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Stray smiled with relief and nodded. "Good," he said and stepped out from the shadows, mane fallen over his right eye. "Hello then Eve, Hinote, Avalir," he nodded to each in turn. "Yes, that would be me," he said and his eyebrows arched. "Really? Hm, hopefully good things," he chuckled, relaxing. They seemed friendly enough, especially this Eve, who seemed to be something like the spokesperson of the group.

His eyes flicked to Saphire for a moment and he nodded his head in greeting; it was a strange circumstance in which they were meeting again. "Trinity Aligned..." he repeated quietly, a fitting name.
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Eve shifted her gaze over to the younger mare. She had seen her before, the episode with her father in the trees. Still the rebel, she could see the fire in her blood-eyes. She smiled and tipped her head, no wonder Hinote had found a companion in her. Perhaps the mare would be a little surprised, she had been in her dark mood when they had met in the clearing.

"Yes, this is the Trinity Aligned, it is an odd name but there are reasons behind it," she laughed, the sound of a bubbling brook. "Were you searching? I am sorry, we are normally not the most assertive of recruiters."

Hinote's eyes had slid over to Stray. Geo. Wherever that mare went, it often meant trouble for his band. He didn't like Geo, never had, her valor and judgmental attitude always annoyed him. Oh, and Saphire was here too, with Mirage. He nodded a hello and smirked in her direction. "Firebrand."

He flicked his mane a bit impatiently and turned to Stray. "Yeah, she said some things, and usually when she talks about anyone its good enough. I hope she didn't say anything bad about the rest of us."

Eve nipped him lightly on the ear. "Hush. She's just adjusting is all."
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She caught the stallion smirking from the corner of her eye and tossed one back in his direction. "Bud." Was whispured beneath her breath. Her gaze wandered the group once more, spotting the light blue mare among them.

Another smirk found itself played along her lips, remembering their meeting. Eve, was it? It had been a while ago... SaphireSpin approached, but didn't move ahead of Mirage, finding some comfort in the other mare's presence.

Yet she couldn't recall names for the others... The only ones she knew at the moment were Eve, Stray, Hinote, and Mirage (even if they had just met). The feminine stallion was unknown to her, but she figured she would know his name soon enouph.

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