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Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:05 pm
by Vineda
The grin that graced Vineda's face couldn't be washed away now, as she turned her face up to greet the newly falling rain. The air felt so much more wholesome as she breathed it in, practically drinking it as the weather change brought a new freshness. She may not be able to predict the weather nearly as well as Sage or someone else more linked to it, but she could sure enjoy its surprises!

Turning back to the group she just had time to make a polite dip and share her grin with her new company. Nodding to each in turn, "Hello, Kyra, Silverflash. Sign. Milady." She did not know this unidentified serian, but now was not the time for introductions. Something also told her she was a no-nonsense kinda girl. They were also obviously beginning some sort of game, apparently agreed upon beforehand. Sounded good to her! No sense in lingering, for the storm also brought a tang of energy into the air; Vineda could feel it in her bones. Her body was on the brink of shivering from sheer excitement and energy.

"I'm certainly game!" It seemed to be a game that required jumping onto the stones, so she took a large step and leapt from the bank. She'd aimed at a large stone nearby, big enough that she didn't need two to balance on, but she almost overshot it in her exuberance. Swaying and windmilling her arms like crazy, she regained her balance then quickly adjusted her feet to better stay put on the rock.

Then she looked up, slightly impish, grin still in place. She was a little proud of herself for not falling over into the water... yet. "Whoops!" Singsong voice was a bit higher than usual, but no tremor sounded. She looked to the others, waiting to hear more about this game, now that she was in the middle of it...

Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:33 am
by [Unknown]
As the others found their starting footing, Sage decided that she most certainly would not be left behind. She was a leader normally, and not a follower. As soon as someone pierced the water, she was a heartbeat behind. She found some sturdy stones easily enough and seemed to let her whole body relax when the first bit of rain hit her. It was home, every time she felt that feeling. Keeping an eye on where the others were located, she couldn't help but be surprised when Kyra herself jumped in. She seemed a bit reserved, but here she was courageously giving it a go, despite the disadvantage of two legs. Or, Sage assumed it was a disadvantage anyway.

Impressed by this little feat, the mare smiled to herself, she'd see how well the human did. To be honest, she was very curious. When the newcomer arrived, Sage had that boxed in feeling again, everyone here was familiar with each other, except for her. This could make it easy for them to try and be forceful or bully her, but she'd fight tooth and hoof if it came to it. On the other hand, such a wide social connection made it seem like these Serians were not very limited, and their families were well connected. They openly welcomed another who would try to tame her, with no rivalry between them. Interesting, indeed. Even the very Serians they had already bonded didn't seem to have any complaints.

Or maybe she was thinking too much. Noticing how they were all lined almost perfectly, she looked quizzically back and forth. "Who begins, then?" Cracks of thunder accompanied her question, as if making it suddenly seem more important. Not that her voice could control the weather, but it was a neat effect. When Vineda almost overshot her starting point, the mare nickered quietly to herself, trying not to let her mirth be seen. Humans could be surprisingly amusing, it was a little heartwarming. She wondered how many times these Serians had laughed because of their bonded. She didn't laugh a lot on her own.

Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:31 am
by Songhue
"We all do," Songhue smiled, and with that she leaped forward onto the next stone, stretching her legs out to keep a solid stance as they slide over the surface of the small things.

Sign stepped forward as well, flicking her tail as the rain drizzled down her back and tickled her sides, her whole body taught with concentration and balance. "It's a race," she said merrily, glancing back to smile at Sage, "Where we all try to lead, but only the one who's up front can make the decisions. Falling in isn't bad, it just puts you behind a bit! Which may be seen as bad, when you think of it, if you want to be up front.."

She gave her head a little bit of a tilt here and took on a thoughtful expression. The momentary lapse in focus caused her front left hoof to slip unchecked, making her snort in surprise and scramble to regain her footing. She was a little too late, however, and quickly went sprawling in the shallow water, her rump landing with the sound of thunder clambering around them.

She laughed, shaking her mane loose from her neck and tossing her head back with the ease of familiarity as she flung her forelock off her eye, instantly soaking her bonded next to her. Songhue laughed as well, though when she looked back at the mare there was a rather tender expression on her face.

"No damage done, and the water doth run, so up again and continue on."

Snorting, Sign jumped up and firmly planted her hooves once again, whinnying in amusement as her fae bonded hopped ahead and quickly bent at the waist to keep from losing her balance. One of her bare feet still slipped off the large stone she had taken as her target, making her tumble sideways. It was a strange sight, seeing one of her legs stretched over the stone as the rest of her landed in the water.

"You always underestimate how far you can jump, Songhue!"

The fae simply chuckled, glancing about to see who was ahead as she straightened up. She'd pressed her wings flat against her back as she fell and made sure to catch herself with her arm, so neither leg nor wing was hurt in the fall; all that was gained was a good soaking.

Her eyes lingered on Sage as she glanced about; there was a fine line between giving someone space and excluding them. Path would be able to walk this line better than she, of that there was no doubt. Songhue, however, simply had to trust that this strong-spoken mare would find her own balance; where she did not feel so strange an outsider, and did not feel the pressures of others. All the same it concerned her to some extent; she wished she could ensure her comfort, though she knew it was beyond her to do so.

