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OOC: Oops, I went that Arch was making her a bit awkward, not Stray, Sorry bout the confusion. ^_^

BIC: Harvest nodded. "I know what you mean. I know they're trying, but trying way too hard, and it makes me uncomfortable. I just like to be alone a lot, but they don't seem to get it."

"Deck? No, I don't believe I have. I haven't met any Serian like that, and frankly, I really don't wish to. I wouldn't be able to deal with them." She shook her mane, laughing. It was good to talk to someone who understood her. She noticed Stray shuffling his feet, and wondered what that was about. Without thinking, Harvest reached out with her neck and gently blew on the side of his reassuringly. Then she realized what she had just done, much too friendly a move for a Serian she had just met and pulled back, embarrassed.

Harvest cocked her head. "You just don't seem the hyper type. But, let me warn you, I don't like perky. So if you're bouncing around, avoid me, because I've got on mighty kick," she answered good-naturedly.
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ooc| Oh I know. Stray's too self-concious for his own good. :P

Stray nodded with understanding, same thing happened with him. "At least they mean well though, at least most of the time. But yes, always in my face they seem to be," he added and cringed slightly.

"Oh yes, my favorite Serian," he commented sarcastically. "You would loose your sanity listenening to her for long, although I do feel bad for her. She tries too hard to fit in," he added and shrugged. Her own fault, but still...the insane female was kind, if only that. Too bubbley though. Good that someone else could see that, for others saw her only as 'friendly'. He blinked when Harvest blew on him, nearly toppling over his feet with surprise. Not because of her of course, just because that was the first friendly contact he had with anyone, save for Deck, who's whipping tail had his skin on more than one annoying occasion.
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"I'll keep that in mind." Saphire bowed her head slightly, smiling warmly. It appeared that she was trying fairly hard to seem polite and mature, something that she wasn't often like.

She finally tilted her head, her voice taking on a more soft tone. "About my brother... Could you tell me how he's doing? I'm sorry for asking, I don't want to seem like a bother, but it's been a while since I've seen him."

Arch glanced at the younger mare from the corner of his eye, then smile at the other two. He quietly shuffled his wings and shifted his weight, making himself more comfortable.

"Tell me, have you two been around very long?"

ooc| Sorry it took so long. O_O;; Didn't know what to post.

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