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Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:03 pm
by [Unknown]
The mare stood and listened to the explanations being given, her puzzled stare gradually easing into a neutral expression, though with a hint of intrigue. Did all the bonded Serians come up with games to pass the time? That sounded rather... dangerous. But this game seemed harmless, so far. However, her thoughts were interrupted when the two began to speak with each other.

"Why do you have a hand in everything they do? Can they not make decisions for themselves?" It wasn't obvious whether she meant to sound condescending, or whether it was honestly confusing her. It would be easy to see where someone who had lived on their own would be bewildered by the prospect of having a parental figure, someone always looming nearby watching and assessing their every move.

She tried not to scoff at that which she didn't yet understand. It was part of why she was here. A sound from out beside her told her that another pair were approaching, and surely enough two figures came into view. Shocked was the mare to find that the bonded seemed to know each other. Small world, perhaps. Instantly she felt a little on edge, not that she had any idea why they would feel the need to gang up on her, they couldn't force her to bond one of them. Not if she had anything at all to say about it.

When her eyes fell on the silver mare she stiffened, she'd seen her somewhere before... This one had been wandering the fields, not too long ago. Sage had never approached her of course, and so kept quiet to avoid making an awkward situation. Turning her attention back to the Serian who suggested the game, she smiled very mildly and inclined her head at Silverflash.

"Teach me, and teach her too." She would feel better learning if she were not the only one who didn't understand it. Assuming, that is, that the silver mare hadn't been introduced to it already. "It shouldn't be a long walk until we come upon a river."

Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:13 pm
by Songhue
Sign rather liked the sound of that and happily nudged the silver mare, flicking her tail eagerly.

"What do you say, Silver? Want to learn stone hopping?"

Songhue smiled at this and tucked her head down in recognition to Sage's question, still standing slightly seperate from the others. There was a small breeze playing about her ankles, calming her.

"I'm a caretaker, dear, nothing more. I help clean their homes after a storm because the help is needed; I listen when they talk so they can learn their own hearts. I care for them, of course, and so worry when they don't come home after a few days.. But I don't say anything. A friendly ear and a kind word is what they ask for and what they see."

And I act as your caretaker, for everyone needs a keeper, like it or not.

Snorting the thought away, Sign stepped forward and offered a polite little bow to everyone. She needed to explain the game, but didn't want to interrupt.

"It's a casual game, one that's easy to play while talking. You take turns, each player trying to pick the best and quickest path through the stone in the river. The one in front gets to decide who talks; that is, if SilverFlash were in front she could tell Kyra to ask Songhue a question. The one who gets to the end of the stones first is the winner."

She paused a moment here to look around, smiling slightly. She had no doubt that she would be the first to stumble into the river, most likely knocking Songhue over in the process. It had been the fae who had taught her this game in the first place to show her that, sometimes, being clumsy was the fun part.

"So do you want to play?"

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 5:42 pm
by Kyra
Kyra watched Songhue in admirant, she could not believe how well the fairy could explain things. Sure, Kyra was always there to help, but when it came to comforting with words, well she knew she laked in it. She often could feel and understand how the person was feeling, but never found the right words to help them.

Silverflash listen with interest, she too was impressed at how well Sign's bonded could use words to comfort others. She took a breath and closed her eyes, that strange feeling lingered in her mind as well as two serian shadows that well too blurred to tell who they were. She opened her pastel blue eyes and took a step forward and leaned on her bonded. She knew that Kyra wished that she was able to explain things like this, but like herself, it was an area they both laked.

She turned and nickered happily at Sign, as the blue mare nuzzle her. She had to laugh a little at what Songhue said. 'Wow she is very observant. I did not even see that whole,' she thought. Her eyes returned to the new mare when she spoke and was about to ask what game, when Sign answer it for her. "Sure, it sounds like fun," she said her gaze once again resting on her blue friend.

Kyra patted her bonded's face and turned to Sign, "Sounds fine with me. I love games that involve water." She then focused her attention back on the new mare. "I can guess that you are feeling awkward in this situation, no one there that you can draw strength from. I just want to say this, knowing full when that it is easier said then done, don't be afraid to show your true self. Don't try to be someone your not, since the only one your fooling is you."

((Sorry for the long wait, was really busy at vet's co-op this week.))

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 11:49 am
by [Unknown]
The mare curiously listened to the explanation she was offered, but her eyes still seemed wary of the idea. Having someone with any influence in her life/over her actions was just such a foreign concept. Her deepest fear was secretly that she'd forget herself, loose who she was now and change into someone else entirely. She'd seen it before, Serians that bonded just seemed to become so... domesticated, dependant. She never wanted to be like that, she would be wild and free forever. Just... maybe it would be nice to have someone to share the experience with. Maybe.

