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New Faces(for circle of the cherished dreams& bondmates)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 4:49 pm
by Kyra
The black mare lay on the light marsh grass beside the beach, facing the ocean. She was dowsing in the dawn’s early light. Her sky-electric-blue mane, tail and forelock rippling like a small river from the ocean's breeze. Her yellow flecks glistened in the early light. The light breeze also played with the waves that lapped the beaches edge.

Mean while two other serians one of dark purple and turquoise colour and the other of iridescent blues and purples, were hanging out in the sea's surf, further up the beach. Which was out of sight of the marsh grass opening.

While all this was going on another moved through the forest and stopped seeing one of his bond-mates. A sly smile appeared on his face, his eyes ruby–red orbs shown with mischief. He had gotten to know his new companies relatively good and could not resist seizing the chance to act his plan on the, for once not on guard, black mare that lay dowsing in the early dawn. He moved stealthy through the forest and positioned himself, ‘Perfect line to her,’ he thought happily, ‘This shall be fun.' He would wait just to make sure she was a sleep, or his plan would surely fail.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 10:25 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Yay!

BIC| It was a rare occurrence indeed; all three of them were out at once. Path was cantering at her usual regal pace, Sparkle was galloping back and forth like a hyperactive pup and Sign trailed a little ways behind the pair, keeping close to Path but careful not to move any faster than a light trot.

Rarely was there ever a more unlikely trio. The distant, seemingly cold Path was at complete odds in all appearance when compared to the happily bounding Sparkle. Sign looked so frail and uncertain as she followed them, secretly clinging to the stronger of the two, that it almost seemed she simply didn't belong.

It was high time they went out and about in such a manner anyway, different though they may be. They all lived together well enough most of the time, but spending this time together, being true friends as well as bond-mates, made all the difference.

There was no particular goal in mind, in any case. With Sparkle around, one rarely needed such trivial things as plans. And as sure as the sun does rise, it was Sparkle who stirred up a commotion.

"Hey! I see Amber! Aaaaaammmmmbbbbbeeeerrrrr!!!!!"

"Honestly, get a hold of yourself," Path snorted with only a mild hinting of disgust.

Sign simply twitched, shying backwards for a moment before looking around with a hopeful face. She knew Amber, at least. They had.. Well, she supposed it could be said that they had met when the circle was formed.

"Look, there's others as well, playing near by! This is great!"


"I do believe there is also a stallion getting ready to pounce your mate."

"What? Where? Oh!"

"How many others?"

"Hey! Hey you! What are you doing?"

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Amber. It has been long since I've been for a casual walk around this area. It is nice that you would be among the first company to be found."

"Oh, do ya have to be so stiff all the time? Amber! Wanna play a game?"

"I don't think I'd like to get pounced.."

"I won't let anyone pounce you, don't worry."

"I wish West were here.."

"Oh? A love interest?"

"Come on y'all!"

"I.. Don't know yet."

"You're blushing, dear. I do believe that you know more than you say."

"Speaking of mates, where's Pixie been?"

"Don't even start."

"What? I'm not allowed to ask questions now?"

"I believe your own mate is waiting."

"Oh yeah! Hey gorgeous, how you been?"

"It's nice to see you again, Amber.. I'm not going to be pounced, am I?"

"Of course not. How have you been, dear? I know Sparkle has missed you."

"Hey y'all! Get over here, come play! Just no secret pouncing!"

"Leave it to Sparkle.."

"What? They're not all that far away, I can hear them!"

"How many are there..?"

"Don't worry, dear. It'll be alright."

"I sure wish West were here.."

And such was the ruckus and noise of the trio when together. Yes, it was about time they simply went out for a while. It was indeed highly time that all of this be taken somewhere outside their home. If nothing else, it guaranteed an interesting day.


PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 10:14 am
by Kyra
The black mare’s ears twitched and hey eyes flew open at the sound of her mate’s voice. She put her font legs out in front of her and was on her feet in a second. She turned, her eyes shown brightly with joy at seeing her Sparkle. “Hey!” She nickered sweetly, and tossed her crown. “Hello Path and Sign, it is nice to see you two again,” she said kindly.

She trotted up to Sparkle and nuzzled him on his check, “I missed you so much!” Stepping back and taking a look up the beach she spotted two of her bond-mates, “Yep the others are Crash and Peace.”

Amber ears swiveled as she caught the sound of annoyed snort, “Dart! Come out here! Stop trying to pull a prank!” Amber said in a kind but solid voice.

The red stallion snorted again, “Alright!” With this he tossed his head and bolted towards the group. He was heading straight for the yellow are that had ruined his fun. Then about a foot from her, he unraveled his red and blue wings and jumped into the air. He flew over them, just a meter above, as he passed Path, he said, “Thanks Miss I don’t like to let others have fun. The one time I get to pull something, then your bright yellowness comes along and spoils it,” he said smirking down at her. Then looking back at Amber said, “You are lucky my little black friend, you would have been so mine if Miss Sun over here didn’t warn you and Mr. Dark Ocean beside you didn’t wake you up.” He circled over head of the group, “And you Miss Blue, you are the only one who seems to know when to let others have their fun, since you didn’t do anything to stop me,” he said kindly smiling at her.

Amber rolled her eyes, “So guys, the candy cane brat can be very… Hmmm… not sure what words describes him best.” She glared up at him, “For your information, Crash told you about them, unless you forgot. Since it looks like you did, the one who spotted you is Path, Sparkle is beside me and the one you called Miss Blue, is Sign. Can you remember that?” she said her light-blue tail twitched very slightly, since she was trying not to get annoyed by the ruby stallion’s act. She had to really work hard to keep her voice at a kind but firm tone.

