Winds of the Dark Night

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The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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"Thank you," Web smiled back, noticing the darker mare's appraising glance. The pride flickered once in her heart, but she repressed it. "My name is Web, this is Avalir."

Avalir nodded once, politely, but made no motion to speak. His eyes strayed over the group once, and his ears caught the rogue stallion's words. He couldn't tell what they would mean as of yet, but they uneased him slightly. Web didn't seem to notice, distracted by the night and her own feelings of uncertainty. He looked to the sky and wondered what this night really would hold...
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A twisted smirk soon was featured on his face, and he approached them at a slow walk. His head was set low, his forelock tumbling over his eyes.

He cleared his throat when he found himself only a couple feet from the group. Whether or not they had noticed him, he didn't care. A swift "Hello." Escaped him, the smirk twitching a bit.
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OOC| *grins* I know, I was talking about Ether. Though I do love Web. :)

BIC| Slightly startled by Darkwinds comment, Path looks around as the others approach. The darker stallion made her turn slightly so she could always keep an eye on him, but it was the pair that seemed such a contrast that drew her attention. She didn't think anything of the three as of yet but that smirk made her think of a dark power turned loose and Path did not count herself a fool.

She offered all of them a bow, careful that she could still see them when she lowered her head, and flicked her tail agian, the faint light that came from her sky blue ring stuttering slightly from the movement. It was turning into a nervous habbit, this swishing her tail.

"I am Path," she mumbled, trying not to let her voice echo so much. The dark was a time for quiet and secrets, not for low toned throats that carried into trees and woke birds from their nests. Odd as she felt though, she did have to admit that this was just as interesting as she'd hoped it'd be.

Flicking her ears she looked to the stars as well and ventured, "If I may, I've not none a night that wasn't entrancing in its own way. But tonight is a good one for gathering in the open."

She glanced back at the one with the red eyes and nodded to him, not quiet sure what to say since he hadn't left an opening. Path refused to pry. As old fasioned as she was she could sometimes seem slightly cold even though the heat from her alter could be felt if one got close enough. He intrigued her though and she hoped he'd stay long enough to satisfy some of her curiosity as to what kind of serian he was.

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