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Deck the Halls XD

PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 7:26 pm
by Butterfly
ooc|| -cough- Excuse the subject name, I'm a bit brain dead today. And congrats to everyone who adopted a December Serian. ^^

bic|| With a laugh, Deck plunged her head upward to the sky, catching the falling snow with her tongue. The day was cool, and the wind that whipped through the air only made the day seem colder; though the sun's rays could be seen through the cloudy sky, though it was fading fast and being replaced by large, grey clouds. With a delightful shiver, the mare pranced through the snow, her coat colors and markings only adding to the festive, winter feel. Her coat was mainly a warm crimson, though her hind legs were painted a dull yellow, which green slashes dabbed across them randomly. A strange marking, probably of mistletoe, was splashed against her left hip, which of course only added to her holiday appearance.

While Deck happily marched on through the snow, the jewelry that adorned her body jingled lightly; her golden necklace and bracelet were embroidered with bells. The sound, along with her laughter, seemed to be carried with the breeze, and could be heard for quite a ways off. For although she was new, and actually didn't know anyone yet, her nature made it nearly impossible to become distressed or cheerless. In fact, she could barely contain her excitement at the thought of making new friends, and she snorted and bucked her hind legs into the air with joy. The breezed whipped through her green mane and tail, making them fly out behind her. Her tail that is; her mane was too short and wavy, almost curly as it spread down her back. Nevertheless, Deck smiled brightly, happy to enjoy the crisp weather in a new land.


PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 3:24 pm
by Chidory
The young stallion stood quietly in the grove of pine trees. His muscles rippled in excitement as he gazed out at the open field covered with snow. His orange coloured mane gently whipped about his face, as the cold breeze came to him, called to him to follow.

Hind quarters bunched up, he lunged out of the trees and into a full gallop throught the field, feeling the coolness of the snow whip around his body. His loved the snow and the cold weather, it was on days like this that he truly felt at home, when the wind called his name...Crest.

Reaching the middle of the snowy field, he raised himself on his hind legs, and let out loud whinny, he didn't care who heard it, maybe they would play? Then he jumped and lashed out with his hind legs, feeling his body float in the air for a brief moment, before he was brought back down to earth by gravity. He had just performed a piaffe. Hi bright yellow coat clashed with the snow, making him seem brighter then he really was, his silver face and legs were a beautiful contrast to the brightness of the yellow.

A hard gust of wind carrying snow with it moved around his body, he stood still as it caressed him, letting it play with his mane and tail. He was never one for being grumpy, he liked to take life for what it was, and being sour was not part of that. HE was always upbeat and moving, never staying still, he loved and craved adventure and mischief, too bad it got him into trouble with Chidory, his bonded. HE laughed loudly and stuck out his tongue to catch some of the snowflakes. "Is it true no two are the same" he said aloud to himself.

Gently he layed himself down, letting the coldness lower itself onto his body. Slowly he dozed off.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 3:49 pm
by Butterfly
Deck kicked her back legs up into the air again, a whinny escaping her throat as she moved gracefully through the snow. The snow was falling thicker now, and the wind had picked up till it caused an almost defening roar when it blew through the air. As well as that, the snow was falling so thick that it was quite hard to see, save for the nearly white appearance of the sky. It didn't bother Deck in the least though, and she pranced around the meadow with increasing speed, eventually picking up a gallop. Feet pounded quickly, though the sound was muffled by the snow. The intense wind played with her tail, flowing it this way and that.

At the sound of another's whinny, she halted immediatly, causing her to fall face first into the snow with an 'oof'. She started laughing, her ears flicked foreward to listen in hopes of hearing the other creature again. Regaining her composure, Deck happily trotted to where the sound originated, and smiled brightly as she spied the other Serian only yards away.

"Hello!" She chirped, walking closer, tail flicking friendly-like. The wind had tangled her mane and tail horribley, and snow was covering most of her features. Despite that, her eyes shone bright from under snow-sprinkled eyelashes. Then she finally realized this other Serian was asleep, and she checked herself sternly. "Sorry, I didn't realize you were sleeping," she whispered, and turned as if to go. How embarrassing! she thought to herself, looking back over her shoulder at the dozing Serian. But how can he fall asleep in the snow? She questioned herself, and broke into her bubbly laughter yet again; though she hushed quickly, not wanting to disturb the other even more.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 7:07 pm
by Chidory
Crest began to wake from his sleep. Something had woken him up, but what was it? He shivered feeling how cold it was, but grinned knowing it was because he decided to sleep in the snow. Breathing deeply he coughed as snow went up his nose. Again and again he tried to blow it out, the coldness in his nostrilles was annoying.

As he attempted to relieve himself, shaking his head back and foreth, until something red and green caught his eye. Suddenly becoming very still he rolled onto his back and tilted his head in such a way, it must have been comical. A deep ruby coloured eye caught the sight of another serian. Grinning he knew how stupid he must look, and stated in a lighthearted voice, "Hi, nice day for a sleep huhn."

PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 7:25 pm
by Butterfly
At his strange actions, Deck laughed, her voice sounded far away as the wind flew at her at full force. Snow sprayed onto her face, making it nearly impossible to see her features. It made her look like quite a fool really, though that was what she was in the scheme of things to be truthful. She shook her head roughly, golden necklace jingled hard, the sound echoing through the terrain. The snow was falling almost blizzard like now, and Deck needed to squint just to see the other Serian.

She grinned sheepishly when he spoke, and looked to the ground meekly. "I'm sorry to wake you, I didn't know you were sleeping," she said hastily, walking closer to get a better view of him. But at his comment her green eyes came alive, gleaming through the snow. "I suppose so, but isn't it too cold to sleep?" Deck asked, eyes glancing around at the frigid area. "Oh! I forgot to introduce myself, my name's Deck," she added, and attempted to bow, which really only ended up in yet another face full of snow. I'm so clumsy! Deck thought as she stood back up. "Who are you?" She chirped, shaking her head as if that could remove the snow which now was stuck fast to her face.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 12:36 pm
by Chidory
Crest grinned as he watched the snow quickly accumulating on the new Serians body. He faintly caught traces of green and red, but could see nothing else. He could tell it was a mare by her voice and that was all. He noticed that she was trying to get a better view of him, and turned his head to see a large blanket of snow over his body as well. He laughed outright as he shaked his body harshly, to offset the snow. He like how it sounded when it hit the ground, but this time he couldn't, the wind was howling too fiercely in to his ears.

Casually he walked forward to greet the mare, his nose hanging low to the ground as he pushed it through the deep snow, his ruby eyes still gazing intensly at the mare before him. Standing up tall, and having no more snow covering his features, he let the mare get a good look at him, silver face and legs, yellow body, and orange mane, with whisps of something through it. "It was no problem at all, I think it wouldn't have been good if I slept too long," he said "I wouldn't want the frostbite that comes with it." He liked joking around, even if his joked weren't always funny. "It is a little cold to sleep, but hey! Dare to be different, it can be refreshing." he replied and he did a little dance in the snow. "Its nice to meet you Deck, my name is Crest". He laughed as he watched the mare bow and receive a faceful of snow as her reward. Walking forward, he brushed some of the snow away from her face to get a better look at her. "And what brings you out here in this weather?"[/img]