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PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 3:39 pm
by Songhue
She could barely see him once he lowered his head, the sandy coat and dull green hair blended so perfectly with the desert. Even his eyes could have been taken for desert blooms. If it wasn't for those lovely blue ribbon markings. His hooves were mostly buried in sand, making it look like there were little pools of water floating up to the surface.


The heat was getting to be too much for her. She'd been working her mouth absently, trying to get the cotton taste out of it. Honestly, she no longer cared about getting home, only wanted water and a keeper. Someone to look over her, to make sure she was safe if not happy.

Someone to replace Wolfy?

No, that wasn't it. She and her first bonded had taken care of each other, but not in the way she longed for now. Now she needed.. Stability. Kindness. It was hard for her still, no matter how gently the change had occurred, and she needed someone that would understand. Songhue was kind, yes, yet somehow it didn't feel right to turn to her. Shyness, most likely..

Or she can't give what I need, and I know it.

So many changes, so much uncertainty. All she knew for sure was that she needed water quick and that she needed someone to trust her heart to almost as quick. That's what it all came down to, honestly. It wasn't the need for love or kindness, Songhue gave both freely any time Sign got up enough nerve to bother her. Her Heart needed a home.

So many thoughts, yet so few words from her! Lost in her mind again. She had no idea why these truths should hit now, but she Did know that she had been silent far too long.

"I'm sorry, I-I just realized how thirsty I am. My throat feels a might cracked.. It's a bit hard to talk. I'd love it if you walked with me, though. I don't care where to, just.. Somewhere with water."

Sign didn't quite seem capable of remaining still as she spoke, but that could have only been an illusion. Her coat had fully dried already, her own green mane and tail now softly crinkled; smooth and folded, rippling like the surface of a calm lake. Her coat had brightened into a wonderful shade of blue, a shade that put the skies to shame and made the seas envious. The fetlocks around her hooves rippled at the slightest movement, danced as the waves of sand shifted around them.

She stepped forward here, wanting to make sure she hadn't messed up by being silent for so long, and lowered her head next to West's to offer a warm, sweet smile. She was slowly getting over her timidness and her sweet, playfully caring nature was starting to show because of it. Part of her wanted to nudge him, comfort him in some way, for he seemed in need of comfort just as she was. He seemed to be just as unsure of himself at times. But surly it was just her imagination. Such a proper stallion, so respectful and reserved.. There was no reason at all for her to be reading uncertainty in his body language, no reason for her to think a silly mare such as herself would cause him to blink twice.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 5:52 pm
by Chidory
The pale green stallion gazed at her intently as she lowered her own head next to his. He could already see all the kindness that the young mare posessed, but wondered how often she may have been hurt because of it. It was plain that she was shy, but she also seemed the type who when they fell, they fell down hard.

He wanted to protect her. Help her in any way he could. But there was nothing he could do. He was just him. Not like Quest or Crest, those two had a way with others, encouraging them and keeping them happy. He was just a loner who always preferred to watch, afraid that he would be judged. was an odd name for one such as him. You would assume it would belong to one of the Artic Winds. But perhaps the name wasnt so bad. He was like a wind, travelling ever so far away from others, watching them live happily.

He thought he never deserved that happiness. Not until Chidory took him in. Showed him her home in hidden valley and her other two companions. They were his family, that was true. But he still felt lost and alone somehow. Always the reserved one.

But this mare, she was so beautiful with her blue waves of hair. For they were much like the waves that he watched some mornings. Wild and free able to forage their own path when the one they follow is blocked. Like a wild stream blocked by a log, they always found their way. That was like the Sign he looked at now. Not realizing how strong she really was.

Lifting his head from the cactus she smile and nodded his head in her direction.

"There is a watering hole of sorts not far from here. There will also be shade so that you can rest. "

He began to walk away glancing back her and motioning for her to come. It may have seemed rude, but once again he didnt want to make her feel awkward or scared.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:37 pm
by Songhue
He had a sweet smile. It made her smile as well, made her glad to see it. Sign started wondering if the heat was getting to her head when she realized this, but there was nothing to do to change it.