"Well then it is kind of you to give only what is asked." She didn't want to say more on the matter, less she give too much of her own heart away. But that would do for now, enough to let the woman know she did indeed want to learn and understand their ways. It just might take a little while.

"That is an interesting game. I will try it then." She had every intention of winning, there was a competitive streak in her that wanted to show off. All she had to do all day was hone her skills, to be more agile and graceful, and she felt she stood a good chance at blowing everyone away. The questions were the only daunting concept... she didn't know how personal they would become or if they would be centered on her. She sure hoped not.

Her head turned when Kyra spoke privately to her, or so it felt. Her words struck home and the mare's eyes widened just a touch before she nodded almost awkwardly. It was strange that someone had seen so deep into her, or so she felt. It was like the woman had been reading her mind and she didn't know whether she liked it or not. The advice was too much of what she needed to hear, to remember along her journey wherever it would take her. "Th-thank you." She whispered hurriedly before beginning to walk ahead.

"I can navigate the land well. I taste a storm on the horizon, it smells of rain, and it comes from the east so that must be where the river winds into the lake." She reasoned out loud as she shifted direction and began to trot a bit to make decent time. Not that she minded the rain at all, but they might want to be in the shelter of trees around the pond when it rained. Of course, she foresaw this being a bit of a wet game, lucky for the Serians they all had coats to keep them warm.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 5:51 pm
by Kyra
Kyra smiled and nodded, "Your, welcome. I like to help anyone who needs it, even if it is just a few words. If I can help someone in need, then that is all that counts." She said watching the mare, she truly hoped she could help this mare. She too had the problem back in the world she came from, of being herself at school mainly. With friends, she was fine, but in classes where they were absent, she was a totally different girl. She did not want to be, but it just seemed to happen, though slowly by believing in what she had just said, she was slowly being able to be herself anywhere she was.

Silverflash looked from her bonded to Sage, she smiled; her bonded could be so understanding and caring. She still couldn't believe she found such a girl, "Alright, lets go then!" she said happily. She playfully shook her silver crown and nudged Kyra in the back, "Want a leg up to get their faster?"

Kyra nodded to Silverflash and easily jumped up onto her friend's back. "Yes, you are right, Sage. Also that is very intuitive to pick up on the storm coming."

Silverflash started to walk slowly after the black mare, once her bonded was mounted. She turned her neck back to Sign, "Are you coming?" she said teasingly.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:44 pm
by Songhue
Songhue smiled slightly as the others started off, her thoughts churning peacefully. Kyra seemed to know the proper way to speak to this strong mare, something she was glad for and honestly, something that made her rather impressed with her friend. It was good that someone had come who could guess at the mare's mentality without insulting her.

She merely shook her head as Sign turned towards her, however, declining the unspoken offer. She made no move to follow, either; merely allowed the curious mare to pull ahead and follow the rest to the stream.

Once they had all gone she shifted, shimmering into a dappled blue-gray unisus. Her large, transparent wings were tucked safely against her sides, though she did need to take a moment to smooth a few feathers, her nose wrinkling at the taste of her protective coating of dust, same as one might find on a moth's wings.

Her gently curving, blue opal horn flashed vaguely as she looked forward again, double checking that all others had pulled ahead, before she trotted around the long way, hard opal hooves landing soundlessly. She could make good time in this form, could easily make the distance and obstacles that would undoubtedly be in her path - such as that tree which so conveniently got caught up on the others when it fell over - and wouldn't have to sit upon her bonded's back again. It didn't bother the mare, but Songhue herself saw it as demeaning.

And by waiting until they pulled ahead and then going the long way she was more or less guaranteed not to be seen in such a form. She feared it would be seen as mocking, to have an equine form of her own.

She greeted the stream with a soft snort, rustling her wings happily when she saw there was no sign of the others as of yet. After a quick drink she shimmered back into her familiar fae form and found a stone to settle down and wait on.


Sign had learned not to wonder or worry too much whenever her bonded became quiet or strange. Or more notably strange than she typically was. A quiet nicker was directed at the others as she caught up, her eyes dancing in expectation for this game.

"Have you always had such a connection with the land and storms," she asked, trotting lightly at some point between the two Serians. "That was frankly impressive, picking up on things that way. I didn't notice the scent of the storm at all until you mentioned it."

She was only trying to be friendly, and honest at that. Sage's skill was one that perked her interest, especially as a water based mare herself.