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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 11:04 am
by Songhue
Sparkle stumbled up off of West blinking his surprise, then let out a bleat of laughter. What a way to tag someone! Though that seemed an odd question to ask in the middle of the game. He was already backing away, trying to put distance between himself and the newly appointed IT West, but still took a moment to explain a bit better than his brightly colored friend.

"Yes, you're it now, so you close your eyes and see if you can tag someone else to be it. When you need a clue on where someone's at you shout MARCO and we answer with POLO. So basically, it's tag with your eyes closed and a lot of shouting."

And with that, he turned tail and shot towards the high, forest covered hills, stopping just out of reach of the shade the trees offered and beaming at Amber. He wondered if she might be willing to team up with him as Path and Sign seemed to have done, each looking out for the other... But of course that would mean their shout of POLO would be that much louder than anyone else's as both would be shouting from the same area.


Path had watched everything transpire in silence, but it wasn't until she'd made to move farther into the open that she noticed she was alone. As silent as Sign had been during the game it was really no surprise that Path hadn't realized before. As she was already approved for their circle it was almost sure they'd see each other again, but her sudden absence was still a bit of a disappointment.

Shaking her main, she gave a quiet snort and put the thoughts from her mind, stepping carefully away from the cover tree and stream provided. If the time came she wanted to be able to run freely. She was too far to notice that West hadn't quite closed his eyes yet, but was being shouted instructions from two different serians; a fact that almost certainly canceled out her gratitude that the game was played in blindness as her bright coat would surely stand out.

Still, she had to admit that this was the most interesting game she'd ever been in. If luck was with West, it could soon become all the more so for her if she was tagged.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 1:27 am
by Songhue
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by Kyra
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Bic| The black mare watched the three stallions, 'Poor West he got caught and seems to be confused as to what was to happen next.' She shook her crown, when Crest answered him. 'Well now hopefully he understands the game better,' she thought watching the stallions.

She couldn't help laughing when Sparkle said, "What a way to tag someone!" She had to agree; most times the tagging was not a collision. Amber watched the blue stallion move towards the high covered forest hills. 'This should be fun, hopefully now they could team up.'

She shook her head playfully and started at a quick quiet jog towards Sparkle, though she made sure to take the long way, to stay far away from the new it serian, West. She stopped beside her him and nuzzled him in the neck. "Do you want to team up?" she said in a whisper, looking at him fondly.

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by Songhue
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by Chidory
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West looked down slowly thinking then nodded. "Thanks Sparkle," he mumbled as he closed his eyes and began to walk in the direction he had last seen Crest.

Crest looked back playfully then yelled at his friend, "Your supposed to turn around ten times fast to confuse you!" Stopping so that he made barely any sound he watched as his friend stopped and sighed heavily.

The greenish stallion turned around and around, his head spinning and dulling his senses. When finally he stopped he couldn't move, his body felt strange. Taking a step he stumbled.

A few moments later his mind stopped spinning and he was able to take a hesitant step forward.

"MARCO!" he yelled out as he continued to walk.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 1:56 pm
by Songhue
Sparkle beamed as his mate joined his side and gave her short main a fond nip. Nothing made him quite as happy as having her near him. "I'd love it," he mumbled, and then turned his head so his shout wouldn't hurt her ears. "POLO!!"

"Come to think of it," he whispered, trotting lightly a few paces to his left, closer to where Amber had just come from, "I've been meaning to talk with you anyway. Since we're starting this circle together it might help if it had a proper name. What do ya think of something like 'Circle of the Day Dreamers?' Path like 'Circle of the Cherished Dreams,' but she's not head mare--"

He almost stumbled here, having been watching Amber's face, and found himself greeting a tree face first. Sparkle didn't know if the THUNK had really been as loud as it seemed or if was simply magnified in his now throbbing head.

Well, that sort of canceled out the effort he'd put into whispering, now didn't it?


Path tossed her mane with a quiet snort, her tail frittering from side to side as she raised her head. With her deep voice she knew she wouldn't have to shout very loud at all; the baritone sound usually echoed back to her anyway. It was actually the first time she'd been glad of this in all honestly, as the echo would help confuse her actual location. Not that I ever wanted to sound frail or anything...


It did echo as she'd expected it would, and with a little glimmer off her tail ring she smoothly sidestepped towards the hills, her movements the exact opposite of her voice. Fluid and graceful, they flowed silently over the landscape. Her hooves barely made a sound on the soft earth, barely touched land at all to be honest. When she wanted, Path could simply glide.

Keeping her eyes on the gently colored West, Path never realized she was heading towards Crest. She had to admit that of the two she liked West better. He seemed quieter and well mannered, much like her mate Pixie. Crest, however, seemed to have quite the personality and that had to be taken into consideration as well.

Almost like two sides of the same stone... similar, but still completely opposite.