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Re: Dark Majestics [Ash]

PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 9:16 pm
by Rainer
Only the smallest of twitches was given at the unexpected action, but he did not speak or try to move away. Instead he remained silent and listened intently. So here they were, finally spilling their guts. He leaned slightly forward so his cheek brushed hers, and waited until she was finished.

The word 'imperfect' was dismissed with a sharp laugh, thats the last word he would use to describe her or anything she did. Imperfect? hardly.

His mood seemed to switch once she had fallen quiet, quietly pondering her words.

"I'll kill them," Was all he said, confirming his already clear attatchment to her. He would fight for her freedom, unlike the others he had caged before her. He would not break her wings and hinder her chance at what she seemed to long for, nor would he let someone else.

Re: Dark Majestics [Ash]

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 9:26 am
by Tigress
She seemed a but shocked at his offer, but gave him a small smile. Whether he killed anyone or not, she didn't care. It sounded harsh, because she was not a murderer, but she just couldn't go back to that, not now. Besides, all she really wanted to know was that he was willing to fight to keep her. And he was. She exhaled slowly and focussed on the warmth of his cheek pressing agaisnt hers. It wasn't like either of them to delve into their deepest secrets and emotions, and she wondered if he was feeling as dizzy as she was. But she didn't regret a word of it.

His laugh seemed to catch her off guard, but she didn't ask what it was about, she understood what it was mocking. Did he really think she was perfect? He must have been crazy. But that kind of crazy she didn't mind in the least. She looked around at the pressing darkness, it was obviously quite late, but somehow time had passed around her without her knowledge.

"Well, I think I'm lost. Anything beyond this wasn't planned." She admitted with a small laugh, letting her head dip down so that her mane brushed the length of his neck beside her. When she looked back up her eyes searched his, waiting for him to come up with or reveal some master plan. She was in his care now and she would follow him wherever he went.

Re: Dark Majestics [Ash]

PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 9:04 pm
by Rainer
A simple shrug was his only reply, his blank eyes silently examing the area, considering the future that was laying itself down before him. The many consequences, the flaws, the ups and the downs.

A glance was casually cast toward the mare that was so carefully placing her freedom in his hands, and began pondering exactly what he would do with her now.

He took off like a shot at a quick, hurried trot, his tail whirling violently behind him. Not a word of warning was given, he simply took off, expecting to be followed.

Re: Dark Majestics [Ash]

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 2:45 pm
by Tigress
Narrowing her eyes somewhat suspiciously, a small smirk formed on her features as she took off at a fast gallop after him. Whether his intent was to have her follow or not, she was not one to appreciate being left behind or forgotten; he wouldn't get rid of her this easily. His tail was a bright slashing beacon in the darkness, and she followed it almost close enough for the crimson strands to sting her nose. His powerful body took him much more quickly across the earth with longer strides, but she fought to keep up with everything she had.

Wherever they were going, he seemed to know the way, perhaps the point was for her to not know the way. If it was some secret, personal haven, she would of course oblige by playing into his plan willingly. Not that there was much choice in the matter, it was follow him or try to exist in the forest on her own with little hope of finding her way out.

Small grunts were given as proof of the physical exhertion, trees and bush passing by in glorious blurring emerald and forest greens that made her feel a bit light-headed. Roots and twigs jutted out at her hooves threateningly, but she was in 'the zone' far enough to have her reflexes automatically work without her having to concentrate on it. Colours seemed to bleed darker now into one big blurb of shadows, and she wondered how long they'd been running. Her legs were numb from what she could feel, and this had made the travel seem more relaxed somehow.

"Ether?" She breathed out the question, not knowing if he would hear. She could probably go on for hours now that she'd passed the point where her body tried to warn her not to overdo it, but she hadn't eaten or drank very recently and the exercise made her realize this.

Re: Dark Majestics [Ash]

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 4:29 pm
by Rainer
He came to an abrupt halt as soon as the ground beneath him began sucking at his hooves, sensing the soft texture of mud. Now laid out before them was a small pond, a few lilypads lingering on the glassy surface with little pink flowers blooming from the middle.

Ether wasn't a romantic guy. He hardly knew a thing about mares, but he did know one thing; they liked pretty stuff.

A few scattered fireflies batted madly at the air beneath their fragile wings, whizzing softly by his ears. They seemed to be drawn by the newcomers, and gathered around the pair to illuminate their surroundings.

Re: Dark Majestics [Ash]

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:42 pm
by Tigress
Ash was... confused. Her feet shook underneath her as she came to a slower stop behind Ether, looking up to him before looking around in awe. He... went to places like this? She would have never thought that things like this would get to him. In truth, she was surprised it got to her, having been surrounded by finery all her life, she thought she was numb to such gestures. But this was... special, different. Taking a few shaking steps forward, she let out a cry of surprise when one of the glowing bugs landed on her, she'd expected it to hurt.

Coughing to hide her embarassment, she inspected the thing as it flew off, noting how beautiful they all made the scenery. It was almost magical, and she found herself wondering how their rear ends lighted up in such a manner. It made her grin to herself at the thought.

"Do you come here often?" She wondered aloud, her eyes still glued to the scene before her, her attention now captured by the lilly pads. She hadn't seen fireflies before, ever, and the lilly pads had not been since she was very young. She knew they existed but, seeing one up close for the first time was different. Her life really had been quite sheltered. Remembering the one who had brought her to this paradise, she turned and offered him a genuine but uncomfortable smile. Showing this side of herself always made her feel vulnerable.

"It's beautiful, I like it very much here."