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PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 7:02 pm
by Cynther
Venom stepped back a bit, not sure how to take his action. Her tail flicked a bit and it seemed like she was contemplating how to react. And decides to let the action go... a smirk slowly spreading.

Her ears flick about, that was a rather obvious cover up of something else. A place, that starts with the sounds "lai"... Her tail started to flick about again, a bit quicker, in rather obvious annoyance. She wasn't sure what word that could be.

Lying. That was something she did not like at all. Especially when she was going to go somewhere with another, and most especially when she was going with them to eat.

She stood as well, but did not start following him. "Lai... tree... pile..." she states, stretching her words in a very obvious fashion. She wasn't going to accuse him of trying to cover something up, though she could tell that was what he was doing. But if it was something he was not comfortable with, she wasn't exactly going to push him. They had only known each other for a day, afterall... reguardless of how close they had seemed to become or not.

"I suppose you will have to lead the way, then? Since I have no knowledge of Lai tree pile." She wasn't exactly going to let it go, either. But she would be subtle...

PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 11:08 pm
by Tigress
He was indeed glad she hadn't minded his small show of affection- in fact, she seems to even have liked it! Of course, just as quickly her mood changed. Not that he could blame her, here he was, a warrior like she, and lying to her. Especially before leading her off somewhere she had no clue of. What was he thinking?! But then again he didn't want to risk scaring her away, how could she cope with a.. murderer?

"Lai tree pile indeed. I hadn't bothered to use the formal name which is Laimigistos. Named by the sprites living nearby. I visit often and we... socialize for lack of a better word."

Lying- again! But at least this time it was tactifully done, his voice had not even wavered. He turned expectantly, acting for all the world as if he hadn't just deceived her twice in a span of mere minutes. At least now hopefully he could bide himself some time to think over how he was going to break the truth to her... where? when? And worst of all, would he really muster up the strength to say it in the end? Sighing he waited for her reaction.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:21 am
by Cynther
She mentally frowned. He covered that up much too smoothly. He was either not who she thought he was... or he was actually telling the truth.

She sniffed the air a bit. Still lying. Hmm. Well, he would tell her in his own way at some point, she hoped. He had hurt her a little bit, though. She had started to care for him in the short span of time, but... lying...

A stomache rumble. She smiled a little. "Well, I suppose we should be going, then."

She stretched out, much like a cat, her tail tip still flicking and flickering around.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:45 am
by Tigress
He was uneasy, the sheer glimpse of something in her eyes and he could tell he was discovered- again! He had the urge to admit everything right then and there, anything rather than suffer her dissapproval which hurt so much more.

He moved ahead, leading the way. Although his head seemed ot dip lower and his general mood made him stumble once- something he hadn't done in ages. As he fought an inner mental battle he nearly missed the site which he was beginning to dispise. He moved to block off the entryway to his 'lair', tail swishing in front of the rotting tree. He motioned with a flick of short mane to where a vast field of flowers lay, only a few steps off.

"Is this alright?"

PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:56 am
by Cynther
Venom sighed a bit. She could tell that he could tell that she could tell ( :out: don't say that 5 times fast). She wasn't sure if she should say something or just continue. Well, she had decided to let him do the talking, afterall...

She followed silently.

When he finally spoke, she jumped a bit. It had been too long in silence... She looked over the area and nodded. A pause. Well, maybe he had lied, but she hated to see him like this.

She walked over to him and whipped him playfully with the tip of her tail. "C'mon, lets go eat." She tried to put a bit of spring in her voice, but it sounded dead somehow.

She picked up her pace a bit and started to head over to the flowers.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 1:02 am
by Tigress
His movements were chopped and uneven, his grace gone somehow. Even her words did not bring back what had been taken. Was it really so bad to keep it hidden. He followed her, though. Knowing that both of them were just playing along. Finally he knelt and snapped off a few flowers, shaking them about until they were nothing mroe than green sticks. He snorted and paced over to Venom, a determined set to his face.

"There is a dead tree back there that is the entrance to my lair. That was the landmark I was referring to when I first spoke. I am ashamed of my living quarters however, as I had to slay the last mistress of this forest in cold blood. I watched her die and did little more than take over what I saw as rightfully mine, after murdering her and all."

His voice was cruel and disgusted- disgusted by what he'd done. He hung his head and let the headache take over, he had said the words in a more cruel way then he could have, but he was mad at himself and he had every right to make it sound as gruesome as he wanted- it was his crime after all.