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Sea and Desert [West! Chidory!]

PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:31 pm
by Songhue
She was trotting along, not really swimming and not really running in the deeper part of the shallows. While exploring her new home she'd come across this little stream that lead directly into her sea. It was a rather tiny thing, and the water that rippled through it was so still that it made it hard to tell which way it was flowing. So, in the spirit of exploring her home, she followed it.. And wound up here.

This was certainly not a part of her home, beautiful as it was. It had to be the largest lake she'd ever come across; not that she'd played in all that many so far. Everything looked to water save the distant horizon, where a tiny flash of greenery could be seen. That was why she was sticking to the deeper part of the shallows, actually. One could get lost in a lake this size and there were no playful waves to help show her the way to shore.

Besides, the thick, hot sand that seemed to only allow for the few trees was interesting. She'd heard of such rough terrain before, but this was her first time actually seeing such a fiery land. And that there could be this in the middle! Streams, rivers, lakes, they were all marvelous things indeed.

The thought of there being an End to the lake hadn't occurred to her in all her musings, though, so when the shallows started to lower and the ground started hardening she barely even noticed. After a while her hooves weren't so much skimming the earth as clipping it, the level having fallen enough so that her main and tail floated like clumps of seaweed. Her body seemed to be made of pure water as it rose out of the shallows, the bright flash of her hooves like seashells that were caught in the light. She didn't even bother to shake off once the last of the lake had touched her hooves, just continued on, dripping as if she were melting.


PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 9:29 pm
by Chidory
It was very hot. Hot and dry. Even by the water the heat seemed to be punishing all the plants and living creatures nearby. All but the pale green stallion that is. His name was West and he belonged to the Red Sands. He could take the heat and loved how the warm rays tingled along his back, mixed with the cool sensation of the wind.

Not far from where the blue mare stepped out of the water the young stallion grazed on what little greenery there was. Here and there were a small scattering of trees barely surpassing his height. With a mild snort he blew away some sand and tried to find something yummy.

Although West loved hidden valley and his friends he was happy to be away. It was hard to think with the excited Crest and the mellow Quest. And Chidory had been away for a long time, he had lost someone he could talk to.

Stepping forward his royal blue hooves scattered the sand making a dull swishing sound. With a mild grin he raised his head and let the wind play with his creamy green hair with the blue highlights. Solitude, something he loved and craved. But something was missing.

He fancied a mare that seemd too out of his reach. The blue sign. Just thinking of her made him smile warmly as he ambled along the shore. He remembered their first meeting and it didnt go as well as he had hoped. Crest always had a way with other Serians while he always felt awkward and shy. He regretted not saying more then.

As he was thinking as sound caught his attention. It was movement of sand and the sound of faintly dripping water. He knew he wasnt alone. Momentarily unsure he hid as well as possible behinf some of the scarce greenery to see who it was.

His heart skipped a beat. It was Sign. The mare who seemed to plague his thoughts. But what should he do?


PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:42 am
by Songhue
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BIC| It was a stumble through the sand that brought Sign back to her senses. Or at least what she had of them, as she would say. She'd lost a lot of the sense of self she'd picked up when her bondeds changed. She wasn't so much abandoned as.. Well, adopted. That was why she needed to explore her new home, why she even Had a new home. And why she found herself face down in the sand.

"Of Course," She murmured, stumbling back to her feet with perhaps a bit more ease than another could show. She was used to sand, after all, as it more often than not was what bordered the waters she played in. The constant shifting of the soft substance actually reminded her of waves a little when she wasn't coughing it out.

"Great, I'm lost. I had to follow that stream, couldn't just explore my home, noo, heaven for-bid!"

Sighing, Sign tossed her main and looked about, trying to figure out which shore to follow. It was honestly impossible to tell. The hot sun had eaten up the droplets from her coat as soon as they landed and the shifting sands gave no clue. As it was, she'd already made a good effort of putting the lake behind her entirely. Lost in her mind again, Wolfy would have said..

