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coming back (everyone is invinted to join)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 9:02 pm
by Keira

Pixie snorted impatiantly and paw'd the ground in front of him before turning and taking off at a lope in the opposite direction. He had been away for months training and perfecting his elemental skills. A month ago he had been preparing to come home to his mate, Path, when he had been called by his bonded, Ivie. He had immediatly gone to her for he sensed that something was wrong. There was. He had never seen Ivie having such a hard time and he had stayed by her side to help her for a month. Now it was his time to be with the one he loved. He was going to find Path. He sent her a message on the wind and prayed that she understood it.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:55 am
by Songhue
OOC| *Is properly trampled by Path in an effort to calm her down*

BIC| Path lifted her tail high as she reached the edge of a vast, multi-hued desert. Moving across sand wasn't exactly new to her, she'd done it before, but moving over it in the manner she was about to try was. To have the earth move with her, give way and submit to the touch of her hoof was a wonderful and challenging thing.

Things had been harder than usual lately for both herself and her bonded. While Songhue could release stress by simply focusing her mind Path found it a lot harder. Thai Chi didn't cut it for her.

What I really need, she thought, is Pixie.

How many times had she gone back to that forest, to that willow just to visit their spot? How many times had she secretly hoped that he'd be there waiting for her? How often had she wished that she could just go to him and be away from all of this?

Far too many. The way to deal with a problem was not to avoid it. Songhue had shown her at least that much.

A small breeze found her as she shook her head and stepped onto the sand. It seemed to play with her forelock, pulling at it before ruffling her mane and tickling her ears. For a moment she'd thought she'd heard, ever so faintly, a whisper... Could it be?

Path reared up at the thought and then tore across the land like a tornado, her hooves barely touching the ground. If this was so, if it was as she hoped...

It was. It seemed she had only just started to run when she found him, quite suddenly, right in front of her. She stood stunned, unable to say a word as her sides heaved and her tail flitted uncertainly from side to side. Was it truly...?