at his reflection.

The reflected was an absolute mimic of his movements. It was at that time that Silver realized that there could be no denying it. He had grown!

His tail was long, like his mother's, and streaked through with colour, as if frosted. His wings were elongated, and the horns encircling his neck had grown in. He pranced about, still completely entraced by his new appearance. He wondered what Chaos looked like now. He grinned happily.

He was just about to step into the cold waters when a familiar voice interrupted him. Swiveling his head quickly in a motion that was now smooth and graceful, he smirked at his friend, as if to say "Look at us!"....but then stopped when he noticed his company. She had to be the most beautiful mare he had ever laid eyes on! Mouth agape, he tried desperately to regain his smooth easygoing demeanor but failed miserably. The mare had him completely tongue tied!

PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2004 11:36 pm
by Tigress
Chaos took the moment of silence to grin back at Silver and dance about in a show-off movement, all the while seeming to be fascinated by the stallion's frosted look. His ear quirked awkwardly and his earring shone against his fiery mane. "Wow... look at us Silver!" He was interrupted in his minor celebration by Tinsel's awkward movement. Her butterfly wings flickered gently and gracefully... wings.. he didn't knwo much abotu them but he was guessing hers were rare.

"This is Tinsel.. she's a uhh...?" Tinsel smiled timidly, suddenly breathless as she stood before the tall stallion that was SilverRain. "I-I'm an Altar-born Serian.." Her voice was like a summer wind, so soft and quiet. Everything baout her seemed to be so delicate she had an almost porcelain apparrel. "You're SilverRain, I know.. you're.. really big.. I like your wings.." She shyed behind icy mane and fluttered her wings again a bit more while admiring the stallion's.

Chaos smiled sadly and stepped back, his time would come. Right now, things looked promising and he didn't want to interfere. He raised his head with positive thoughts and began to strut off. "I should go tell aunt Vapor that I'm back, you're gone, someone new's here, and we look awesome!" He winked and trotted off, nearing the fire at a steady speed.