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OOC: You can post if you want Songhue ^^ SD can post afterwards, although I'll probably wait until she does before I will again. XD
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((Sorry guys, school is being...mean :x ))

Web grinned, returning the nudge with a soft nuzzle of her own. She was glad to be with someone else other than her bondmates, and someone friendly as well. "Yeah, the festival, all seems so distant now. But I'm glad that you have such excellent recall."

She had expected Nymph to behave as such, the young mare's timidness being the most prominent thing she had sensed. She folded her grotesque wings tightly against her back, and fipped her head slightly so the mane might fall in a more gentle way over her neck and shoulders. "Hello," she greeted, taking the initiative as Gem had done with her, but making sure her voice was a simple kindness and nothing too exhuberant. "My name is Web, I'm an old friend of Vision's."

She didn't want to push the mare any father than that, so she gave a final soft smile and turned back to the stallion, cocking her head to one side. "Talia's...birthday?"

Days of celebration were a foreign thing to her. Sethe never gave mention to anything personal about herself, much less the day of her birth. The others hardly remembered theirs, or as in Hellion's case, chose to bury the information. It was...a little sad, now that she thought about it. She turned her head toward the cottage.

"Of course I'll come, I think I'm pretty much alone though, but who knows," she shot a wink at Vision, knowing it would be Nymph to see it. "Lead the way, monsieur."

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Sparkle beamed at this new found alliance of his, this Talia person, and quite eagerly shot off to an open area where there was plenty of room to buck and run; then halfway there he turned around, nearly stumbling forward onto his face as he raced back to the other serians that had been introduced to him. The one in particulare, Galaxy, with the icing on his nose seemed like he would be great fun.

"Hi, do you wanna do anything with me, play something or show me places or something, I'm Sparkle if you didn't catch it earler btw."

Songhue merely shook her head to this commotion, but Path let out a long suffering sigh and smoothly sidestepped away from the pair, placing herself closer to the others as well as the bondeds.

"Thank you for the warm welcome," Songhue said as Path gave her tail an irretated flick. "And a happy celebration as well, even if it is a tad belated."

Path finished this off with a smooth bow facing the general area of her hosts, her head leveling at about the rather fierce looking Bridle's chest. Straitening once more brought on a toss of the silken sky threads of main to brush the tips out of her eyes, which quickly went to Songhue as she shimmered once more to change from the white wolf to a capuchin monkey, also blindingly pure white.

Standing, she offered a kind grin to Talia and a tender pat for Path, stepping lithely to Talia and picking up the bad of mixed goods they'd brought with them. "If there's anyway I could help please tell me," Songhue murmured with soft, kind looking eyes. They alone had remained the same, almond shaped and blue-grey. These same eyes had seen through so many faces over so many years that there was no questioning who they belonged to.
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::ooc:: *gives Tali a very patient mild poke so she doesn't forget it's her turn to post* Just because I know she's/you've been raggedly busy and might not realize it was her/your turn and not mine. ;) :heart:
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