Post Fri Sep 15, 2006 5:44 pm

Sea Breeze


The purple stallion stood at the sea's edge, the water creeping over and around his hooves. His head was high as he gazed out at the dawn. The sun was just coming up, light purple, pink and blue streaked the sky as a cool breeze played with his turquoise mane and bluish, purplish tail. His forelock blew to one side of his face, covering his left eye.

He raised his head to sniff the air; he loved the smell of the sea. There was nothing quit like it. He loved the mischievous waves, all the bright color of the coral reef and dawns/sunsets.

He sighed in content; this was where he felt so comfortable. Sure he was comfortable around others, but he felt so confident here, on the sandy beach of the ocean.

He lowered his head to the blue liquid and walked slowly into the sea. The coolness of the water feeling good as it hit his body. He raised his head once the water was about to touch it and kept walking. Once the water was up to his belly he let his back legs buckle underneath him, then his front. He took a breath and went under the surface, as he did he took a good roll.

He surfaced moments later, his coat shimmering as the sun that was now high up shinned it rays everywhere, making the water and anything covered in water drops sparkle and shimmer. His mane, tail and forelock were stuck to his body like glue. As he looked out at the vast sea he shook his body from head to tail.

Water drops flew in every direction, making it look like he was in the center on sparkles. His mane, tail and forelock now free from his body blew lightly in the cool ocean breeze, as it started to dry.

He absolute loved the water and all its aspects. He felt so content and fresh as he stood there, the waves lapping up and around his body and back.