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PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 6:46 pm
by x0meaningless0x
Blinding flashes of lightning illuminated a solitary figure on a solitary hill. Standing with her back pressed to a tall tree despite the danger of such a position in such a storm. Every snap of white hot electricity that flashed across the sky sparked the brilliant light of curiosity within her own bright green eyes.

A creature of storm and rain, both fierce and tranquil but with a curiosity that was almost insatiable. This very curiosity held the gray-haired wind beaten girl transfixed overlooking the gathering below.

"Now or never..." She muttered beneath her breath though she was sure even if she had said it loudly the wind and thunder would have stolen it instantly.

Pacing herself evenly Ravyn moved down the hill, neither fast nor slow. . .steps that were bold and yet unsure. 'A living contradiction' a lot of people tended to say but that really didn't bother her much.

By the time she emerged from her own thoughts she was standing just behind the four others and facing the stormy Serian. Her eyes were filled with a silent wonder while her face was tranquil, however; deep inside she was surprised she hadn't quailed at the last moment and given up on the approach.

She stood silently now, watching the beautiful Serian ahead of her, waiting to see if he'd summon her closer as she assumed he had done for the others.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, 2004 4:33 pm
by [Unknown]
Hyrbid focusses his attention now on Talia, his stern gaze back to the easygoing glance it had been before, for the moment. He listened to her words closely, almost smiling, but not quite. Again he was pleased that she had revealed so much to him, and decides to acknowledge her show of submissive behavior.

"Very well, all is forgiven. It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Talia."

His style seemed to revolve around comments that were short, but said all that was needed. He didn't make a move to explain himself to them, and he didn't plan on doing that either. Another figure caught his attention and he decided that she might as well have a chance too.

"Newcomer. Come forth with the others and explain who you are."

PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, 2004 5:06 pm
by x0meaningless0x
Bright green eyes raised to view the Serian before her. With a subtle nod she came forward and bowed slightly. Respectful but not submissive, she wasn't a soul to tame or be tamed. A lover of the wild.

The thunder all around her was thrilling and the majestic one before her brought all the fierce light of her eyes out to drink in his beauty.

"Greetings, Majestic One, I am Ravyn of the Bohemian Realm, caretaker of those who seek out my care." Bold but nervous she found herself smiling just a little. "I am new to this realm and the beautiful creatures within."

She kept her eyes focused on the Serian before her, currently nameless to her ears, aware of the others but more fascinated by the electric one before her.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2004 2:46 pm
by [Unknown]
A flicker of approval for her show of spirit crossed Hybrid's gaze as the stranger stepped forward. After her introduction, Hybrid relaxed a little and noded to Ravyn. The lightning entwined about him flickered as another lightning bolt lashed the ground a mile away.

"Greetings, Ravyn, and welcome."

He stood still, gazing at those around him uncertainly, feeling an awkward silence, yet not willing to break it. He had been alone for so long... and before that, he had never been the talkative type to begin with. Pawing the ground in frustration, he finally asks those around him:

"What brings you to this place?"

His inquisitive gaze betrays his curiosity, though it's obvious he was just looking for a way to start the talking around him again so he could retreat into the silence of listening to their words.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2004 4:26 pm
by Reptile Girl
RG laughs a little. "I just came to ask Dazzle and Slash to come on home; they'd been here longer than usual and I was getting sorta worried. Not that I think they can't take care of themselves, of course," RG says with a grin. "They've proven that plenty. They just came to have fun, I s'pose, and meet other Serians." She looks to Slash for approval of her words; Dazzle's too busy inspecting Talia to notice.

"I am," Dazzle responds. "Pleased to meet you too." Then she takes a few steps around Talia to sniff curiously at Ravyn's hair.

Meanwhile, RG continues. "You must've been the one who caused my portal to get all weird... You and your lightning." She looks at his mane with clear admiration. "And you? Why're you here?"

PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2004 5:43 pm
by Guest
As RG spoke Ravyn turned her eyes to the Serian nudging her hair, breaking her eye contact with Hybrid for the first time. The gleam and crackle of Hybrid's lightning mane shimmered brightly in her eyes as they fell on Dazzle's coat.

"Hey there," her voice was soft in the way of one who spoke often to animals and was accustomed to doing so. "aren't you a lovely one."

She smiled and ran her fingers through Dazzle's coat, moving slowly and calmly. As her fingers ran through the tangleless strands her mind wandered to Hyrbid's lightning mane winding electrically down his spine. A deep curiousity filled her, a silent wonder of what would happen were she to run her fingers along that electric mane.

However she contented herself with stroking Dazzle, the first Serian for her to encounter so closely. Even though she was still running her graceful fingers through Dazzle's mane she spoke up to Hybrid as RG finished.

"'Twas the storm that caught my initial interest, I was always fond of rain as it was. Today will give me a new reason to feel so strongly of the electrical pictures in the storm sky." She smiled softly as she ran her hand over Dazzle's sleek skull. "Curiousity was always one of my stronger callings, and seeing such a gathering as the one here, one could not help but be curious."

Hearing RG's inquery to Hybrid she nodded silent agreement, no reason to restate what was already said.