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Quiet Contemplation (An RP for anyone who wants to join!)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 11:43 pm
by Talia
OOC: Here's the link to all my Serians, as I plan on having them in this RP here and there, at various times. ^^ ... eadows.htm
Although he occasionally enjoyed the company of new Serians and unidentifiable presences, today he was a little unsettled by the overwhelming amount of people and Serians... and all the general bustle that had become such a part of Lady Talia's cottage in the valley. Instead, he had chose to take off with Nymph by his side. Goodness, the mare was practically mute! he thought with a slightly audible chuckle.

He hadn't gotten the time to know his bond-sister that well, but it's not like there was much information to know. Talia had found her wandering, and it had since been established that the little flighty mare had suffered from some form of amnesia, and had not been able to recover anything from her past except for bits and pieces here and there that she shared only with the Lady. That suited Vision just fine, for she was a breath of fresh air, as far as temperament went. His bond-siblings were brassy, bold, loud or resentful and withdrawn... and here was this timid little thing, so nimble that she barely made a noise as she trod on the leaf-strewn ground, or brushed past overhanging branches. She moved like a dancer, and although he couldn't actually see her movements, he sensed the way her hooves hit the ground, and the sway of her body well enough to know that she was lively and had a fluid pace. She had a slightly breathy voice, like the faintest whisper of a breeze through the trees, most definitely a soft soprano. He knew she had wings, for he could hear their slight rustle every now and again as she shifted them, either as a form of figeting or nervousness, and he was familiar with the sound having been with Bridle and Silver for so long.

A slightly tremulous voice interrupted his train of thought as the mare finally spoke, all the while directing him calmly through the weave of trees and underbrush.

Do you think they've gone perhaps? she asked shyly, nosing him a bit more to the left in order to avoid a low hanging branch.

One would hope so, although I'm not counting on it, he replied, a bit bemused, Knowing Talia and the way she holds her parties, I'd say the birthday celebrations are not likely to end for a long while. She'll be making up for time even more so since the celebrations are a bit...belated. Even though he couldn't see her, he smiled inwardly, somehow knowing that she wore quite the disturbed and distressed expression on her face.

Sh-.. ssshould we head back then? the voice quavered at his side. He supressed the urge to whinney aloud in laughter at her obvious nervousness.

Only if you wish... although I daresay getting used to the company would be good for you, he added, a mite bit chidingly. The mild reproof hit home and the mare instantly went mute again in worried agitation, and he noticed that her once gentle nosings at his shoulder had become less and less noticeable, as if she wished for him to get lost in the woods simply so she would have an excuse to avoid going back until she "found him". Again, he almost laughed aloud. The touch was merely a courtesy that was usually granted to him... he knew the woods better than this little mare-sprite did sometimes. They were his secret hideout when he felt as if the world were closing in on him...

Impatiently he flicked his tail, slightly annoyed by Nymph's doddling. If truth be told, he had little desire to return at the moment himself... who would know who was there at this moment? And ever since Vision had begun to have...female... problems... avoidance seemed to be the best tactic until he had time to clear his head. Which he should have done by now, and he had...err... sorta... but none the less... Oh who was he fooling!? He had well and truly botched his relationships and had escaped from them, using running as an immediate course of action. And he hadn't stopped running...

Suddenly, he felt quite a bit different about returning, and was about to suggest that they turn the opposite way and go visit such-and-such-a-place, when Nymph trilled out in a faint whisper of apprehension We're almost there... I can hear everyone now...

With a great degree of agitation, he stomped his hooves, making his golden-shod ankles jingle from the bracelets and tossed his amethyst mane with a snort of sudden irritation.

Let's get this over with... he murmered darkly.

~~Back at the cottage~~

Talia muttered, equally as darkly under her breath as she figited, trying desperately to fix the cake that she had so painstakingly made with little sugar flower buds and intricate writing...

She paused in her toying with the cake to glare at the culprits. Side by side they sat, velvety noses covered in ice blue icing, trying hard not to laugh and lick the yummy substance off of them. She growled again in annoyance and finally threw up her hands in defeat.

"Well, that does it! It's beyond repair... completely, 100% well and truly botched to the enth degree! I hope you enjoyed it!"

Again, she glared at them, a most venemous stare that would have had most quailing under her stony gaze, but instead, a blue and starry patterned male chirped up with a Quite good actually! And a happy birthday to you my dear Lady! Beside Galaxy, Silver snickered softly, sticking out his tongue as far as he possibly could to try and slurp up the last remaining bits of cake and frosting from his nose, looking quite the sight as he realized with a slightly downcast expression that he wasn't quite talented enough to reach the spot on his nose that he wanted to.

