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Young Enthusiasm

PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2004 2:04 pm
by Talia
Bridle laughed at his excitable son. SilverRain looked so much like his mother... and himself. And he was just full of so much energy- the powerfully untamed type like his mother's. He nuzzled him affectionately, and gently pushed him towards the open fields. This was to be his first outing, away from what he considered home.

SilverRain wasn't intimidated in the least. He proceeded to stalk crickets in the grass, his movements still somewhat clumsy in his youth. However, Bridle knew that they were turn out to be the same lightning quick movements that Vapor possessed. He had all of her energy, spirit and skill, and most of his good looks ;) He waited patiently until Vapor arrived. They had agreed to meet here to help train their son, and introduce him to some new surroundings and other Serians.

((to see Bridle and SilverRain click this link- ))

PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:27 pm
by Tigress
Vapor appeared, with a little overexcitable foal of her own, she was 'foal sitting' for Ram, who was off with Venom again, and he had to train after their pre-arranged rendezvous. She smiled and nuzzled Bridle affectionately, covering SilverRain in affectionate licks and nuzzles as well.

"Look at you Silver! I almost forgot what a handsome son I had. Though it has only been a day since we've been apart. I missed you so... Oh! SilverRain, this is Wildfire, the son of Ram and Venom. Chaos, don't stick your tongue out it's rude."

"Yes, mother."

She swatted the foal roughly with her tail which made him wince and sigh.

"Pleasure to meet you, SilverRain."

He just wanted to play, and plus, aunt Vapor was so em-bar-as-sing! He didn't need training, at least not until he could handle more severe things than what was naturally born into him. He was talented by birth and as arrogant as his sire. He gave SilverRain a cautious glance, unsure of what to say and looked pleading at Vapor who stared sternly down at him. She smiled at her son and looked to Bridle.

"Think this will be alright?"

PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2004 7:48 pm
by Talia

He nuzzled his mother back and licked her affectionately. He didn't care what the other foal thought.

"Nice to meet you," he said politely, but his gaze and body language said otherwise.

SilverRain gave Wildfire an imperious glare that was all his father's look. He looked down his nose at the little foal, head held high. Bridle swatted his son as well. Silver was looking just as arrogant as Wildfire was acting! He sighed massively and rolled his eyes.

"I suppose it'll be alright," he said, "as long as these two can promise to get along." Silver nodded graciously, and glanced back and forth between mother and father.

"Is it alright if I go play now?" he said, shooting Wildfire a smug look. "I don't need a babysitter."

"Be nice," Bridle snapped. He shook his head in annoyance. "Go play before you drive your mother and I crazy," he said, somewhat reluctantly.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2004 7:54 pm
by Tigress
Vapor sighed and smiled defeatedly at Bridle.

"I suppose this may be a bit more challenging then I thought.."

She stepped up to whipser in Bridle's ear, "Sorry honey, but it looks like we're going to have to watch them closely, I hate to say it but they're too much alike!"

Chaos was already off, living up to his name, flowers wilted just feeling the full-out force of his run, oh yes, he certainly had his mother's speed, and both of their good looks. As a cub he was charming, but already his muscles rippled under his fur promising he'd be fit, but his attitude could use an improvement- this he'd been told many a times. He rolled his eyes and rested under the shade of a tree, finally looking back.

"At last I have some time away from her, and him, and everyone. Ah, apples."

He grinned and began knoching apples from the tree with his horn, which would grow eventually to be like his father's. When he was satisfied he sat down and devoured the red fruit greedily, he had been quite hungry.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2004 8:00 pm
by Talia
Bridle nodded in agreement at Vapor.

"For sure," he said. "They've both got big heads for such little foals."

SilverRain noticed Wildfire's takeoff with faked disdain, and shook his head solemnly, trying to act like the adult. When he got a fair distance away, however, he opted to follow the other foal. He wasn't quite sure yet if he wanted to talk to him again, so he decided to lay under some underbrush within viewing distance of Wildfire, and let him make up his mind for him. He closed his eyes somewhat, leaving one partially open to view Wildfire's movements. Never hurt to be cautious.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2004 8:15 pm
by Tigress
Chaos was oblivious to the other, instead, he had a full stomach and felt really good to be out in the open again. Actually, there were a lot of trees around but he called that 'out in the open' so that's what it was to him. He kicked at a few apple cores and began to stalk a lizard.

"Youuu're funny lookin'."

The foal said, 'pawing' at the tail of the thing, and wagging his own in response.

"Hey, where are you going?! What are you anyway?"

The creature gave no response and so Chaos stalked it about in circles and figure eights until he got bored.

"Silent treatment hmm? Well, fine then."

He booted the little thing and couldn't help but grin. It was slightly mean, but it proved his dominance. His nose was tickled from running through the grass and he let out a loud 'ahchoo' before being sent backwards and onto his behind with the force. He wrinkled his nose and scowled- he hated being so little. He wanted to be big and strong like his dad. Nevertheless a butterfly caught his eye and he slowly snuck up and... ate it in one bite. He made a face and thumped the ground with his tail.

"Eww.. they taste gross.."

He finally scented something and lay low to the ground, his lizard-like tail held erect in the air, almost like a flag. He was 'hiding' for the most part, but since his tail was up so oddly curiosity would draw the other out soon enough, he just needed to wait a bit...