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PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2005 8:15 am
by Songhue
"why don't you ask him directly? just tell him to be straight with you?"

he was enjoying the trip but he didn't think it was fair for Cedar to hide something from her, expessialy when it was about her. and teh way she'd laughed worried him. she was always so sweet, it was the essence of who she was, and to have that lost because of something she couldn't would be a crime.

"and in any case, it doesn't matter to me how much you change. i'll always--always be your friend and even if you try to push me away i'll be sure to be there."

he'd have to watch himself. Sparkle had almost said that he'd always love her, which was true but never going to happen. he would love her but he'd move on as well.

"besides," he added, hoping to gain a smile, "if you ever do forget--if, not when--then we could start something new, make a new friendship and findout things we never knew before. like the fact that i can't remember everything. next time you might figure something out for me. or maybe i'll find something out about you. or...hey, we could just find everything out all over again and i'll quote you when you say it."

he grinned at her and looked out over the hills to trees in the far distant. he'd headed for them without even realizing becuase of the moon. he felt safer there when the light left. now he stopped.

"Sorry. i was leading but i don't even know if you like the trees. i'll let you lead, where do you want to go?"

PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2005 5:42 pm
by Silverdust
"No, its fine, I don't mind."

She trotted after him, gliding through the moonlight. Night always made her less bright than the daylight, almost like the moonlight could strip away some of the protective smiles that she wore. She smiled slightly, attempting to answer his questions.

"I don't ask Cedar, because, because I am afraid to, I suppose. And besides, I know he would never tell me. He's always trying to protect me, while acting like he doesn't. He confuses me sometimes."

She grinned. "It's nice to have a friend like you. You say what you mean and think, like Hellion but kinder. Thank you for that."

PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 4:58 pm
by Songhue
uncomfortable, Sparkle smiles and shrugs, never really good at talking about himself.

"the point is," he continued, "that it doesn't matter how many lives you live and lead as long as you live all of them well and to their fullest. in this sense you have nothing to worry about. and i just....i follow my heart, that's all there is to me. i'm glad Cedar protects you though, it's obvious he cares. also....some will always confuse us no matter how hard we try."

they had reached the safety of the trees and Sparkle grinned in their cool shade. they were close and comforting, as a blanket protecting them from the night would be. it soothed him but he wasn't sure how Mist felt so he looked over at her, trying to make sure that she was alright. there were some too polite to say things they thought would hurt and because of that got hurt themselves. because of that he tried to stay near the edge but couldn't help looking into the deeper parts as he spoke.

"there are some," he cautioned, "that mean well but cause harm. because of this they are hard to understand. but harder are the ones who are trapped within their own souls, causing harm and unable to help it. be glad that you don't know them because they are the most complex and tender of creatures. i...i always try my best at what i do but i admit that i fail as often as anyone. because i try so hard though i am easier to understand. i put all that i am into what i do."

he thought he sounded rather ridiculous and slightly big headed but his words were sincere and it seemed worth it if she took some comfort or knowlege in what he said. the most important thing was helping others because if he had not been helped himself then he would still be in the dark memories he was always trying to out run.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 6:29 pm
by Silverdust
She smiled at him, stepping from the shadows of the trees into the blazing moonlight, alight like a wraith as it shimmered over her coat. She turned to the moon, it's light turning her eyes a silver glow.

"It's wonderful that you can be so honest with yourself," she sighed softly. "I envy you. I am always running, and I try the best I can to help others, but I know I will always end up hurting them. I can see it in their eyes, they know I'm going to slip away and they prance around me like I'm a delicate creature, or they run me, try to break me and make me something stronger so I can survive, but I know they're the ones who hurt the most. Or..."

Her voice faltered. "Or they just hold back, never touch me, scarce look at me for longer than a span of moments. Because they know. And I would only bring them the greatest scar of all, my touch would shatter them, because they'll never forget."

She shook her head. "I'm sorry, I'm talking rubbish now. It just seems that you let a part of yourself out, so it only seemed fair that I return the favor."

She gave him a flash of a smile and looked up again at the sky. The moon was high, it was late. Cedar would worry, perhaps, if he noticed she were gone at all...

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2005 8:51 am
by Songhue
glancing once more at the safety of the trees Sparkle relented and stepped beside Mist, into the moonlight.

"i didn't," he whispered. "and i'll always be there to help make sure you live how ever many lives you have the best you can. everything settles after awhile, even the rivers and earth. you will too, just be patient. and i know about change, my bonded is a wind sprite. she never looks the same when i see her, and the only thing i ever see that is is her eyes, a soft blue-gray. her forms change with her moods. she never seems solid, just like you don't feel that what you do and live is solid. she has....blurred edges."

here he paused and looked at the moon as he'd seen her do. "you must be wanting to go home. it's getting late and we all need rest. but before you do....Mist i'm going to trust you with something that i've never told anyone. i remember my parents and i remember being an unbonded, but i don't remember how i got there or what happened to them. i seek answers as well. i've just learned to live as i search."

it was a tough thing for him to admit to but he thought he owed her as much. and he wanted her to know that no matter what happened or what the case, you could always find happyness. with a shudder he looked at her, knowing that if nothing else he had finally shared his deepest secret, that someone had been told about his abandonment. and that deep down he was scared it was his fault since he didn't know otherwise and that it might happen again.

he shuddered once more, fighting the deamons that raged inside him, and bound away into the trees, headed for home.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2005 5:17 pm
by Silverdust
Concerned, frightened almost, Mist leapt after him. Had she hurt him, offended him?

"It's alright," she said lightly, as she bounded at his side. "I'm glad you chose me to tell. I can keep your secret, there's nothing to run from. Whatever you might feel...guilty about, I'm sure it isn't your fault."

She could see the guilt and fear in his eyes the second he had bounded away. That uncertainty the same as hers. They were similar, she could admit, and maybe in that they could help one another. She wondered how much they shared.