Aha! He yelled out triumphantly as he simply leaned closer to Galaxy and gave him the slobberiest most disgusting lick he could procure. Tasty, he added in amusement, as Galaxy's face crinkled in sudden disgust. Galaxy frowned at his bond-brother.

Talia couldn't help but laugh at their antics. Indeed, they were little imps, but they lightened her heart when her burdens were too heavy.

"Fineeeee...." she said with a drawn out sigh, "at least help me carry stuff out to our guests then, if you see fit to distroy and devour the main dessert!"

The two nodded most vigorously and began to gather up silverwear and various items in their mouths, both still covered to various degrees in blue icing.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:47 am
by StormSilverWolf
::ooc:: Well, I only have one little lady, Sign...
And she is presently meandering through two other threads... But if that's not an issue, she and I can come meander into here too... :P
And I Try to be somewhat regular on the rping but sometimes I get sidetracked so if I get slow just poke me, k?

Storm wiped her somewhat furry hands down the sides of her loose tunic gown, totally missing the perfectly pristine apron she wore supposedly so she wouldn't wipe flour and various other sundry things on her clothes. Sign snickered to herself at the floury hand prints on her welven lady's rear. The apron seriously needed to be a wrap-around it seemed.
But despite the mess and the occasional explosions in the lab, Storm or as Sign called her- Wolfy, had a very pleasing smelling meat loaf dish to bring to Tali's gathering. Along with a huge pot of noodles and mashed tubers.
Tam (Storm's youngest sister) sniffed the air and grinned before being waved off.

"Oh no ye don lassy! I made enough fer ye an tha rest ef yon bottomless pits back in the lab. This is to take for the dinner with Tali and her friends!"

"Ain't it a party though?"

"Isna it," Storm automatically miscorrected, "An aye it is. Wha ef it?"

"Err well... Parties Usually need food ye ken hold en yer paws sis." Tam said looking innocently at the ceiling as she walked at a very quick pace out of the door. She grinned at Dark and Sign when the inevitable blue streak came abruptly after her exit.


Storm walked to Tali's with Sign, carrying a basket of meat loaf sandwiches, fried poultry (that took an extra bit of time to complete) and some sweet petit forres of various flavors. Sign didn't know if she should mention the hand prints still blatantly obvious on Storm's rear or not. She didn't want Storm to be embarassed but on the other hoof... She wisely decided Storm was not necessarily going to appreciate the mention of it at that moment so she had simply suggested Storm should wear her tunic untucked...

"It's uh... Less stuffy and more casual that way since it's a party type thing ya know."

PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:48 pm
by Songhue
Path walked slowly and with her head down, a graceful looking golen eagle resting on her shoulder and looking about with sharp, harshly blunt eyes. Sparkle trotted ahead of them, randomly bucking and leaping around through the tree filtered sunlight. It was, of course, he who had them here in the first place.

On one particuarly admirable buck from Sparkle Path suddenly stomped her hoof and a deep throated rumble came from where her head hung. It was not like her bonded to enterfere with what her serians did, but this time Songhue had taken a forceful hand. "How well do you know this other, this Talia?"

The golden colored fowel on her shoulder clicked her beak with this, a mild whisp of a voice slipping out to answer the question. "Not exeedingly well, although we do get along and I consider her a friend."

"Then perhaps we can simply show that we came," Path answered with a hopeful lift of her head.

Socializing was not something she did well. It wasn't Songhue's strong point either, and yet she was the one who insisted that they attend. Sparkle, of course, had been the one to hear of this party and was more than delighted to run off to it. Songhue felt she had to accompany him as she was friends with the host, and she also felt that as Path was in a circle now it would do her good to get used to the presense of others. So it was that Sparkle leapt ahead of them with sweet mis of nuts and dried berries and fruits in his mouth with them following.

Before Songhue could answer this hope Sparkle gave out a loud whinney, overwhich could be heard the sounds of several other voices. The time to talk over the matter was gone. They would be there soon. With a soft chirruping song note Songhue fluttered off of Path's shoulder and shimmered into a couger form, blending in with the forest floor and moving as silently as Sparkle did noisily.