“My apologies, as my bond-mate pointed out I forgot about that conversation with the Crash. It is nice to meet you Sign, but for the others, don’t you like playing around? Can’t you let a guy have some fun?” he said teasingly.

Amber sighed, “Well I guess you guys have officially met Dart, the newest serian to Kyra. I hope he will behave better and sorry if he offended any of you.” She turned back to Sparkle, “A game would be great, and it’s been a while since I have played a game.” Her voice back to its normal sweet tone.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 2:14 pm
by Songhue
Sign's first reaction to the loud, rude stallion was to cower at Path's side. Her next was to step forward with her ears back and a bite in her words. "If you think such behavior is acceptable then you need to think again. Path saw a strange stallion sneaking up on someone she's fond of. Sparkle saw some strange stallion bothering his mate. If you plan on lasting more than two minutes you might wanna rethink that. Now apologize."

Path stepped next to Sign once she was done and gently turned the mare away, pulling her close. Many would assume that the trembles that racked her body were from rage, yet she and Sparkle new better. Moments like these were quite hard on her.

Sparkle gave an angry and dismissive snort towards the stranger and stepped forward himself to nuzzle his mate. "Would your friends like to play as well, dear? Sign knows a few games that are fun to play in the waves."

Path glanced up with this, a silent look that spoke volumes. Quite frankly, if looks could kill this Dart would be full of holes. There was no anger in this look, but there was no shortage of contempt. It was a cold, forbidding glare, one that belonged on the face of a king handing out the death sentence.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 3:28 pm
by Kyra
The red Stallion landed a few feet from the group, “Wow, aren’t you a fiery little one. I must say you hide it well. Now sure I am stranger to your group ,but I am one of Amber’s bond mates, like the other water two. So it’s not like I was doing anything wrong wanting plan a small prank on her. All I wanted to do was run over and give her aloud wake up call, and prove to her she can not always be on guard,” he said in his normal voice.

Amber rolled her eyes, “Catch me off guard, I don’t think so bud! Also, if scaring me is all you wanted to do, then why must you be rude after?” Her tailed swished slowly in annoyance.

He watched Sign, “Don’t be so mad that it shows threw your whole body there Miss Sign, or is it that you can’t handle situations of this kind?” Dart turned to the black mare, “Since I was not sure how do introduce myself,” he said laughing, but it was the truth. He had no clue how to come over and meet the group. So instead of looking like a shy wimp he acted all smart-alecky.

Amber turned quickly to her mate, “That would be great, I will go get them.” With that she back up, and spun to face where Crash and Peace where and bolted off towards them. Her black coat glistened in the light and her mane and tail flew out behind as she galloped over the sand to her other bond-mates.

The ice blue mare felt the vibrations of another coming from the sand, shook her crown and submerged below the water’s surface. The purple stallion was swimming blow the waves and noticed the odd actions of the mare. He swam to the surface and burst through a wave into the shallows.

He nickered a welcome as he saw the black mare coming towards them. “Hey Amber, what’s going on?” He asked curiously and looked past her. He could make out the bright red coat of their newest bond-member, but nothing else besided that.

Amber came to stop at the edge of the beach. “Sparkle wants to know if you two want to play in the waves. Sign knows some good games we can play in the waves. Also Path is here too." Amber stepped out into the waves, and put her head under the water, “Peace it is ok, it’s just me,” she said sweaty.

Peace immerged from the dark blue water and came through the water’s surface. She nodded her head and came into the shallow water. “A game… Sounds good… Sorry… Amber… You startled me…”

“It’s ok Peace; I should have remembered how sensitive you are to vibrations. My fault there and don’t worry, the other’s are really nice. It will be fun. I will go let them know its all go, ok.” She turned and galloped back to her mate. “It’s all good.”

PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 5:18 pm
by Songhue
Path kept one ear cocked towards Amber as the mare trotted towards the others that swam nearby. She was indeed growing fond of the mare, as she obviously had manners and kept to them. She was also incredibly kind.

"We had never heard of the likes of you before, Mr. Dart. The fact remains that you were a strange stallion sneaking towards a Circle-Mate. It is also not your place to direct another on how angry they may or may not be; I'll thank you to remember that."

To her at least, that dismissed him. She was through with the topic, perhaps even with the stallion himself. The matter now was that there seemed to be a game in question. Granted, dancing within the waves wasn't nearly so pleasant as dancing with the sun, twisting and prancing about according to light, shadow and the sun's face, but she thought she would have an enjoyable time all the same. According to Sparkle, one of the best features of water was the way it reacted with light.


Sign simply glared at him, ears pressed flat against her skull in warning. She already held a severe dislike for this male; he had insulted her Circle- and Bond-Mates! The fact that she was a peaceable mare could often give the impression that she was a push over, yet she knew how to bite when needed. It was a lesson this stranger had learned, and he would do well to remember it, no matter how well it was 'hidden.'

She looked up at Amber's return and offered a mildly timid smile, though there was real light in her eyes at the thought of playing in the waters.

"What would you like to play? There's water tag and treasure hunt and surfing, all sorts of things to do."


Even those few moments were hard for him. Oh, how Sparkle loved that mare. He shifted and pranced the moment she left his side and greeted her with a fond whinny and nuzzle upon her return. He also loved to play, though, so as soon as she was back he started prancing closer to the area those water types were waiting at.

"Come on, let's go play! I get to dunk someone!"

The next instant he was prancing closer to her once again and playing with her short main. :D