She wondered what Songhue would have to say about something like this. Other than a soft, mysterious smile and a few soft words there hadn't really been any contact with the.. Whatever she was. Fae or elf or sprite.. Something like that.

Sighing once again, she threw her head back to get her already half dried hair out of the way. Sign was used to keeping to her own, shy and delicate as she was, but still.. There were times where she longed for a companion, someone that she knew would always be there by her side. Even a friend so committed would be nice, unlikely as it was. One had to be social in order to make friends; she was simply too shy. There was a hard core beneath that let her do what had to be done, but it didn't change the fact that she nearly cringed any time she met someone knew.

"I had to wander on my own, Had to be too shy to ask for someone to walk with me.. All the same" she nickered, "I would love a friendly face right now. Any face.. Just so I'm not alone And lost."

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 8:32 pm
by Chidory
The greenish stallion listened to her silently, hanging on to her every word as if they would disappear and lose their meaning. To him it was a profound meaning... she too felt alone. Tightening his muscles he wondered what he should do. Stay with her and help her find her way back, or leave and regret it the rest of his life?

There was no choice, althought he was mellow compared to many others he regretted nothing in his life. But this, he would surely have regretted. A brave man would never leave those he cared about behind. He has to protect them, even at the cost of his own life. And Sign, though he did not know much about her, he knew he cared for the shy blue mare.

With a deep breath he stepped out of the greenery ivory horn the first to peek out shyly. His bright fusia eyes look at her calmly with interest as he stepped towards her.

She really was a lovely mare. He wondered if she knew that.

"Hello Sign. Its been a long time. How are you?"

West made no indication that he had heard her. Now was the time to help her find her home.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 10:21 pm
by Songhue
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BIC| Sign nearly fell over once again as a flash of dull green flickered in the corner of her eye and started speaking. Her head had been slightly lowered as she nickered to herself and she'd tried to lift it a bit too fast. She managed to only go down on one knee before righting herself, thankfully, yet she could feel her face warm in a blush when she turned to see who she'd shied from.

It was West, a stallion she thought rather handsome with his blue ribbon markings and soft green and sandy tones.

The horn must come in handy for poking water out of cacti..

"I-I'm.. Well, I'm a bit lost, actually.. Uhm.. West, wasn't it? I met you playing that Marker-Pollie game.. Is-is this your home?"

Well what was she Supposed to say? There she was, half wet with her main and tail looking like crumpled seaweed, lost and possibly intruding. And she was already getting to feel hot and thirsty. Sign wasn't even sure if she could make it all the way back to the lake without having to rest. How was she ever going to get home like this?

I was just wishing for a friendly face..

"It's good to see you again. We didn't get much of a chance to talk before, did we? I'd thought I'd go and visit your Circle Home, actually, once I got a bit more familiar with my own home. Ehh.. Apparently I'm still learning."

Sign felt herself blushing again, but this time she didn't look away. She was obviously still a bit shy and timid, but at least she was looking him in the eye now. In those bright, desert flower fuschia eyes. He seemed so Proper.. She could only imagine what he thought of her, lost in a land she wasn't made for with a damp, crinkled main and tail. She seemed to have a habit of meeting others like this. ^^;;;

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:23 pm
by Chidory
West smiled gently as he focused on the blue mare, stepping forward lightly, sand moving about his hooves. His gaze was calm and kind as his soft grren made fell into his eyes.

"Its true we didnt have much time to talk last time. And everything seemed to come to an abrupt end. I'm sorry for not having said more to you. I must have appeared quite distant and...mean.."

He grinned as he turned his head to hide the slight blush the appeared. He didnt know why he was talking this much. He never talked this anyone. Glancing back he decided to say something different.

"This isnt my home, but I come here to wander and think sometimes. Its very similar to my little place too, I feel comfortable here."

After a short pause to think he continued. "I dont know exactly where your home is to help you back, but we can find our way together. At least to the area that connects all our homes. We should be able to find the place your looking for from there."

Suddenly the green stallion went silent again. He felt he had spoken too much and didnt want to upset the mare or make her feel unfomfortable.

he decided to lover his head and watch the working of a cactus that was at his feet.