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Almost Like Velvet (For Id)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 9:40 am
by Rainer
The light blue mare had found a small beach, where the sand was almost white, and the water was so clear and blue, it made even a human gasp at nature's beauty. On one side of the beach was the ocean, washing in and out of the beach's shore while the other side was lined with palm trees.

She sighed, glancing around. It had been a long time since she had seen the stallion that she had 'befriended'. She had to admit because of such a long space of time between now and then, she had started to miss him.

Her eyes were wandering the horizon where the sun had long since risen, and was now showering Sionayra with the warm rays of light.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 2:50 pm
by Silverdust
Id trotted along the beach, somewhere in between the earth and land, the sand swirling like little diamonds in the crystal water about his hooves. Hinote had lost himself awhile ago in a rare moment of sentimentality where he recalled being a foal on a beach almost exactly like this. Then Brittle had to ruin by reminding him that on a beach like this Sanguine had handed his rear to him with little effort and...he just needed to get away again.

Ahead he saw what seemed to be a piece of displaced sky framed by flares of red and gold. He smiled slightly, remembering only one mare who had a coat like that. He quickened his pace a bit as Satin came into clearer view. He stopped a little distance away and nodded to her.

"Hello, Satin," he greeted, his voice polite as usual, and not much else.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 4:40 pm
by Rainer
She smiled, and returned the nod. "Hello Id." She paused for a moment, before taking another step towards him, the smile growing into a smirk.

"How come I haven't seen you around? Are you hiding from something?" She asked, and flicked her forelock aside, flicking back an ear as well.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 5:13 pm
by Silverdust
He smirked back, a shallower, less emotional imitation. He shook his head, looking her in the eye.

"I have not been in these lands for long, we've been travelling a bit, and I generally just stay away when we stop anyways."

He shrugged his shoulders. "I am not the sociable type, after all. How have things been since we last met?"

PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 6:38 pm
by Rainer
"Uneventful. As for you?"

She flicked her tail about boredly as her gaze was settled calmly on the stallion. She hoped being around him wouldn't make Fleet jelous... Oh well. He'd just have to get over it at some point.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2005 10:51 am
by Silverdust
Id shook his head a bit, the sand getting into his eyes. "As uneventful as usual, just trying to keep everyone...alive..."

He shifted a bit under her gaze. He had never been to well about being under someone's gaze, some strange little guard he had picked up from days before. Besides, there was something in her steady gaze...

He looked out to sea, with what might've been a devilish smile if he displayed major emotion. "I have heard some talk about, seems you have caught yourself someone...?"