OOC| *is rather nervous about RPing with someone on Talia's level* :oops:

PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 11:18 pm
by Talia
OOC: *SMOOSHES SONGHUE* Enough of that "on your level" nonsense. :P I always start big and long, and then fight to keep up afterwards. Hehe. Trust me, my muse never seems to stick around long. ;) And if you could have only seen me when I first started RPing... you would have shuddered. lol.

Storm- multiple meanderings are definitely allowed. My ponies are always in more places than they should be. The thread, once it picks up, might be rather fast paced, although it depends on how many people actually join. Last time I did a mass RP like this, I couldn't keep up, and posted every now and again myself. So no worries. ^^

Seemed that today, Gem was playing greeter-girl for the various people arriving at the festivities. Not that she minded. It was always fun meeting new friends, and secretly she was hoping that Surf would show with Nyx. She wanted to be the first to see him rather than her bond-brothers. She hadn't seen him in so long...

With a small day-dreamy sigh, she whickered softly, gently tossing her turquoise tresses out of her eyes. Brilliantly golden eyes scanned the horizon hopefully, not even taking notice of the approaching guests and their Serians until...

Well well, said Tatter with an overly loud snort of laughter. Still daydreaming and neglecting your party-duties? Mockingly he stared mournfully at the distant crests of the mountains before succumbing to silent mirth, his whole body shaking with supressed laughter. He tossed his charcoal mane and rolled his eyes at Gem. Still looking for lover-boy?

Gem scowled.Not like you would understand. You're quite alright with not seeing Mango at all. You two haven't even joined a Circle! You have no right to jud-... she stopped, mid-sentence as she finally took notice of the oncomming dots in the horizon. Oh! Look! People! she exclaimed excitedly, squinting desperately to see if one just happened to be Surf.

Goodie, replied Tatter with as much enthusiasm as he could muster. He was about to turn back to the cottage, bored now with Gem and her "mooney-eyed" behaviour when he was bowled head-over-tail by what he noted as being a "hunk of horse with wings".

Silver paused to survey the damage of his head on collision and let loose a muffled snicker of approval.

Whoops, he said lightly, a sparkle of amusement in his eyes. He didn't even bother to lend a wingtip to assist Tatter. Musta nicked ya on the way by...

Gem chortled with hidden delight. Really, Tatter could be such a bother sometimes... and she was secretly pleased that Silver had come to her rescue. She and Tatter didn't really get along... as it was they barely talked and she could never figure out why...

With a sigh, she blinked back frustrated tears, and then sighed even louder when she realized that the guests weren't who she had hoped they'd be.

Cheer up doll, Silver said, his presence now comfortingly by her side. You like company... go say hello. Perhaps he'll show up! He gave her an affectionate brotherly nuzzle and she nodded, a bit more cheered, and took off at a steady gallop to say hello.

Where's Bridle? Tatter said gruffly from behind him. Obviously he had not left yet. Silver shrugged, a "who cares?" gesture that was made quite obvious by the roll of his eyes.

That old Battleaxe? Likely he's at Talia's side somewhere. You know the way he her first-bonded, he sees it as his duty to play the guard.

Silver chose that moment to end the conversation and trotted on after Gem, leaving Tatter to retire to the confines of the cottage once again.

------------Back with Talia------------

The Lady surveyed her party decorations with satisfaction and slight amusement, watching as Galaxy, now solo, trotted here and there, arranging this and that and clucking with disapproval at the various arrangements he disliked before rearranging them himself.

Quite the party planner, isn't he?Bridle said with a soft whinney. Talia nodded in agreement, placing a gentle hand on the curving arch of his mahogany neck, marvelling at how muscular he still was after so many years. Golden wings fluttered softly at his back as he sighed in contentment when she began to scratch. His age barely showed, but Silver, his son, made constant reference to it, irritating his father to no end, even though they were quite fond of one another.

"Where did Silver get off to?" she mused aloud. She paused in her scratching to hug him tightly.

Out an about, neglecting to help, Bridle replied, Not that I mind... he's begun to call me most absurd names like "Chompers" and "Battleaxe". He snorted his obvious disapproval. Young wretch, he added as a slight afterthought, although it was obvious that there was no feeling behind the insult.

Talia giggled, and earned a stern glare from her eldest Serian in return.

"Awwwh, come off it Bridle... you have to admit that Chompers is rather amusing... next he'll be thinking you need Serian dentures with a name like that!"

Bridle scowled ferociously and flicked a silvered tail in annoyance.

Not likely, if I have any say.

