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PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2005 6:04 pm
by Tigress
He smiled and eased back into a comfortable stance. Just as her situation with Vision was- he knew they could never be together. Poor girl, so many failed romances. He almost felt guilty for having Web beside him when it was all said and done. The thought made him turn to her and nuzzle her with a little more emotion than usual.

"Oh really? Well I'm sure both Beta and Sirensong would be a bit curious about it all... Do tell." He teased, wondering if the others he'd heard before would be interested in joining their circle. He wanted a few solid members, but he wouldn't be picky. He'd start one with just Web and wait and see. Maybe someday if Frost found that certain someone...

PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2005 6:35 pm
by Silverdust
Web looked up at the sun, trying to remember. She had only heard a scrap of news of it from Hellion, who was bitter about the whole deal. "Apparently, it's only them, Eve and Mirage. There's room for more, but they haven't started looking for members. They're still getting over the fact they're actually in a circle."

She shook her head. "These things seem to be popping up everywhere, I hope we get some good members..."

"Members for what, dark angel?" came a familiar voice from behind her. Web sighed, not even bothering to whirl around as usual.

"The Circle, koibito," she said, shrugging over at Chaos. Honestly, she couldn't define Brittle's habit of popping up from nowhere. She smirked lightly. "The one you've just joined."

It was then she felt the spike of another aura, which gave her enough reason to whirl around as two voices chimed different shocked sentiments.

"I've joined a circle, when?!" was Brittle's startled alto, as he glanced from her to Chaos, his brain finally starting to kick-in.

"What Circle?!" came another voice, this one female, from a blue winged serian with a silver mane and tail. Web's eyebrow gave a slight twitch. Oh, wonderful, Geo was here.


PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2005 11:37 am
by Tigress
Chaos jumped as the female's vocie came, high and excited, and stung his ear. He frowned once at Brittle, hoping he wasn't getting the wrong impression... or, the right one? He honestly didn't know with Web...

"Yep, we've no name for it yet, but... well, we'll get to that later. You're both welcome to join if you'd like. Web and I just kind of decided to create one." He glanced from one to the other, and curiously wondered if any of his band had followed him out... the two newbies... Comet and Sirensong, it would be nice to see them in a circle. But to be honest, they weren't really the big and impressive type that he wanted. Well, Sirensong had some warrior in her, but Comet had none. Ah well.



PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2005 11:45 am
by Silverdust
It took Brittle a minute to recover, but then that slow smile spread over his face. He leaned over and nipped Web playfully. "Wanted me to join that bad eh? Well, I don't mind, as long as your in it dark rose."

Web noted with some satisfaction the look of mild loathing on Geo's face. She smiled at the other mare with poisoned sweetness. "Don't worry Geo-san, you heard the invitation, it's open for you as well."

Geo looked from her to the other male, then back at Brittle, and finally to her again.

"I suppose that is your mate," she said, darkly, motioning at the other stallion. "Funny, with all the games you've been playing, I find it hard a male would find you anything else but a harlot."

Web shrugged, used to the mare's tongue lashings. "I suppose you're jealous then?"

Brittle shrugged at Chaos as Geo bristled. He really couldn't account for the mares' behavior, and hoped the other stallion wouldn't find it to hard to handle.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2005 11:50 am
by Tigress
Chaos gave Geo a curious look. "You got the hots for bonehead over there?" He questioned, not noticing he'd let the remark slip out. Oh boy... this was going to be one interesting circle...

"Erm scratch that, anyway, I suppose we're mates, yes. But, titles sound far too suffocating, so let's just say she's one interesting babe who knows how to keep me on my feet." He winked and nuzzled her neck roughly with a roguish smile.

"I might have one or two of the gang, the loners, who I could convince to stop being so stubborn and join, as we still need some more members. But, I think it'd be better if we stuck to an... intricate circle. No weaklings." He'd complimented both Geo and Brittle accidentally, but let it slide. It would make up for his earlier hasty comment perhaps.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2005 12:50 pm
by Silverdust
Brittle smirked, acknowledging the stallion's accidental compliment and deciding to let the bonehead comment slide. Geo's eyes blazed and she flicked her wing irritably. "I don't have the 'hots' for anyone, stallion. I'm just here to insure that she doesn't cause more of a lewd tangle than she already has."

Web laughed wickedly, nipping Chaos's earring as he nuzzled her. She whispered in his ear. "Don't worry about Geo-san, she's just a righteous stick in the mud. She wouldn't know fun if it reareed up and bit her in the rump. I can guarantee though, if Brittle's joining, so will she."

Brittle shook his head. "Geo, sky-eyes, I'm not getting into anything I don't want to. I can take care of myself, don't need you to try to fix my wicked ways."

He did have to admit though, it was flattering to have the two mares fight over him, though he knew Web mainly did it to keep herself interested. Ah, it was so fun when the sisters let them have their days off...