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PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 1:38 am
by Talia
OOC: Hehe. I know that feeling... I'm always running behind on something internet related... whether it be releasing new crits for adoptions, finishing old ones, paging or RPs... blah. Too many things going on at once that all contend with my offline time, and things that need to be done.

I haven't RPd with LL before, but no doubt things would get quite interesting... ;)

------------Silver and Gem------------
SilverRain regarded Storm with a certain amount of open and unguarded curiousity. He hadn't met too many folks outside of Talia's little valley... aside from Tigs, and the odd party guests that Talia somehow managed to string together at the most peculiar times. And even visits from Tigs were few and far between these days. If nothing more, he found her behaviour amusing rather than offensive, and enjoyed casually observing her as she wandered here and there.

He smiled and offered a small gentlemanly nod (or what he hoped would pass as one) in return to Sign's bow. He could never even pretend to be as well versed as Vision or as charming and debonair as his father, but there was something about him that must have held some sort of worth... after all, he did win over Tinsel's heart, although he still had moments where he was completely perplexed about how that had happened!

A pleasure to meet you Sign, he said sincerely with a grin,By no means does she offend me... no need for apologies. He grinned again, completely unaware that he was making it painfully obvious that his curiousity with the welven being and her companion had been piqued.

He casually strolled in front of the two, leading them in the general direction of the cottage, all the while a slight observer would have noticed the twitch of his ears as he strained to catch any conversation between Storm and Sign and...well, Storm and Storm.

Storm's sudden marching, however, caught him off-guard as well as she matched and surpassed his own pace. He stalled, looking quite the clown himself as he stared after her, moving only from his spot when he caught wind of Sign's own strangled squeak for assistance.

Whether it was instincts bred into him by his father's own personality traits or just what he considered common sense and common courtesy on his part, he too trotted quickly back to Sign, noting the dilemma that the two of them would have trying to support each other's weight. Silver shot Sign a quick disarming smile before bracing himself against her to catch her fall, lending his own sturdy stallion's weight to a potentially squishable situation.

Meanwhile, Gem was looking equally as curious by her own set of visitors. The mare seemed to be quiet and contemplative... while the stallion, on the other hoof, was wild and made Gem giggle with his antics. She smiled warmly at the mare, and whinnied in amusement at the stallion, despite herself.

When Sparkle began garbling various tidbits of information at her it was all that she could do to remain standing upright rather than rolling on the grass laughing. Between the odd breath and the bag of food in his mouth, she managed to glean a couple names, and thought it safe to assume that the stallion's name was Sparkle, and the mare was Path. And their bonded was Songdue...err... Songmue? She couldn't quite make that one out, so rather than offend, she waited for clarity.

Once Sparkle paused, a cougar stepped forward and Gem's ears flicked forward in obvious curiousity. She had never seen a creature like this before... although she did her best to quell her instant questions and politely nodded in agreement to the creature who she assumed must be that...Songdue bond-person.

No apologies are necessary, she said with a slight chuckle in Sparkle's direction as he realized why she had not understood that many words of his excited speech. Please, follow me, and I'll direct you towards the cottage where you can set your food down. After that, I'll bring you to Talia so that proper introductions can be made. She grinned, trying her best to remain courteous towards her other guests. She swiveled cleanly with a neat flick of her tail and started off in the direction of the cottage, keeping a slow enough pace so that everyone could follow comfortably.

------------Nymph and Vision------------
Nymph trotted cautiously out of the comforting woods behind her, wincing slightly as she saw guests approaching. Vision wasn't fortunate enough to see them, but he could hear voices on the distant breeze, and his hearing was attuned enough to know that he was not familiar with anyone heading in the direction of the valley at this point in time. He sighed with relief... new visitors he could handle as long as he wasn't coddled, but old ones he was... almost frightened to see. And not much frightened the steady stallion.

Time to go and be social love, he said to Nymph with a tender little nudge of encouragement. She shook slightly, purely out of anxiety, so he stayed close by her side as she ventured down into the valley once more. Eventually they would head off the visitors and make more introductions as the came to the crest of the valley.

With slight iritation, Vision adjusted his golden mask, making certain that it hid his eyes from any curious ones. Golden adornments shone brightly in the midday light as the lithe stallion and the skittish mare made their way towards the two groups of people being herded to the cottage.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 10:08 am
by Silverdust
Web hadn't been out much, to say the least. Sethe was getting more demanding; something was testing within the girl's soul, something that made her restless, irritated. Web was being called on more and more to ease that intangible discomfort. Her missions were getting more numerous, in truth more dangerous as well. The rare instances where she got time to herself, like now, were getting fewer and far between.

And it was nice to be alone. Hellion had been entering that time between adolescent and mare, an extra dimension to her usual harsh arrogance and solitude, and Web lacked the patience to deal with a moody teenager. She refused to even think about Geo. And now this newcomer, Lucid, the first male and the strangest of the group. He was disquieting, and she couldn't know why she distrusted him so.

