Glory of the sky [Crystal/and or Banjo]

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A gentle smile was given as she told him there was no need for apologies. Lucky him, he'd thought he'd pushed things a little. Never used to being around others, he was a little nervous, but he hid it so well. Truthfully, the only mare he'd ever talked to had been Sirensong, and she was off finding her own reason for being. All of the best luck to her. His eyes fixated for a moment on the cloud in the air, faint sparkles of ice could be seen, and if one were to look through it at the sky, it would surely be so artistic! She was a pure work of art without having to try. Or so it was, in his eyes.

His smile turned to one of gentle amusement, "How much do you know of the world beyond the sky? Of the galaxy, and it's hidden Eden?" He wondered aloud. Did she know what lie beyond their seemingly limitless habitation? He could see it himself whenever he wanted, but he wanted her to see it too. It would be his gift. "Would you know what it would be like to look upon Rhiandrithae from beyond the earth you stand on now? Think of it... history would be your guide. In my mind I see it clearly, though sadly, it is not yet as beautiful as it could be. Still it bears great wounds of past. Though now I imagine it with an aura, circling the planet, because of the magics born." He began, it was true, he didn't really know more than any other Serian. But his logic and poetic mind helped him to piece together what others possibly could not.

"Speak if you wish, of anything you'd like. I'm not usually so chattery. But such a sweet bird of song does inspire in me the perfect image to create on my canvas of words. So pardon my freedom of expressing my inner heart." His voice was soft, and his face was to the sky. But his eyes were closed and it was obvious he was focussing on something else. His talent of memorizing how things looked came in handy quite often..
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Banjo shrugs casually, she didn't mind, "It's okay I understand. we all have things we would rather not think of." she smiles alittle at the nudge.

Then she chuckles at his description of her. "I love the stars the most, when the night is clear and crisp, and they're out in the billions. The moon I love most on those nights it shines the brightest and makes it seem like magic is everywhere in its glow."

Crystal watches his fixated look at her cloud of breath, she wasn't sure what he was seeing, but from the expression on his face it must be quite beautiful. It gave her an excited feeling in the pit of her stomach to see such an expression on his face, though she didn't know why.

The coloring of his coat with the little fire sparks, the little star along with the markings trailing from his eyes and fiery colored muzzle, reminded Crystal of a glorious firebird. He felt she was a canary, a bird of song, he could only be a bird of poetry and light!

Yes, a firebird...soaring above in the heavens...sending light down to the lost The frosty mare muses to herself before his questions brought her back to the present conversation.

A stray curl of wind, plays with her long purple locks sending one across the bridge of her nose, but Crystal pays it no mind as she listens to Comet talk of the galaxy and the world.

A smiles curves her lips, "You are doing well so far, do please continue! Let us pretend I know naught so you can start at the beginning of it all and I can listen to such perfect imagery." Firebird reveal the burning desires of the heart and show the way with sweet whispered thoughts! As if her muse had suddenly been inspired Crystal was devining another poem-song. She just might have something for him, when he was done telling her the story.
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"Then you see what I see when I refuse to ponder the dark," Sparkle grinned. "Though I must admit my favortie thing is light. Pure white sunlight makes the perfect day for me. But in the day you can't see the light of the moon or the magic she brings. Things are different at night."

He tossed his main, flicking an ear at the other pair before tilting his head up to see the silver orb hanging in the sky for all to see. Those two, they seemed to need privacy. It sounded like they were in their own game and Sparkle was more than willing to fly up to that moon and share its light. He couldn't though, and he did have this new mare to consider. It wouldn't do to leave her alone.

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