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PostPosted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 10:38 am
by Songhue
OOC| I know how that goes, it is very hecktic....Best of luck, and try not to lose too much more of your mind in all the chaos. Hope your surgery goes well too, Wolfy. *snuggles and offers icecream* All things considered, I have a lot going on myself, so be sure that waiting won't be a problem on this end. ;)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 9:22 pm
by StormSilverWolf
Songhue wrote:OOC| I know how that goes, it is very hecktic....Best of luck, and try not to lose too much more of your mind in all the chaos. Hope your surgery goes well too, Wolfy. *snuggles and offers icecream* All things considered, I have a lot going on myself, so be sure that waiting won't be a problem on this end. ;)

Thanks Songhue. Any positive energy that comes my way is much appreciated.
Maybe I should clear something up. My mom's the one getting the biopsy. Her doctor found a small lump when she had her yearly mammogram. So yeah, it's been and will be a nerve wracking couple of months. :(

PostPosted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 9:53 pm
by Songhue
OOC| I've been there, sweetie, trust me. My own mother had cancer and even after it was gone she was still sick from it for months because of all the blood it made her lose. You ever need an ear, I have one that'll understand. *luffs*

PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2006 7:52 pm
by Talia
OOC: Backish. Sorry. lol. Internet connection was being a doofus, and I still don't have a phone. I'm not sure about my addy, because I know it's different from last year's since I'm on the opposite side of the road. Silly university. But I'll be sure to send it all out and such in an email as soon as I get all the info. ^_^ Thanks guys! The move in is complete, now it's just getting back into the uni groove. *snugs Storm* I read the lj, if you need to talk, you know where to get me. You know how much I detest hospitals and the like. Btw, I'll still have to get some stats from you from previous critters since my comp crash. >.< I went to put them on the new site since geocities is being dumb and now one of the pictures of my Stormkat isn't working and I'm minus stats, and my chaos beasts and my buens are in shambles. Once I have the stats I should be ok, because I've managed to get together the pics again. The Dragoni, Peblunas and Dromen Vargs are still ok, and they just need to be moved over... but I'm rambling. What I'm saying is that I'll fix the old crits first and then get new ones. lol

EE! Glad you joined Silverdust! Now to prod Tigs into joining as well... mwha.


Silver oversaw the conversation between bonded and bondee with a grin plastered across his face, enjoying the confusion and Sign's exasperation immensely. He chuckled shortly and shook his head at the mention of sulfur and the evident confusion on Sign's face.

Let's... just get to the celebration shall we? he interrupted with a laugh. He smiled and offered a gentleman's nod in Sign's direction, deciding that it was probably best not to comment on the situation to save the mare further embarassment.

He turned and began to travel towards the cottage once more... however, he had failed to notice a faint dig in the dirt in front of him, and his fore-hoof caught in the muck and sent the stallion sprawling in a heap of dirt and torn grass.

...I guess this makes us even... he said, whinnying with laughter. He had no idea how much of a sight he was... blue frosting still apparent on his nose, now caked with splattered mud and grime, grass strewn throughout his mane and all over his wings like some twisted abstract art.

-----Gem, Galaxy, Bridle, Tatter-----
As they approached the cottage, Gem and her quiet party in tow, Gem galloped ahead a little bit to catch her bond's attention in order to make appropriate introductions. With Talia at hand, she led her lady back to the Serians and the Songdue critter...shifty... thing, that Gem was still unsure about.

After introductions were properly made on the guest's side, the Lady Talia gave her customary bow, and smiled, genuinely happy to see some new faces.

"I'm Talia, and this here is Gem," she offered with a small smile. Bridle trotted up to her opposite side and gave them a deep bow by way of introduction, ever the chivalrous one of the group. "This here is Bridle, my first bonded. I'm most pleased to meet you all. I would introduce you to everyone, but as it is, they're all about doing various things to help out. Please help yourselves, make yourselves comfortable, and feel free to introduce yourselves to any of my other Serians flitting about."

A few ears perked up at the mention of visitors, but they still moved about, settling a few last minute things.

So that's who that creature is! thought Gem, a little embarassed. It's a good thing I didn't make a fool of myself!

Talia noticed Sparkle trotting about and grinned. He was quite like some of her own Serians when they weren't on their best behaviour. She instinctively liked him and the well behaved Path, as well as their bonded.

"I'm sure there's plenty of Serians around you can meet and play with," she told Sparkle with a mischevious grin, picking up on the stallion's need to play. "They're all rather friendly once you get to know them. Go visit!" she added encouragingly... not that she thought the stallion needed much encouragement.

Bridle nodded in agreement, noticing that Galaxy was silently convulsing in mirth, eager to cause trouble and steal the stallion away from the group. He'd have to keep his eyes on those two...

Tatter watched sullenly from the crest of a nearby hill, not at all interested in the visitors or the party at the moment. He resisted the urge to shoot Gem a venemous look, trying hard not to be resentful...

-----Vision and Nymph-----

Vision's auds twitched picking up the sound of a familiar voice in the distance. He smiled, and whinnied a greeting to the mare. He was good with names and voices... it was the only way he could remember everyone.

Forgotten you? Hardly! He said with a smile and a brief touch to the nose to reassure himself of where she was. Touch was common with him, and most knew that it was purely platonic when he did it. It's good to hear your voice again my friend. It's been awhile since you came to visit us... since the festival I believe?

Nymph had seemingly become mute in the mare's presence, nodding only ever so slightly in greeting so as not to attract attention. She wasn't scared of Web or anything... she was just... well... scared of visitors in general. And the mare was so intimidating just by looking at her...

Vision heard the rustle of nervous wings beside him and tried his best not to sigh aloud and chide Nymph for her fidgeting. Instead, he turned his attention back to Web.

Come with us to the cottage! It's Talia's birthday, he added with a smile. We're hoping that a few more guests show up at least. Things are looking kind of bare right now, and Talia doesn't mind meeting new people.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2006 4:06 am
by StormSilverWolf
::ooc:: Uhm... I'm not entirely sure what all you have sug... *holds up parent listings that looklike a moth the size of Brazil munched through it* So if you just let me know who/what you had/have (preferably by showing me the image or I'll be going... "Fred?? You have somebody named Fred?????") I'll get you the stats ASAP. :D;
And thanks sweety, I know... I wonder when Any of us are gonna have a month where we look around in surprise and go, "Heeeeey, ya know... That one wasn't Half Bad! *blinkblinkshock*" Everybody's in my thoughts for Their better days too. *sighs* Ah well, such is life eh?
Oh and Sort of back... I'm still going to have errrm Moment of emotional indigestion but I'm trying to take things a bit at a time. They got the little cluster of whatever. Now it's just a case of waiting for the test to see if it was anything or whether I need to start talking about setting up chemo for her.
ANywaves... :bubbles:

Sign stopped when SilverRain up-ended in front of them... She didn't know What to make of it. She was still getting over the mess with Storm so her sense of humor was slightly missplaced. Storm, on the other hand...
"Oh my...*giggle*... Are you quite alright? *grin* Nothing was...*titter* Hurt was it?" She grinned amiably as she offered a hand up or at the very least, her hanky to wipe some of the mess from his face. *Ahem* "My good fellow, I know this locale is different than I'm used to but is it quite normal to have blue frosted grass?" ;)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 5:43 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Should I still wait for Silverdust, or do y'all want me to post now? :oops: