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A Sudden Storm

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 12:11 am
by [Unknown]
A flash highlights the crowns of hills to the East, and thunder sounds in the distance. The winds begin to pick up, carrying tiny droplets of rain. As lightning strikes once more, you see an answering flash, a smaller flicker, chasing after the dark clouds. Darting across the Fields, a barely visible shape appears, so closely tied to the smaller bolt that they appear inseparable. Sheets of rain begin to fall, further obscuring any visions of this apparition as it races closer and closer.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 1:50 am
by Reptile Girl

Two others had been grazing in the darkness, running a bit to warm themselves every once in a while; or in the case of the second, Slash, just for fun. Dazzle nickers as she feels her fur being pelted with many little drops of water, shaking her head and trotting a few paces to settle herself in the new weather. She looks over at her companion, wondering if he even notices the change; he makes no sign of it, though, as he bolts before her, and she chooses to let him exult in sheer speed for a while yet. After all, rain couldn't hurt.

A moment later, the area flickers bright and she winces against the onslaught of light on her eyes, shortly followed by a harder rain. She shakes her head again, and her eyes clear... Or so she'd thought, but perhaps they hadn't, for they almost tell her that she's seeing another shape running with the lightning... But that surely wasn't the case, was it?

"Slash," she calls, but her voice is lost under the thunder. "Slash!" she calls again, louder. "Look at the... the lightning. Do you see..."

The bluer Serian slows as he hears his realmmate, Dazzle, call to him in a rather urgent tone. Normally he'd have ignored her, but she wasn't usually urgent. Besides, it wasn't quite as much fun to run when the ground is so wet and soggy you can't take a step without slipping. Furrowing his brow in a disbelieving curiosity, he follows her gaze to the lightning.

"I... I don't know," he answers back, squinting against the rain. He'd had troubles running in the rain - him, of all Serian - so surely that couldn't be a creature running with the lightning!

Dazzle stomps her foot in annoyance, and they both wait to see what will happen next.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 1:52 am
by Talia
Talia watched the storm with a certain calmness about her. She had always felt a certain fellowship with the storms that raged frequently across the fields. She had neglected to put on shoes, for she had only meant to be outdoors for a short while, but the dew from the rain felt cool and refreshing against her bare skin. Seating herself on the grass, fully aware of how wet it was and not caring, she watched the lightning play across the sky, putting on a light show just for her. It flashed once more, briefly flooding the fields below with a rich white light.

Squinting, she thought she noticed a shape travelling at a great speed across the fields, seemingly melding into one with the storm. As she stood to get a better look, heavy sheets of rain began to fall. She looked skyward, feeling the rain stream down her body and face. Sighing contentedly, she moved closer to the edge of the plateau on which she lived. Yes, she thought. That was most definitely a shape.

She decided to figure out the source of the movement. When she finally picked her way down the cliffside, she realized that the shape was a Serian. And it was getting closer by the moment. She pondered what to do, her fear seemingly eliminated as she drank in the strength of the storm. Stepping out into the open, legs akimbo, she decided to let it come to her... if it wanted to. It seemed fearless enough. She called out a greeting or a challenge, depending on what way you look at it.

"Greetings stranger. I'm Talia. What is your business here?" she yelled, knowing that the wind would sweep away her call if she didn't.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 2:06 am
by [Unknown]
The stomping of hooves was more pronounced now as he drew closer, the sound almost a small storm of it's own, in fact the ground seemed to tremble in trepidation of his coming. He was a wild spirit indeed and the earth knew his power. Finally the presences made themselves known and he was in control of the situation once more. He came to a spot that equaled the middle of the distance seperating the human, and the two serians. The human's words came to him and he listened to them with a rising temper. The thunder crackled fiercely about him in warning of his annoyance moments before he spoke.

"I call the storms, I run these lands, my business is my own. "

The small sentences spoke more than any amount of explanation ever really could. With a proud stride he came closer so he was almost directly inbetween the two differing species. The move was a dare, a challenge of his own. He knew what they wanted, it was what a part of him wanted... But, it would be only on his terms that this should happen, and so this would eventually be known. His challenge was to who would try to claim him first.

