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PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 2:47 am
by Talia
Talia inclined her head graciously, a gesture that appeared somewhat submissive, but also allowed her to retain the shred of pride and dignity that she had left. She hesitated at his command, not sure of whether her personality would strike more discord with him if she stepped forward.

She noticed a group of Serians accompanied by a human approach him cautiously and she saluted their bravery for acting so quickly under such unpredictable circumstances. She too wanted desperately to approach him, but was unsure of how to act. She pondered for a few moments, and then made up her mind.

Stepping forward resolutely, yet somewhat shyly, she approached the stallion, but still remained a distance behind the other group of Serians. They had, after all, approached first, and deserved acknowledgement. She waited patiently for a response, or any type of reaction, hoping to gauge his temperament somewhat. She only hoped that she hadn't annoyed him too much.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 2:55 am
by [Unknown]
He regarded the now submissive human with cool eyes, 'Good. As it should be.' He nodded to himself and acknowledged her with a slight snort of air and barely noticeable tilt of head, the movement mostly being of his ears.

"You, too, shall join me."

He motioned for her to stand equal with the others, though the questioning and comments would be coming at him twice as heavy he wouldn't have it any other way. This way he could analyze them at the same time, compare their differences and linger on their smiliarities. He only hoped they could handle him. The thought brought another impressive crackle of lightning about them, and he fought to hold the more regal pose that he should have been able to maintain in the first place.. Although he had his reasons to falter.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 3:12 am
by Reptile Girl
(I'm sorry x_x I talk too much *switches forums*)

RG relaxes a bit when the Serian doesn't take a threatening pose, and she inclines her head as well for a moment, in a sort of nod/bow-acknowledgement. Her hand tightens in Dazzles mane across her neck and RG knows she can count on the Serian to support her, should her own self fail to do so.

A bit more comfortable at hearing the Serian speak, RG takes a breath and replies. "I'm called Reptile Girl, and I care for a world called Arlenoa where creatures from all lands come to live, for various reasons." She swallows before continuing. "This is Dazzle, the very first Serian ever to come live in Arlenoa. And -"

"I'm Slash," Slash finishes for RG, stepping up levelly with her. He wasn't going to have her speaking for him; he could manage himself, thankyouverymuch.

RG swallows again and nods, acknowledging that yes, that is Slash. "He was the second to come to Arlenoa." Pause. "And... Who are you?"

As another form appears, RG briefly turns her attention away. Recognizing another realm caretaker, she pulls up a solid smile and flashes it at Talia in a sort of greeting.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 12:10 pm
by [Unknown]
He nods his head in appreciation of the detailed answer, detailed was good. It meant he could spend more time listening and considering her words, and less time worrying about asking the questions needed to get his answers.

"I am Hybrid. Pleased to meet you."

His tone was the same calm, cool, almost melancholy tone that he always used, the lightning about him still making it's presence known but it was still somewhat calm which reflected his mood. He stared Reptile Girl very seriously in the eye, seemingly looking through her, but he knew this tactic made most squeamish and it was a way to make someone confess a wrong doing- he was more or less just curious to see her reaction. He would test the two serians mildly as well, but it was always the humans that needed more for a bond of trust to be found.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 12:23 pm
by Reptile Girl
RG exhales in a little puff, hopefully not too audible over the sounds of the storm, and a small grin of relief and gladness brightens her face. So caught up is she in her response to Hybrid's words, however, that she almost doesn't realize it's there and does nothing to control it. "Pleased to meet you, too," she says, almost extending her free hand before she realizes that would do little good. Then Hybrid's eyes meet hers, and for a moment she's just taken aback - then she makes use of the opportunity to search his eyes as well, except with just a bit more pure brightness than she finds in his serious gaze. Where her hand had previously ruffed up Dazzle's fur, it now smooths it down with gentle strokes, as she feels no longer in need of another's support. Her hand doesn't quite come down, however.

Dazzle, meanwhile, turns her head to look at Talia, breathing in her scent. "Who're you?" she asks as she studies the being. Slash, behind her, studies the four then snorts once and unearths some of the soil, for lack of anything else to do.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 1:18 pm
by Talia
Talia smiled, her face clearly showing her relief at being called upon as well. She stepped forward, and caught the other caretaker's eye, smiling a friendly greeting in return. Perhaps when all this was over they could talk some more...

She listened carefully to the conversation occuring between the now identified Hybrid and RG. She smiled at Hybrid's civil and polite response, and wondered if she would get an equal reply from him. After they were finished, she decided to introduce herself as well.

"I'm Talia," she said, nodding respectfully yet again. "I come from a realm called Comeltum, and tend to the Serians within that realm. I too have another Serian, however, he is busy tending to his young foal at this moment, and was unable to join me tonight." she paused briefly, wondering if she should continue, and decided for it. "I apologize for my earlier abruptness. It was unnecessary for me to be so rude. To tell the truth, I was merely frightened. Besides Bridle-my other Serian-and his new foal, I'm more or less a solitary individual. Being alone made me a bit stand-offish. I am most pleased to meet you though Hybrid." she said somewhat shyly, smiling softly.

Her attention wavers for a brief moment as she regards the mare standing next to RG. Laughing, she replies,"I'm Talia, but you already know that now. And you are Dazzle correct? I'm pleased to meet you as well."