After following him for a little ways, though, she did start to wish that her main was a bit lighter. The thick, green curtain came in handy for keeping warm in chilly waters, but it only made things all the harder out here.

Right as she caught sight of something a few sand hills away she stumbled, falling down on one knee again. She managed to get back up again, but a few steps later she stumbled once again, this time falling next to a cactus in bloom. With a soft grunt of effort she stood and shook herself off, silently berating herself. She'd made enough of a fool of herself in front of West; she wasn't about to make him suffer through more.

She reached the oasis without another incident, but it was on shaky legs, at best. With a sigh of relief she slipped into the water, her body seeming to disappear in the clear liquid. Sign was careful not to drink Too much, but she wasn't shy about filling up.

Safe in the shade of a tree, up to her chest in water, her tail fanned out and floating behind her, she finally looked around. There were cacti in bloom and a few other plants growing in this haven. It seemed to frame the rolling sands, a sight she found most peaceful and calming.

Grinning, deep purple eyes glowing once again, she turned to West and moved aside to make room. Now that she didn't have a problem keeping her hooves under her she felt quite playful. Honestly, she was proud of herself for making it so far.

"I can see why you come here. It's beautiful. I'm glad for the water, though. "

With that, and a sweet rolling giggle, she lifted her tail and slung it towards him, sending waves across the little pond as she tried to splash him. If he'd just smile again she'd be happy, though in the back of her mind she thought of how very proper he'd been so far. She hoped she hadn't made him angry. v.v;

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:19 pm
by Chidory
The shade was a lovely thing. Even though he was used to the sun he enjoyed the coolness of the shadows. The wind that was ever so preasent seemed to grow and become wild in the miniature haven, cooling their hot forms.

When the oasis had first come into view he had felt a tremendous amount of relief. Sign seemed to have been struggling, she was after all out of her element. For some time he had been worried for the mare wanting to help her get up when she stumbled and comfor her as she seemed to be berating herself. But he held back. He didnt know why. Something told him not to.

But now as he stood in the shade of the oasis his heart gave a little flutter as he watched the mare cool off and take her fill of the water. Sign was like one with the water, not knowing where it ended and she began.

When she began to giggle he couldnt help but smile. The sound was so pretty. Especially when it was mixed with the moving water.

The water splashed and he laughed. His legs were now wet, it was time for payback.

Normally he would have held back and waited, or just walk away. He didnt want to now. Not today.

Without warning he jumped from his placed on land into the water with a splash, letting the waves flow towards Sign to get her wet. When the waves stopped he gave a boyish smile.

"The water is pretty," he said referring to what she had said not long before.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:33 pm
by Songhue
Shaking her forelock out of her face, Sign tossed her head back and laughed again, letting the waves wash over her. So he understood her love for this element. Ahh, but of course he did; who better to understand the need for water than one who lived in a place where it was so preciously scarce?

"Everything here is pretty. It's a marvelous land. I'm just glad you were near by. Wonderful though it may be, I don't think I would have lasted without you."

She gave a shy, pretty smile here and sent a few small waves towards him again. The way they lapped against his sandy colored hide made her think of a stream bank, causing her to giggle again.

With another splash she folded her legs and slipped under the surface, her mane and tail billowing up like scraps of seaweed. The next instant she popped back up, water flying in all directions, tinkling in the desert sun along with her laugh.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 5:46 pm
by Chidory
West let out a loud laugh as his body was covered in a wave of water, his pale green coat becomming soaled and light coloured mane sticking to his nack and face. Trying to put on an angry face he knew he wasnt succeeding very well due to the grin that tugged the sides of his mouth.

"I'm sure you would have made it even if I wasnt there. You are very strong and smart, you would have figured something out."

Smiling he began to walk around the small pool of water. He liked the cool feel below and the warm on top, it was such a contrast and a nice new feeling. It had been a long time since he swam. Now he remembered what he was missing.

" do you like your new home?"

He was generally curious about how she felt about it. If she did not want to answer though, he would not push her. Looking back he smiled kindle as he continuedwalking around in the smallish area.