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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 8:21 pm
by Chidory
A faint smile etched its way across the green stallions lips as he prepared to answer her questions.

"Dear fae, it appears that you have caught me." He paused momentarily looking at her with amusement. "I said that I was of no real importance, in many ways that is true. I doubt there are many who would miss my presence. But alas I am not so completly stupid. I am important to myself because I value my life."

Taking another step forward he continued speaking to her in his formal voice, wanting to make a good impression. "And humble I most certainly am. But unfortunately I cannot prove that to you and your friend. It is nowledge tath will come with time."

Raising his handsome green head he sniffed the air, catching a fain aroma of flowers. "My name is West. Now that you know what I am called, may I have your names?"

When a figure erupted from the trees, West turned his head to look at the newcomer. It was Sparkle, an acquaintence of his companion Crest, or perhaps he was more of a friend to the lively stallion. West was unsure of what to call him. He was not sure what the lively male thought of himself.

He held back a chuckle, trying to stay as cool and collected as possible. He would not reply yet, instead he would let the mares do that. But if need be he would not hesitate to 'blunt the blows' of the brown one.

It was a good day for West, perhaps he could show all three of the Serians who he was instead of hiding in silence.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 7:50 am
by Rainer
Trace noticed the bright stallion long before her companion did, and forced on a small smile. She shuffled toward the brown mare once more, ducking her head behind the other mare's shoulder.

"I'm Bark, and my friend here is Trace," The bolder mare stated firmly, answering both questions at once. Her gaze lingered on West for a moment longer, taking into consideration what he said before rolling her eyes and turning to the new comer.

"I'm not thirsty, but the walk probably wouldn't kill us..." Bark began walking in the direction of Sparkle. "West and Sparkle, was it? Pleasure to meet you, I'm sure."

Trace darted after Bark when she suddenly began moving, and clung to her friends side as if she were her only life line. She made no attempt to make eye contact, instead kept her gaze locked on the ground and walked as if Bark were her seeing eye dog.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 9:05 pm
by Songhue
"Oh, hey West. Didn't really see you for a moment there. How's everyone?"

Sparkle shook himself off when Bark mentioned something about walking to the stream. Rinsing off would feel pretty good at the moment. Tossing West a rather embarrassed smile, he fell into line behind the paler of the two mares, Trace he thought her name was. How foolish must the other stallion think him? Well, there was one bright side... Wherever he was, at least he had company.

"So your name's Bark? Nice name, though I'm sure you've been asked if your bark was worse than your bite a good few times. Do y'all come here often?"

He glanced back towards West here, wondering how much he'd be willing to talk. He seemed almost as quiet as the fragile looking Trace. There was something about that mare that seemed familiar...

"My bonded doesn't enjoy eye contact." It seemed a rather sudden remark, but he'd suddenly realized what about her seemed to strike his memory.

"Sorry," He amended as he turned more fully to Trace, "I'd just noticed that you had that in common with her. She's really rather shy though it makes her seem cold to those that don't know her."

He gave a slight pause then asked, as non obtrusively as possible, "Are you alright?" The way she lingered beside her friend made him think that she expected to have need of her protection for some reason. Had she been mistreated? He'd heard his bonded speak in her sleep and through that alone knew of a small number of the torments that a body could suffer.

Hopefully they'd nearly reached the stream, he hadn't really taken note of it's exact location in his, erm, hurry earlier. It'd be nice to see the sunrise shining in the water and a drink would do wonders for his suddenly parched throat. It would also give him the distraction he needed to hide from his past, though he wasn't willing to admit as much.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 5:14 pm
by Chidory
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2007 1:18 pm
by Chidory
West nodded in Sparkles direction acknowledging his presence. He would answer the question about the others later when there would actually be time to talk. It appeared that he was busy at the moment and it would have been rude to interrupt. He would keep his silence for now.

Walking beside the brown mare he listened intently to Sparkles voice. It didnt sound right. The green stallion was not very familiar with Ambers mate, but the tone in his voice was wrong. Wests ears flicked with interest as he continued to listen.

A small smile crept along his face as the other stallion mentioned the whole' bark is worse then your bite' thing. Maybe the mare with the attitude problem was only trying to conform to anothers image because of her name. Or perhaps she really was messed up.

Either must have got to her...

When Traces topic came up he glanced over at her with a kind smile on his face. He had been wondering the same thing. She was a pretty mare, what was her past like?

He could see the stream not too far off.

Mmmm water....

PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2007 4:40 pm
by Rainer
Bark was prepared to snap at the new stallion for the comment he made about her name, the irritation showing clearly on her face, but the quieter mare spoke first, cutting her off.

"Yes, I'm fine," Trace's soft, sing-song voice broke the awkward silence after Sparkle had finished talking, an unsure smile fluttering across her lips. "And I'm fairly sure Bark doesn't bite... She's simply testy."

It was obvious that social interaction was not one of the mare's strong points, since she had clearly misunderstood the words that had been passed. But hey, she was trying.

Bark twitched, not liking being talked about as if she weren't there. She felt like she was being betrayed.

The brown mare answered the question that had been asked earlier while her friend ducked behind her once more.

"No, this it our first time away from The Hill."

Trace spotted the stream up ahead as well, a warm smile was now given in reaction. She always had liked the peaceful sound that the water made as it tumbled over the pebbles...