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A Friend's Reuinion

PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 8:24 pm
by Songhue
Path was laying in the open feild soaking up the sun when her bond-mate nearly ran her over. Snorting, she lurched to her feet and stood perfectly still, her half closed eyes shooting out a warning glare. She prefered solitude most days, to simply soke up the sun and revel in the quiet. Warm light on her coat, blinding from the combination of colors, felt so good to her, so right. Even at night she chose to concentrate on the far off stars and the heat and life they possessed. It reflected how she was inside, beneath all the formalities and nicities. It was her life, her love, made whole, shining off of her body for all to see.

And then there was Sparkle, needing forest cover half the time and always tagging along when she tried to go off on her own.

She knew he didn't mean any harm, but there were some times when she simply didn't want others around. Or other times, like now, when she only wanted the one around. Pixie. The glare left her eyes as the name entered her mind, and Sparkle went about chasin the leaves. He thought she was meditating, finding that infuriating calm she always showed. Didn't she ever feel? Didn't she ever just play? He'd been working on prying her open ever since she came to Sunlit Shadows, but this mare seemed impossible to crack. Still, he'd never give up on her. Maybe if Amber could help him...

Ah, Amber. He was fallin fast for that playful mare, and he knew it wasn't a good idea. He already knew he was trapped in his circle, unable to escape no matter how hard he kicked. It was full as well, and she also belonged to another one herself. But he never was called the wisest of serians. And she was just so much fun to be with.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 10:15 pm
by Keira
Pixie watched from the shadows as Sparkle trotted off to chase the leaves and Path looked deep in thought, but he knew better. Apearences could be deciving. She was deep in thought and if he knew her as well as he'd hoped... slightly frustrated.

He smiled to himself as he called on his elemental powers and made the grass underneath and around her grow to a foot long, so that it brushed up against her and made a soft bed. Within seconds beautiful wild flowers started bloom in the grass, just slightly taller than the grass its self, and with a scent that lulled you into your dreams.

He knew she would know it was him doing this, but he still hid and waited... he would let her discover him.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 9:45 am
by Kyra
Amber was cantering through the forest, her head high, her mane and tail flowing out behind her link a light blue banner. Her yellow flecks glistened in and out as she went through sun patches and shade. Her eyes were filled with energy and kindness.

Crash trotted close behind, knowing full well that if he sped up she would too. He wanted to stet the pace. His head was high; eyes would not show much emotion. He kept a close eye on the black mare knowing it was so easy to loose her, he wanted to hang out at the beach, but their bonded Kyra had said, "Why don't you too have fun and go off in search of others. Go make some new friends, Peace and I will stay here and play in the lake." He thought it was an ok idea, but Amber kept the pace quiet fast.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 12:39 pm
by Songhue
Sparkle was still moving in seemingly random cirlces, snorting at the leaves as his hooves caused explosion after explosion of plants and dirt. She didn't think the stallion held a single thought when he was like this. What must it be like to forget everything, to just move. She could never do that. Even in her calmest moments she thought, constantly thought, a secret world hidden in her mind ever turning on it's axis. At the moment the thought was of the damage he was causing to the earth; wherever his hooves pounded it would be harder for the young plants to grow.

Then again, they seemed to be growing just fine around her...too fine. Snorting lightly, she lifted her head ever so slightly and eyed the fragrant blossoms, her tail ring glowing softly in amusement. She knew this handywork, and quite well. Tossing one last withering glare at Sparkle, she turned away from him and looked towards the brush and trees, ears pricked hopefully forward.

At about that same time Sparkle overcompensated and wound up flipping himself over onto his side. With a snort that was half laugh and half effort he righted himself, his eyes wandering to his bond-mate as he shook the leaves loose of his coat. Now what was she doing pay such close attention to the shadows? That was his area, the damp darkness of the trees.

With a half smile ghosting his face, he trotted a few steps closer and did what came natural to him; he started asking questions. None of which she answered. Her ears, which had been pricked forward, now cocked back in an annoyed warning and her tailring flashed sharply for an instant, a sign that her temper had flaired. How could she listen for her love if this insufferable stallion refused to leave her be?!

Sparkle, however, was not going to settle for this. Twitching his own ears he moved right into her space of flowers and grass. Now the interesting thing would be to see what she'd do to him for it...

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 10:21 pm
by Keira
Pixies eyes narrowed as Sparkle invaded the circle of grass and flowers he had made for his mate. If it had been up to him he would have sent vines up his legs to trip and tangle him.. but no. He knew better. It was Path's space he was invading, her problem... so to speak..., her defense, her issue, and she would be the one to deal with him. She wasnt weak and he had never thought of her as anything close to it but he wanted to protect her. If it had been a larger issue he would have stepped forward but something as small as stepping in her circle he would let her be and just have to be content to see what happend.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 12:44 pm
by Kyra
Amber soon saw a bright light up a head, she new she was coming to a clearing in the forest, a meadow. She shook her head playfully and changed gears to a gallop. She hoped to bump into her playmate, Sparkle. The stallion she now would let her self admit, that she adored. Her ears were pricked forward, listening to sounds ahead. Her eyes never left the bright light ahead.

Crash sighed; the black mare had changed gears to a faster gate. He tossed his head in annoyance and his tail flicked to the side. Though he knew better than tell her to slow down. So he changed his own gears to a fast canter, just to try and keep up.

She burst through the bright light into the meadow, opposite side to where Pixie was. With a playful head toss she slowed to her prancey jog, as she scanned the meadow. Spotting her friend and his bonded's other serian, she was about to say hello, when she realized the yellow mare was giving warning glares to Sparkle. She looked that the yellow stallion, he had his playful grin on his face, he must be bugging her, and she chuckled to herself. She decided to wait before saying anything; she halted and watched the two.

Her forelock was rippling lightly of to the left side of her face, her main fell along her neck rippling slightly as well. Her tail blew slightly to the left, her eyes now were showing some concern, and she hoped Sparkle had not gotten into trouble. If so she would make her move, if it looked like he was going to get hurt. Her ears were swiveling around picking up sounds. She new Crash would soon be here; she could hear him coming up behind her.