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New Circle Forming [CLOSED (With one spot for Mare left)]

PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2006 5:17 pm
by Songhue
Ok, so Poison, Uni, and I have started putting a circle together. There is no name so far, but we're leaning towards Circle of the Cherished Dreams or something along that line, so please add comments about that. :) Here's who's in it so far....


1. Sparkle-Songhue
2. Pixie-Poison Ivy (PM)
3. Crest-Chidory (PM)
4. West-Chidory (PM)


1. Amber-Uni (PM)
2. Path-Songhue
3. Sign-Wolfy (PM)

Path stood perfectly still atop the hill, her eyes scanning the ground below her with utter calm. Her golden coat blended perfectly with the patch of sunlight through the filtering trees, her darker markings blending with earth and trees. A gentle breeze played with her short main, the silken whisps of sky swaying lazily across her neck. Alive with color, she was as still as stone.

Sparkle was far from still however, though he stood directly beside her. Gentle blues and purples faded over his hide with bright gold markings dancing randomly over his coat. His own short main was tossed randomly, the sun glinting off of the golden hairs as he pranced in place. He was starting a circle...He and Amber were, really, but he was starting a circle!! He'd finally found a love, and he was finally going to be connected to serians he truely cared for. Hopefully she would show, but in all reality that had nothing to do with their circle. He was always hoping to see her.

Path's motionless lasted through his impatient prancing and nickers, nothing moving save her eyes and her windblown main. She was hoping that Pixie would show, but there was simply no telling. And she couldn't wait forever. Finally she twitched and ear and let her deep, baratone voice ring free and unrestrained, allowing it to carry for miles on end. The thinly spotted valley below them would be a perfect place to meet for the forming of a circle and it was time they bagan.


With a happy whinney Sparkle sprung forward beside her, racing down the hill and through the steadily thinning trees. The valley was cool, too cold for his own taste, but it had a good deal of open sun. Trees clustered here and there and though he usually kept to the speckled lights of the shelter he offered he stayed in the sun for the moment. The shadows were a little too complete under those trees. The only thing that stopped him was a rather large river that cut through it's center. This is where the others would come; this is where he'd meet them.

Path herself was motionless once more, listening intently for any sounds of approach. Cold, light, darkness, and water; all areas were covered in this little valley. She didn't know how many would answer her call but with the finding of this one area several could. As Sparkle pranced down below her she scanned her surrnoundings, looking for others in the trees, or light, or even the roaring water. It was only when she saw another approaching that she showed signs of life. A quick, nervous flick of her tail and a bright flash from her tail ring showed that she'd spotted them, even if Sparkle hadn't.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2006 8:24 pm
by Kyra
The black mare had been cantering near by at the other end of the valley. Her light blue mane and tail flowed out behind her like a banner. Her forelock blew to one side of her face; her ears were forward as she eagerly looked about for her best friend, the bright yellow, playful stallion.

She was scanning the area when she heard a voice she recognized. Who was it..? Path. Her eyes shown with joy usually if Path was there, Sparkle would be there too. She extended her strides and moved smoothly into a full out gallop. She entered a small tree cluster and burst out through a bush. That's when she spotted the yellow mare and the blue stallion near the stream. She whinnied loudly and happily, " Hi Sparkle! Hello Path!"

She kept moving in her swift gait towards the other two. Yes, Sparkle was here. She really wanted to hang out with him. She had become... She finally had put it into words. She was in love with that playful blue stallion, Sparkle.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2006 5:47 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Welcome back, Uni. :) I'm going to give others a chance to reply and join our circle before I respond since it's rather dead here, but I'm glad you're feelin better. ;)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2006 8:08 pm
by Kyra
Occl Thank you. Sure, that sounds good. ALso new update, I can run and kick a soccr ball, and do alot of swimming and walking on it. So I think by friday i will be fine. Thanks again.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 7:20 pm
by StormSilverWolf
::ooc:: Image
Sign's home-
I haven't much experience with this sort of thing. So if one of you could point me in the right direction as to what I should be doing, I'd be much obliged. And also if I misunderstood the other post about seeing if others would join the circle, just nudge me out of the way and let me know, ok? Thanks.

A lovely multi-blue mare trotted up in a touch of confusion... Her ears flicking back and forth out of both curiosity and shyness... She had heard there were many others to be met here but was nervous about the reception she might get. After meeting Path and Crash, she hoped the others would be as interesting and pleasant to talk with.

Her person had said perhaps she'd meet others that she could relate to and would enjoy hanging around with. Her person seldom came out of her lab long enough to eat much less chat so it could get a bit lonely.

She thought she heard Path and felt a little less anxious.

"Hello? Path... Is that you? Remember me... The lake monster...?" she chuckled lightly.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 10:17 pm
by Songhue
Sparkle nearly jumped clean over the scarce, darkly shrowded trees as he saw Amber approaching. He galloped to where she was and easily headed her off to nip playfully at her main. No other mare had ever mad him feel this good. With a soft nicker he settled down, gently nuzzling her shoulder and watching her with tender eyes. Seeing her was better than seeing all the rainbow diamonds in the ocean. And now they could truely be together; now they could start their circle.

Chuckling to himself out of sheer joy he pulled his head back and played with her main, a gentle murmer slipping from his lips. "I missed you." They were simple words as he was a simple stallion, but true and meant so much more than missing his playmate. With a little toss of his short, golden main he stepped back just far enough to see something out of the corner of his eye...Another serian.

She was trotting lightly along the riverbank, a rather beautiful blue mare who looked rather unsure of herself. With a soft nudge, Sparkle left his mate's side and cantered over to meet her, a large grin spreading accross his face.

"Hi!! I'm Sparkle, and this is Amber! You know Path? I'm not sure where she is at the moment, but she's in the cirlce as well with her mate. Er, that is, Amber and I are starting one and we thought this would be a good place to have others meet up to see if they wanted to join in. There's dark places under the few trees that are there for the ones who can't stand too much light, and the tree cover for those others who need it, and the water for the ones like yourself, at least I'm assuming you're water affiliated, and there's open light where the few trees aren't at for the ones who need that, and it's rather chilly down here so that works for anyone who likes cold and snow. Well, Path found it really, she likes to go off on her own a lot thought I don't know why or where to, but some are just like that. What's your name?

He gave another toss of his short main at this and looked back at Amber, calling out a soft nicker and hoping she'd come over as well. This was, after all, to be their circle...


Path stood motionless as Sparkle greeted his love, the most of her extremely happy for him but a small part slightly jealous. She hadn't seen her own mate, Pixie, that often at all and she missed him terribly. Still, it was good to see the foal-stallion could be mature enough for such a deep commitment as the one he had made and she new he was not one to have more than a single mate. He, like herself, was loyal to the end in all things that mattered.

The greeting he gave proved that point a little, with Path remaining motionless and hidden through it all. As soon as he and Amber had met up though another call answered her own, a familiar voice calling her name. Twitching a single ear she allowed her eyes to move to the approaching mare and felt her heart grow warm at the sight of her. She was indeed sweet and the security of a circle was something that Path thought would do the other good. For the moment, however, she remained as she was. Sparkle would greet the others who came. When it was time she would take care of the rest herself. And a very small voice in her heart still hoped that Pixie would show in time.

OOC| btw, since Sparkle's image isn't working on here their home is And no, Sparkle is not yellow. He has a yellow mian and tail, however, with the yellow markings as you can see, but Path is the golden serian.