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OOC| The mare that had been focused on was Amber; seeing as how there was never a switch in the mentioning of which character he was focusing his attention on after he turned his gaze back to her to tell her to not bother with Path at the moment it's usually assumed that once Amber is mentioned it's her until otherwise stated. And it's no bother, I suppose I should have referred to his mate again to clarify. :)
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Occl Thanks for helping me clarify.

Bic. The black mare turned so that she faced her mate, but made sure she could also see the yellow mare out of the cornor of her eye, she moved to Sparkle's side. "It's ok, as long as she isn't going to hurt you again, then I will let her be." She said in a conserned voice. She dopped her head down and nuzzle her mate. "Are you sure you are alright, you looked really wobbly when you took a few steps a minute ago."

Amber decided that she was better of helping her mate, then trying to figure out Path. As long as the yellow mare left Sparkle alone then she would leave her alone.

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