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OOC/ So sorry for the delay, so much has been happening lately :( hope everything is going well for you.^.^

Bic/ The green stallion smiled tenderly into the blue mares eyes, holding her gaze as if it would be the last time he would ever see her. He took every inch of her beauty and remembered the sweet words that she had spoken to him. He needed her...probably more then she would ever know. He wanted to be with her the rest of his life, protecting her and everything she believed in and loved. He would stand by her, till the end of time.

A shiver ran down his spine as she neared him. Her warm breath smelled so sweet, her voice tender and soft. "Sign, my love, I wish to be your mate, now and forever. I will give you heart, soul and body. I will defend you and what you believe in and stand by your side till the end. You have my promise that I will forever be faithful to you. Loving and caring I will accept all that you wish to give me."

The young stallion had never said so much to anyone, not even his bond mates. He loved this mare before him now. He wished only that she was making a decision she wouldn't regret.

He closed the distance between them with a slight brush of his lips on her own.

Your so amazing...
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OOC| I had thought as much, and worried if everything was going alright for you. I do hope you're well.

BIC| Her breath caught in her throat, her eyes closed, and any fears or doubts were instantly banished. He would be her one, her only. He would give her all he had, just as she was giving him all she had, reserving nothing for any others. Her one love.. Her mate.

In that instant there was a slight change within her. She was no longer shy or reserved, no longer cautious. Leaning forward, she returned the kiss for all she was worth, her heart fluttering weakly.

"We should tell our bondeds," she murmured, finally breaking away. They had declared themselves to each other, yes, but there was no need to simply run off. For one thing, she was still lost. For another, she simply wanted to be with him. All traces of timidness had fled in her; she was safe beside him, no matter what came.

"Besides, I kind of wanted to talk to Crest. He needs to realize that he can either choose a mate and bring her into the Circle or accept anyone who joins of their own free will. We all mated exclusively.. Sparkle is so caring, he could only ever have the one, Path is so old fashioned it's the only thing that was acceptable, and me.. I simply need to mate that way. I give all of myself, body, heart and soul and the one it's given to.. To have them give part of themselves to another.. I simply can't. Crest has limited options because of it."

Snorting, she tossed her main and offered him a tender nuzzle, her whole being seeming to simply glow. Simply being near him, knowing what she knew, was a joy.

"Would you walk with me, as well, beloved? Once we tell our bondeds, that is. I don't wish to leave yet. I want to stay with you."

She still couldn't get enough of looking at him. He was such a strange color, something like a green tinted sand tone, a color that could honestly have been seen as both things. He looked so strong and made her feel so safe. She thought she would never tire of hearing him speak, either. First thing was first, though; Songhue and Chidory deserved to know as soon as something like this happened. And Crest, as much as he frightened her, did need to have the situation explained to him. Sign thought that the only time she would ever be able to face that frighteningly loud stallion would be if West was beside her. She saw none of Sparkle's honest kindness underneath all that noise and show. She couldn't see much of Anything beneath it, to be honest. The thought made her shudder slightly and lean against her mate.

Mmmmm.. My mate. My darling West. I never want to be away from you, dearest.

An image flashed through her mind, that of her playing in the surf while he watched from the sands. While he watched over her. There was some sweet, thick grasses growing through some parts of the beach and he cropped those, lifting his head regularly to gaze out at her with a regal look. The sound of foals playing nearby could be heard in the ebb and flow of the water..

Yes, there was much to speak of yet.. Though wandering lost in her own mind, seeing him that way, made the rest of the world seem insignificant. For a moment, there was only her and her beloved, only the love they shared in a cool haven amid a harsh land.

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