-------------Back with Gem and Silver-----

Gem coasted to a stop in front of Songhue's little caravan of Serians and tried her best to imitate what could only be best called a "Serian curtsey", as she bent her front legs and knelt for a brief moment.

'Afternoon! she said with a smile. So glad you could come... Talia always appreciates visitors. And what, may I ask, are your names?

Silver, meanwhile, in the distance was doing likewise with Storm and her guests, having never met them before personally but heard about them through his Lady.

'Lo,He said with not nearly as much grace and elegance as his female companion, but with a certain amount of roguish charm that usually set most as ease. I'm SilverRain, Silver to most. Pleased to meet you Storm, he said, picking her out of the group by his Lady's description, And your lovely female companions. May I help in any way? To most, he appeared a fearsome sight, having inherited his mother's spiked growths, and his father's wings that were now open to their furthest extent for the purposes of stretching them. However, one sight at Silver's petite little mate would put most at ease... that and the fact that he was still dotted haphazardly with blue icing. Silver and Storm seemed quite the pair... one dotted with blue, completely oblivious, and the other's backside covered in flour, also without realizing it.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 12:18 am
by StormSilverWolf
Sign smiled and gave what she hoped was a polite bow to SilverRain. Storm simply smiled and shoved her spectacles back up her nose as she followed after the two serians somewhat absent mindedly.
"My name is Sign and this..." she had to stop suddenly as Storm had somehow stopped following them being deep in thought about something, "Iss..." *grab prod drag* "As you guessed is Storm... Please forgive her, she has a tendency to get off on mental tangents like this. She means no offense." she gave Silver an apologetic smile while basically herding Storm ahead of her.

Her person didn't seem to even realize she Was being pushed along. She was thinking about such things like did she remember to remove the sulfur from the tin fire or did she remember to tell Tam to do it...
"Welp nothing for it I guess... It wouldn't be the first time I've had to rebuild the lab." she abruptly said mostly to herself and began purposefully marching up to the cottage.

Sign had been more or less bracing herself pushing Storm along when Storm suddenly started taking off on her own steam. Once again Sign found herself in the awkward position of looking like a clown in front of complete strangers as the sudden lack of resistance made her stumble forward a bit.
"Mum!" she croaked trying to regain her balance.
Storm stopped, turned, blinked and saw Sign starting to tople. Like any good mum, she trotted back to try catching a creature that outweighed her by quite a bit. There was more than a good chance there was going to be a squish in both their near futures.

::ooc:: This should be interesting. >>;
And don't worry so much Songhue. I've played with Tali before and it's not as scary as you might think. Now if LL were here... Then we'd All have our worries. *chuckles* Not so much because of our skill, but because well, things get kind of wild when LL and I start bouncing off each other. :evil:

Tali: Noted. And pretty much the same here... I'm either one of the ones flying or one of the ones yelling from the back of the pack to slow down so I can catch up. :P

PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 2:49 am
by Songhue
OOC| lol, I'm not worried, I'm just ready to look like a complete fool next to her. :) And I'm usually somewhere in the middle, not lagging in posts but still trying to keep everything straight as there's so many.... :oops:

BIC| Path stood back from the welcoming mare, one ear cocked in what was a thoughtful position. She had manners, which was more than could be said for Sparkle....Perhaps this gathering wouldn't be as bad as she had feared. Dozens of Sparkles running about was certainly not her idea of a good time.

Sparkle was busy proving her point as Path made her quiet observations, shifting constantly in exitement as he returned the greeting.

"Howdy, I'm Sparkle, and this is Path, and the couger's Songhue, well she's not really a couger she's a wind sprite, but she looks like a couger right now, what's your name? I like your markings, they're very pretty, by the way."

Path nodded almost absently as Sparkle mentioned her name, still making quiet notes about what was happening. At the moment, observation seemed the best course of action. As he finished Songhue stepped forward and returned the curtsey previously offered. She curled her tail around her and gently folded her legs so that one front paw was pulled all the way against her and the other one bent so she was almost laying down. Songhue knew as much about manners as Path, so the motions came naturally to her.

"Please excuse Sparkle, he is slightly exited to be here. Where should we put the food, and after that I'd be glad to make proper introductions."

Sparkle gave a slight start here, only just realizing that he was still carrying the bag of food Songhue had prepared. A slight blush colored his cheeks but only a muffled chuckle could be heard. If the poor mare had understood half of what he said it would be a miracle.