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Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 8:35 pm
by Vineda
OOC| I was just wondering if I could join in...? *wants to try stone hopping* : )

Small leaves and grasses rustled slightly as a figure, lost deep in thought, scurried home after a day of wandering. Rain was due soon, perhaps a storm? Thoughts turned to a day when she would've hated to get caught in a rain storm, and as they did Vineda realized how much things had changed. Hurried pace slowed abruptly to a stroll, mirroring the girl's surprise as she turned her thoughts over.

Almost immediately those thoughts were broken as the air around her shimmered. Looking up, she saw a familiar fae form glimmering behind a beautful equine image that burned in her mind for the merest half second before disappearing. It could easily have been just her imagination, but knowing the other made her doubt that just slightly. A grin spread wide across her features and she started forward with a greeting. "We meet again, my friend! Have you come out to play in the rain?"

Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 6:38 pm
by Songhue
Starting slightly, the fae turned on her seat to blink back at her friend, a faint smile tugging at her mouth. She didn't dare stand after her run, not with her leg trembling as it was, hidden beneath the woven wind that made her gown.

"Not quite, though glad am I to see you yet again! There are others I await for play, a quick game of hopping stones in the stream and questions answered."

It seemed she reached the area at just the right time to avoid detection.. Yet that gleam in her friend's eye made her wonder, slightly. It was the same she saw in the eyes of her bonded whenever they nearly caught her in such a form. Some days she wondered why she kept this form hidden, as it almost seemed they already knew and weren't insulted in the least.

"Come, wait with me? There is a beautiful new friend to be made. She is strong and confident, if a little unsure at the moment. And oh, such a wonder is she to behold. Come, come! I'll tell you of her while I rest to recover from my little run to the stream we're to play in."

Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2009 6:10 am
by Vineda
Vineda came closer and perched on a log farther up the bank to visit. She had not the faintest idea why Songhue might have such a sheepish look upon her face when she’d first called out her greeting. Hearing that the fae was meeting others, she was about to excuse herself so that she didn’t keep Songhue overlong from her friends. Instead was pleasantly surprised at finding an invitation to join in.
A quick debate, and she sat back on her log to make herself more comfortable. “I’d love to stay, thank you.” Curiosity began gnawing at her at her friend’s description of this stranger.

It had really been too long since she’d had a chance to catch up with the wind pixie. “What news, Songhue? How are you and your bondeds?” Worry then crossed her features at the fae’s need to recover from a run, though she knew better than to ask. To pass the time she picked up a stone, tested its weight and examined its shape quickly, then lobbed it at the water and watched it skip over the surface like a bug.

Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:27 am
by [Unknown]
[Picking up again here but anyone new is more than welcome to follow and join in!]

Sage turned an ear to the voice addressing her, smiling with a slightly prideful gleam to her eyes. "Like the silver flashes of storm across my body, I am marked by my devotion to understanding weather. My specialty is unpleasant weather, or rather, weather that most find unpleasant. I enjoy it myself, though." And it did seem like the mare yearned to feel the coming rain, her eyes sparkling as she imagined lightning splitting the sky.

"Being in the wild means you come to understand a lot simply for the sake of survival, but this to me is a skill very close to my heart. Do you understand it?" The weather didn't speak to everyone, and when i t did, it didn't always speak loudly. But anyone sensitive to the chaotic unpredictability of the weather made Sage feel a little at home.

Her eyes flickered to Kyra, sitting upon Silverflash's back. What a strange thing, to be like a trained pony. But at the same time, this made her realize that Silverflash was a lot stronger than she seemed... was this because she'd Bonded? That seemed silly, how could this kind of growth come from a thing like that? But she also seemed very confident...

Lost in her thoughts, Sage narrowly avoided tripping over the first of the stones near the river, watching it drift into view ahead. She pushed forward at an even pace, trying not to seem too eager to play the game though really, she was impatient to experience it now. She stopped near the edge of the river and looked back to see who had followed, and of course, who would start the game.

Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:42 pm
by Songhue
"Yes, that's something I can certainly understand. Not all storms are unpleasent, though! The seas are tied to me, and they play in the storms that happen offshore more often than not. It's so much fun when I accept the challenge to play with them."

Sign snorted a greeting as they reached the stream, trotting ahead to nuzzle her bonded as the fae stood to greet her. With a smile Songhue returned the greeting, scratching Sign's withers and making her arch her neck happily.

A few heavy drops fell from the sky at about the same moment, a distant rumble mixing with the stream as lightning flashed overhead. Sign laughed, looking back at the others as she cried out All the more fun! We'll really have to try not to slip now."

Songhue rested a hand on Sign's shoulder absently, nodding back towards Vineda as she answered her question "We are well, dear heart, thank ye. Dost thou remember Sign?"

She looked at Sage here, offering a slight bow as she stepped back to lean against her bonded. Sign was eyeing the stream eagerly, following the singing shallows with her gaze as Songhue continued "Was the short walk enjoyable, my friends? This in Vineda, if she hath no objection to me take the liberty of introducing her. Might she play in the rains with us?"

"Fine with me," Sign nickered, offering Vineda a bright smile before stepping closer to Sage and Kyra. "Everybody in who's going in!"

With that she hopped into the water, shaking off as the spray fanned around her hooves and played with her feathering, looking up into the quickly building storm as her hooves found solid stones to stand on. She looked behind her with an expectant grin, waiting to see who would be the first to step next to her.

Sign wanted to see who would pull ahead first. Whoever it was could choose who first asked their question or who they had to ask, making her eager to see how this game would develop. Which of them would reach the end of these stones first and win? And who would fall first, bringing the first round of merry laughter.

Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:40 pm
by Kyra
The silver mare watched her blue friend greet her bonded. She thought for only a minute to how Songhue had beat them hear, but she knew it even more the question fully formed in her head. She tossed her head and laughed to herself at being a little to eager to play the game and wasn't thinking logically.

Kyra glanced down at Silverflash as the mare tossed her main and tried to figure out what her friend was thinking. She then looked over to Sign, Songhue and Vineda. "Have a nice flight Songhue," she said with in a playful tone. "Nice to see you again Vineda," she said giving a wave. Well they were at the streams edge, so Kyra slid down from her silver mare's back. She walked a few steps the stroked the mare's silver neck.

Silverflash looked back at her bonded and nuzzled her neck. No words were exchanged but both knew exactly what the other was saying. At the feeling of feeling wet on her back, the mare looked up to the sky, to see the lightning spark up the sky. "Looks like the weather had given us our starting bell." With that she tossed her head playfully and walked into the stream.

She had to look down, not being as one with the water as Sign, was nor how Peace and Crash would be, if they were here. A moment later and she found some nice stones, well she hoped they be nice and not have her be the first one to take a full plunge.

Kyra watched Silverflash move to a spot in the river close to Sign. She also chuckled at what she said, "Indeed, a thunder stroke for a starting bell and sky or fire for a flare gun start." She grinned at the sky and then surveyed the water and then walked into the stream. A shiver shot through her body as the water lapped her ankles, but she was used to it. Within a moment she too had found her starting two stones. She wondered if having 2 legs or 4 would be most advantaged in this game, no matter, she would find out.