...these paths were familiar. She raised her slender neck and took a measure of her surroundings. Talia's...lands? She hadn't been here for ages. Indeed, it was in these forests and valleys that she had first been welcomed into Sionayra, where she had first met Gem and...Chaos. Still, she could feel the familiar auras about her, all concentrated around the cottage. She wondered what was going on...

Would Gem mind if she visited?

She followed the old path the mare had led her through, to the cottage clearing. It seemed that there was some sort of party going on. 'Just like the last time' she thought, smirking lightly. Wait, those faces were familiar, especially when she caught a glimpse of a familiar purple mane, just emerging from the forests.

"Oi, Vision!" she called, cantering over to the pair. She smiled at the stallion, though she knew he couldn't see her, and hoped he could remember her voice. "It's been awhile, have you forgotten me?"

She noticed the shy mare at his side. She vaguely remembered her from the festival, but she nodded to her and tilted her head with a warm grin. She was vaguely reminded of herself, hanging onto Gem for all it was worth. How timid she had been back then...

((Jumping in, this just brings back alot of memories :) ))

PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 3:09 am
by StormSilverWolf
::ooc:: Oh fun fun times... Some time ask LL what we did to Indy and I'm sure you'll get a pretty vivid idea of how dangerous we can get when we're in the mood and rolling. *chortles* Poor lad... I wonder if he ever came right in the head after we were done with him. Oh that would be Indiana Jones luv... We're both fans of the movie series but I must say the abuse our little thread dished out on the poor dear was enough to make the movies seem positively Drama by comparison! I think last we saw the poor lamb, a log had knocked him cold and the Dragoni bundled him back to his own place like that. :evil:
Oh speaking of critters... I owe you one or two for your birthday. Let me know what you'd like. :)
*coughs* Ah well, back on track... ;)

Storm managed to keep from tangling up with the gallant stallion and Sign managed to... Well, Untangle her feet.
"Dear are you quite ok? What happened??" Storm asked and clutched the sachel with the food in it to keep it from swinging and hitting her behind the knees another time.

Sign gave the Stallion an embarassed smile of thanks and her person a look of near exasperation.
"Mum, I Do wish you would keep your mind on the moment some times. I was trying to get you moving again."
"Why... Did I stop??? Ah oh... Oops?" Storm chewed her lip and gave Sign a rare half smile. "Terribly sorry Sign. I was just trying to remember if I had taken the sulfur off or not after I finished the meat loaf."
Sign blinked a little... She wasn't entirely sure but what did Sulfur have to do with meat loaf? And should she be worried....?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 2:53 pm
by Songhue
Path nodded quietly to the mare that had greeted them, Gem, and lead the little group after her. Sparkle brought up the rear now, lagging behind as he wanted to catch sight of everything he passed. Songhue slid noislessly between them, her head low and ears held back in anticipation. She was still rather new here as far as socializing went and unlike Path who simply preferred to be alone Songhue was rather timid in mixed company.

When they reached the appropriate area however, she took charge once again. Sparkle was prancing so badly with his exitement that he could hardly put the bad down, and as soon as that was done he was looking around for others. This was all one big game to him, and the exiting part was seeing how many serians he could meet.

"Thank you," Songhue said in her spring breeze voice as Path stepped forward and offered a gentle nuzzle. She had forgotten for a moment that this was no easier on her bonded than it was on herself. And Songhue had always taught her that they were family, and should therefor always be each other's support.

"I am Path, if you managed to hear over Sparkle's enthusiasm," Path rumbled in a baratone voice that was rather refreshing as it was clear and easy to hear after Songhue's soft rustling one. "This, of course, is Sparkle, and our bonded Songhue."

Sparkle gave a sort of shifting trot in place when his name was said, and quite happily sprang forward to babble something about how he had heard of the party. Sighing, Songhue stepped forward, shimmered lightly as if caught in the demension of wind, and was a white wolf. With a flick of her tail she jumped up and gave the energetic stallion a sharp nip on his neck, emmitting a soft warning growl as she landed again. "Calm down," she warned him, that same whispery wind voice flowing from her. She knew he was always this way to some extent, but she wanted to him mind his manners...At least at first. The notion was sealed into an order with a harsh glare from Path, who was far less understanding of his ways.

Well, he would calm down for now...But if he found anyone who was willing to play, there would be no stopping him. Chorttling to himself, he shifted once more then became almost still. Perhaps now he'd manage intellectual conversations.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 9:35 pm
by Talia
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 2:14 am
by StormSilverWolf
Lakegazer wrote:OOC: I will be back to this thread quite shortly, however, I just moved in to university (again) today, so it's been a bit... nutsy around here. If I'm slow responding, my apologies. My phone's not hooked up, internet's finickity, and shtuff like that.

::ooc:: Okidoke. Don't forget to let us know where to send cards and sthuffis! And good luck on your school days sweety! :heart: :sleep: I'm off to bed to try getting back into a normal time frame for the surgery on Friday. :stress: A.M.s... Oi... Sooo not looking forward to this. :?
I might be a little slow from my end too all things considered.
Anyway good luck and catch ya later. :heart: