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Re: New Faces(for circle of the cherished dreams& bondmates)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:52 am
by Chidory
West gently nuzzled his mate as he took in her scent. The clean salty sweet ocean, fresh and clear. Her smell was like heaven on earth. "My love," he began, as he tried to get closer yet to her, "I did not mean to be away from you so long. My bonded Meko needed all of us, lots has been happening in her life recently and we needed to be with her."

His bright coloured eyes focused on her and only her. They were full of love and compassion, emotions that used to be vacant from his face. "I am well, but I missed you so. How are you? Your bonded and bondmates?

Green ears perked forward he waited for her reply.

Quest laughed whole heartedly. "Sparkle, I've missed you, lol, you too feels like I've been away for such a long time. Unfortunately I dont know any other games, but I would be happy to play this one with you.

Re: New Faces(for circle of the cherished dreams& bondmates)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:10 pm
by Songhue
Sign stopped fussing over him as he spoke, her natural, caretaker ways instantly easing into a relaxed state. Somehow she could only truly relax with him, only ever knew she was fully safe while he was around. She was all about family, believed in looking out for one another.. Yet she fully trusted the well-being of both of them to this stallion. If there was something wrong, he would fix it.

"I missed you as well, beloved. I'd worried, but as long as you're alright that's all I care for."

Nickering lightly, she stepped forward and draped her gentle neck over his, her heart fluttering as the smell of sun and sand assaulted her nose. It was so nice to simply be, to not have to worry about taking care of things.

"They're alright, for the most part. A tree nearly hit Sparkle the other day, giving him a sore ankle and me a bruised rib. Songhue healed us, but it drained her more than she needed.. Path has been going insane from missing Pixie."

Snorting quietly, she stepped back and tossed her main. It was a hard time for her herd as well, though she tried her best to be there for everyone. She needed her mate for safety and strength always, and moreso when life proved to be so draining.

"Are things alright now, for your own bonded and bond mates? Is there something I can do?"


Sparkle laughed as his mate nipped at his main, his whole body quivering in joy. He couldn't help himself; he nipped her back, lipping at her forelock as she spoke.

"It does seem like it's been forever since we last met, doesn't it? Well come on, then, let's start the game! I bet you'll find the most, though, Quest."

Nickering, he nuzzled Amber's neck and tossed a friendly wink towards SilverFlash before trotting back out into the water, his tail flitting over Path's hide.


Path had thusfar managed to focus entirely on the water, not that it had done her any good. The wet feeling of the sea was still too foreign to her, still unwelcoming. In this, at least, it seemed she wasn't able to handle things.

Sparkle's exuberance and borderline impatience wasn't exactly welcomed either. Path had never before found the thing she couldn't cope with; it was greeted with a mild panic and a severe state of shock.

Snapping her head up, she gave out a harsh snort and tried not to take things out on her playful bond-mate. She took in a deep breath and lowered her head, closing her eyes to picture her Pixie.

She stood that way for a few moments before lifting her head and tossing her main. Looking around with a sigh showed her that everyone else had moved on as well.. There was Sign with her mate, their love pure and sweet, as well as Sparkle and his, their love fresh and innocent.. SilverFlash was being comforted by Crash, who seemed to be watching over Peace at the same time. Perhaps that stallion would be one to choose multiple mates. And she.. Here she was, standing chest deep in the water, all alone.

Shaking her head, trying to toughen herself for the task before her, proved no good to her. It did, however, allow a moment where she simply couldn't see; once she could what stood before her eyes but her very own Pixie.

Path practically danced out of the sea, the droplets glinting in the light as they fluttered around her. She couldn't even speak, in all honesty, but quickly found herself tucked under his neck, her face glowing with love. Forget the waves and the hyper stallion, no more long days and lonely nights; her own love was here. And no matter what her bond-mates had, she would always be happy with one that was intense and sure.

Re: New Faces(for circle of the cherished dreams& bondmates)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:10 pm
by Kyra
Amber rolled her gaze to her mate and gave him a playful and caring look. She nickered softly to him. "Yes, lets begin! It will be so much fun with everyone here!" With that she moved into a a slow canter to catch up with Sparkle. Once she did she nipped affectionately at his mane and nuzzled into his neck.

Silverflash raised her head and moved through the water till she stood in front of Crash and close to Peace. She lowered her head to the ice mare, "Don't worry about not knowing them. I don't either, we can meet them together. ok" Her voice finding it's strength again.

Peace looked up at her with nervous sky magenta eyes. "Ok..." she whispered looking a both serians. She nickered nervously and moved closer to Crash's front legs and Silverflash's.

Crash watched his new bond-sister, and was very impressed how she had put away her own shyness to help Peace. He too lowered his head to the ice blue water mare, "See, you are not alone in this. They are all really nice."

Re: New Faces(for circle of the cherished dreams& bondmates)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 1:18 am
by Keira
As Path came towards him a Pixie turned and motioned. Another serian came up to stand beside him, looking unsure and scared, vulnerable and shy. "Everyone" Pixie announced "This is Starlight, she's Keira's new bonded."


Re: New Faces(for circle of the cherished dreams& bondmates)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 12:27 pm
by Chidory
West smiled softly at sign as he gently lipped her mane. A warm breeze wafted down from the sky warming his body. "I believe things are finally starting to work out,"he replied to her question, but I do not know if things will be so well in the future.

With a sigh he thought about life in general and the future he hoped to have with the blue mare before him. "My love, if possible after our game may I steal you away to talk more privately?"

He had a few things he needed to discuss with her.
Quest trotted over to the water's edge and glanced curiously at the dancing waves. He loved the sea and the salty air. But what he loved most was knowing that his good friend had found the love of his life.

The slight sting of jealousy erupted in his chest as he thought about it. He would have loved to meet someone he could call his own, a mate and companion. Someone to spend the rest of his days with.

That would have been nice.

But no...he didn't need those things, he had Chidory, and she had him. that was where he belonged.

Re: New Faces(for circle of the cherished dreams& bondmates)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:50 pm
by Chidory

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