The others, she knew, she had no need to worry over. They were all comfortable and if nothing else, Vineda would certainly not be the kind to sit back and feel separated. She was a good heart and a strong spirit. Kyra was a sweet soul as well, and had never been known to have such problems; she was social and kind. Silver seemed to fit this as well, a good match for her bonded. But Sage was an unknown, and it was hard to tell what needs she might have. Especially considering that she didn't seem to show many needs at all.

"Oh, one other note - Questions about the game can, of course, be asked without being in front. And obviously, small comments like Sign just made."

Sign grinned in a rather sheepish manner at that, nickering under another spark-crash of lightning. It seemed the storm was racing them as well, trying to turn them all into dripping rags before anyone could pull ahead.

Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 5:19 pm
by Kyra
Kyra chuckled as she watched the Vindea almost over shoot her targeted rocks. She made a mental note to judge her jumps carefully. She then turned to survey everyone else and watched as Sage moved onto her own stones. The mare to her looked determined to be close to the front and not one to be left behind. Kyra took this as the mare having some love for competitions.

She turned quickly to a sound of a splash and smiled at the soaked Sign and her now soaked bonded, curtsy of her serian shaking water from her body. Kyra was was focused on the blue mare that she did not realize that the current/ waves that were created from her fall, which in turn made it harder for her to keep her footing.

When Sognhue fell that added to the waves from Sign as they were in the same area. A few big swells bumped against Kyra and she dropped to knees quickly as not to allow the wave to knock her off. She laughed and waited a few moments for the swells to subside. Then straightening up, she picked her new target.

Kyra jumped and realized mid air that she was going to over shoot her target just like Vineda had. She quickly leaned back and managed to land on the two stones. Her feet in front on her and her hands propping her up from behind. She laughed again and decided to wait and watch the others before trying to move ahead. This game was proving tougher than it looked. So far, two had fallen and Vineda and her nearly fell.


Silverflash watched the various events unfold and could not help but chuckle. Shamrock's bonded nearly over shot her starting targets and Sign and Songhue had both fallen moving to this next row of rocks. She now was laughing hard, tried to hide it, but could not. Her own bonded had nearly missed her next row of rocks and now sat on one looking like a crab. "You look like a crab Kyra."

Taking a deep breath she regained her focus and looked at her options in front of her. She smiled she not noticed when she choose the stones she was standing, that the next were in easy reach, it would be the following those, that would be a challenge. She watched the water for a moment then made her move since there is was not waves to push her over.

Kyra laughed, "I guess I do look like a crab don't I. Well I am lower to the ground now, so it will be harder to loose my balance again or for the river current to knock me off." Playfulness with the underlying competitiveness in her voice, which was directed to the her mare. "It is not as easy as you are making it look Princess," she said in a teasing tone.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:01 pm
by Vineda
Vineda laughed openly at the challenge, gripping the edge of her rock with her toes and feeling the water slosh over them. She chose her next target and carefully hopped right over. This time it worked like a charm, and she landed in the center. She eyed the gap between her current stone and the others nearby with a bit of dismay, however. There was a very large gap whichever direction she chose to jump. Ah, well. Best not to dwell on it yet!

"Yes, you do look a bit like a crab!" She chortled at the image of Kyra as a crab and thought she wouldn't much like to try it herself... It looked just as hard to stay in that position as standing up, even with a smaller center of gravity.

Songhue and Sign had gone, Kyra and Silverflash had taken turns, now she looked to the apparently unbonded mare. It was obvious by the mare's body language that she was loving the rain and the excitement of the storm. She was indeed an imposing figure, one who looked more than capable of taking care of her own self at all times. Her defiance was worn on her sleeve as though a protective coat. Vineda wondered if she was lonely at all.

At her words, Vineda snapped to attention. The effect of the thunder after the question made it seem dangerous, raising the stakes and seeming like a challenge from the mare herself. Shaking herself from her musings, she called for an explanation. "Begins what, exactly? I don't think I've heard the point of this game, aside from the fun and challenge of hopping from one stone to the next... Are we racing?" She wished she'd been around when they'd laid out the rules and points of the game. There had to be something she was missing...

Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:50 pm
by [Unknown]
The mare couldn't help but grin to herself when the others began to fall in early, this would be a piece of cake. She liked knowing that she had the upper hand, the control... but... Silverflash handled herself so well, her hooves seemed to be as sharp and supportive as her own. Her grace in the weather delicate and untouched. How long could she be like this? She lowered her head and continued to ignore the mare, now was not the time for regretful thoughts about the mare who barely remembered her.

But... it was nice to see her happy.

Sage felt a sudden burst of confidence at the emotions she'd swallowed back, and so took a fast and fluid double-jump, keeping the spaces small so she had more control. She slid for only a fraction of a second and leaned away to make her hooves skid and grab on the slippery surface. She was breathing a little heavy when her muscles relaxed and she looked back.

"Sign... what is your greatest fear?" Her questions would not be wasted, every one had a purpose behind them. She didn't intend to speak to the bonded, not yet, their actions and words to their Serians were speaking for them. This was different.