"Come forth."

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 2:28 am
by Reptile Girl
Dazzle looks puzzled - and also a bit funny, as all the energy running through the air is making her fur stand on end - "Come forth?" she repeats questioningly to Slash. She smooths the fur on her right foreleg down with her left hoof, almost huddling from the electrically charged world about her. She doesn't huddle, however - her vanity, akin to pride, would not allow that - and instead steps slowly forward a few times. The odd Serian before her was both frightening and stimulating (curiosity-wise!), and she wasn't a fighting creature... So for now, she considered it best to do as he said. Especially since he seemed to be annoyed at them; she didn't realize there was another that he had spoken to, she simply assumed his words were for her and her companion.

"Hold up!" Slash hisses to Dazzle. "You're just going to do what he says? He has no right to command us! If you're going to walk, it should be away - unless he plans on being civil any time soon!" As his words indicate, part of him itches to leave the Serian hanging on his command. Then, another part almost considers fighting the creature, though that would be a stupid move on his part. And a third... Yes, a third was curious, just like Dazzle. In the tumult of his emotions, Slash doesn't know what to do; at this moment he is entirely vulnerable to his decision being swayed any way, by any outside force.

Dazzle doesn't help. "But," she responds simply in a slightly desperate tone...

In this moment of uncertainty on their part, a familiar shape opens behind them: a portal (because i'm just soo original) from their realm. For a moment, it simply stays there... Then one side of Reptile Girl appears. Much to her surprise, after only another moment the electricity causes the thing to go awry, bulging and bending it in places completely unnatural to any healthy portal. Soon, RG's head pops out of the thing and half her hair goes flat with the rain and the other half, still dry, frizzes out. Quite naturally, shock rides hard upon her face. As realization dawns upon her of what is happening, she launches herself out of the thing; as the tip of her tail clears the breach in dimensions, her portal shrivels and closes with a pop.

Righting herself, RG squints about, putting an arm up to her forehead to shield her eyes from some of the rain. "Dazzle, Slash!" she calls in a slightly wobbly voice to the shapes she can barely see before her. "What's taking so long? Come on! Why would you want to be out in this weather, anyway?" After these words she takes yet another moment to gasp in some air after her experience with the portal.

Then she momentarily bares her face so she can tie her hair back into a ponytail, and as she does so awkwardly runs to the two Serians she knows well, putting a hand on Dazzle's shoulder - and receiving a nasty shock for it - and peering ahead at the shapes that have caught and held their attention so well.

"Is that... a Serian?" she asks, gasping in both awe and, yes, a bit of fear. You never knew how wild Serians might act... But that was truly an amazing being before her.

"It told us to 'come forth,'" Slash informs RG. "And Dazzle was going!"

RG looks between Slash and Dazzle, indecisive for but a moment. "Well, let's continue the journey then," she says with a note of finality, and she collects herself before beginning a slow walk toward the creature - stepping slowly and lightly, as she doesn't yet know how it will react.

A moment later, Dazzle follows - quite possibly only because of the grip RG has on her mane - and Slash, though disliking the notion, follows as well. What smart devil had come up with democracy? -_-

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 2:37 am
by [Unknown]
He remains motionless through the entire ordeal, muzzle devoid of any certain emotion, simply patiently waiting- which was somewhat unnerving on it's own. When finally a trio came forth he looked them over, showing neither approval or dissapproval. His head hangs slightly lower than it should, he strikes you as a serian worthy of a regal pose, head held high, but this is not so for some reason...

"Who are you?"

His tone isn't commanding as before, simple calm, cool, and collected. The lightning about him crackles dully, the storm raging on defiantly above. He had few things to ask, but so much to hear. If they were smart then he'd be able to tell just by listening whether they were 'worthy' or not. With this thought in mind he stared ahead silently, waiting.