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PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2006 2:56 pm
by Butterfly
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bic|| At the Serian's approach, Deck vigorously shook her coat, spraying snow in all directions. She looked at the male standing in front of her with bright curiousity, and she quickly pranced over, careful not to relive the bowing episode. "I think not, that could've been the end of you I think," she said, wide eyes glancing around the frigid land with a nod. She laughed her approval at his statement and dance, then looked over the Serian once more. She didn't reconize this...Crest was it? Then again, she knew no one but Stray, but he was too silent for her taste. Hopefully this male would be better company. With the sound of his voice, she snapped back to the present. "Oh, nice to meet you Crest," she smiled at his introduction. "And thank you," Deck added as he wiped the snow for her animated face. To his question, she remained quiet for a moment. "Well, the company I usually keep has become too silent for my preference, so I went out here in search of some more cheerful Serians. And this weather is just what I love, though I doubt I would sleep in it," she added with a toss of her head.

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by Butterfly
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by Rainer
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by Butterfly
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by Chidory
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bic/ Crest laughed at her comment of sleeping in the snow. "I have a tendency to do strange things, not all of them seem to be the best ideas." The yellow stallion reared, emphasising how much he too loved the snow. "Isn't it great," he cried out, "I just love how wind blows the snow." He didn't mean to yell, but the wind was making it harder to hear, so he had raised his voice so that she wouldn't hear a muffled response.

Quickly he trotted back towards the mare. He didn't want to chance loosing sight of her, when the weather was getting so bad. But then again, her colours were very vibrant. He grinned as the wind blew through his mane. "Some serians are very quiet, sometimes I lose patience with them, and just have to get away and find somebody else, thats why I'm out here." he said as he thought to Quest, who was back in hidden valley.
"But I think it would be best if we got out of thes strom, its quickly getting worse."

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by Chidory
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