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The Winds of Change [Kyra claims Sage]

PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:26 am
by [Unknown]
A cold whisper in the distance promises winter in the coming weeks, the perfect chill to bring out the ebony form sheltered by the coming darkness. In the valley of a hill she waits patiently, eyes searching the sky and grass which rose above her with a purpose. She'd heard this was where they were, and curiosity had won out. Bondeds, did they call them? Tentative footsteps were taken as she ventured farther up the slope, velvet ears twitching to any indication of sound, her nose flaring to catch a scent on the wind, something foreign to her. It was exciting and thrilling, but terrifying at the same time. At last her proud form stood on the peak of the hill, surveying the land like it was hers and she knew every nook and cranny of the emerald earth. There was no hiding now.

[For those who are new to this, (though I'm pretty sure it's all oldbies ^_~) anyone can join in, and the purpose is to simply roleplay the interaction of your human persona and/or a Serian (or a few if you want) of your choice that you own with the mystery Serian. She will go to the person we feel roleplayed the best with her and they can feel free to change her personality once she is won if they would like :) ]

Re: The Winds of Change

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:52 pm
by Songhue
Songhue stood in the dim light of dusk, the wind pulling at her coldly. Her face was nearly blank as she surveyed the area, her pale, pixie styled dragonfly wings flicking idly. When had she last come into the land of her bondeds? It was hard to remember anymore.

So much had happened recently, more than she cared to think of, yet as she stood in the dimness her thoughts turned relentlessly towards those things she would just as soon avoid.

"You're feeling haunted again, aren't you?"

"You took awhile. Did I interrupt anything?"

Sign sighed, tossing her main in mild irritation at her bonded's deliberate avoidance. Path was off with Pixie and Sparkle was playing with Amber; they had their own lives and couldn't worry too much about a reserved bonded. She didn't blame them; Songhue was ever the caretaker, the one looking after others. She was the kind who didn't bother others with her trouble.

"Why won't you talk to me, Songhue? Why won't you let me help?"

"You do help me, dear Sign. Knowing that I have you to love and care for is of more help than you could ever know. And the reason I came to this land to find you was that we do, indeed, need to talk."

She turned here, turning her glowing eyes to the soft blue Serian before her, the soft face breaking into a tender smile as Sign stepped forward and half-crushed her in a hug. Flicking her wings, she swung easily onto the mare's back, stroking her neck fondly as she started walking. Neither had to say word.

"What are you about to do, as weak as you are now?"

"I may be weak for my kind, Sign, but I'm more than strong enough to handle this. Don't worry so. There is someone who needs us."


"I don't know her, yet. I only know that the winds started calling me when I got here."

"Why are you here, anyway? You never come to these lands; you wait for us at home."

"It'd been so long since any of you were home, dear, that I felt I needed to make sure you were all well and happy."

"That's very kind of you.. I know how hard it is for you to travel now. Is that her, upon the hill?"

"So it seems."

Sign stopped within sight of the stranger, Songhue swinging off her friend's back to stand next to her. She looked very small and frail next to the great mare, yet her eyes glowed with power. The pair seemed to lean against one another in the gathering night, each gaining something more than warmth in the chill air.

"Hello up there, strange beauty, and may we be well met. The winds have called me to you, though I know not why. How might I help you?"

Sign offered a slightly shy smile as Songhue spoke before taking voice herself, tossing her main from side to side. Her voice was soft and rolling, very feminine, and carried well over the distance.

"Hey, I'm Sign. This is Songhue, my bonded. Do you want to go for a walk and talk a little bit? I know of a river nearby, we could go stone hopping."

With that, she flicked her tail and waited, letting the stranger make the first move, keeping careful note of Songhue's weight against her shoulder.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:10 pm
by [Unknown]
The Serian watched the two come to her, knowing that in a way she had summoned them. She had summoned anyone and everyone bold enough to try and tame her wild spirit. She was not the first, nor would she be the last, but she would not give up her freedom easily. Lonelyness was better than making a choice she might later regret. She still had yet to be convinced that being bonded was really all that the stories had made it out to be. But here was one that was actually bonded, and this Serian seemed content enough.

However, it was the human that addressed her first, and defiantly she raised her head until the Serian stole her attention back with a question. In the process, she confirmed the mare's suspicions. What did she have to loose? At least this way she could see how this Sign acted around her bonded and if she was truly happy. However, there was still this nipping sensation at her spine, about how conveniently they had come along, perhaps a bit too convenient? Good things never seemed to last, that was why she was here in the first place.

"I am Sage, and what is stone hopping?" Her voice held the tiniest bit of arrogance, as if she'd already decided that this stone hopping was silly because she'd never heard of it before. In reality, she was wary of that which she was not familiar with. However, a single step was taken towards the two, if only to see them better.


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:29 pm
by Songhue

Sign smiled slightly up at the stranger, this Sage mare. She was strong, much as Path was, only much more wild in her ways, that much was clear. And, perhaps, a little condescending.. But that was of no matter.

"It's when you find a river or brooke and hop across the stones, trying not to fall in. It's rather fun, actually, and as Path once pointed out, is similar to dancing."

"It would also prove useful for agility in battle," Songhue added quietly.

Sign looked at her bonded here, offering the fae a tender nuzzle before stepping forward herself, stopping just a few feet away from Sage. She had learned a few things from Path and put them to use now.

"It was just an idea, in any case. A simple walk or any ideas you may have would be just as enjoyable, I'm sure."

Songhue paused a moment herself before turning and walking down the hill a little ways. She stopped and looked out over the trees at the dark sky, the winds picking up in intensity to swirl around her.

She turned back with a smile and stepped next to Sign once again, placing a hand upon her neck as if to comfort the mare. Sign herself lifted her head slightly, hearing the whispered thought sent to her from her bonded, and had to snort in laughter.

"You worry too much, Songhue, do you know that? Of course my bond-mates are alright."

"It's my duty to make sure you're all well and happy, Sign. I'm going to worry about you. In any case, I know they're safe now and would gladly hear what Madam Sage would most like to do."

Sign, however, turned to the small creature and scooped her up, looking over her shoulder as Songhue settled on her back.

"And why, might I ask, am I sitting on you?"

"Because you need to Rest, woman, and don't argue. You help them with their homes, you help them with their mates, you help them to figure themselves out; the least they could do is check in regularly. Instead they come and go as they please, do as they please, with whom they please, and you stay at home, seeing to things there, and wonder if they're alright."

"I'm fine, Sign, I promise. Now, I'm sure Madam Sage would like it if you stopped ignoring her now."

Sign merely snorted, offering a mild warning glare to her bonded before turning back to the mare. She knew they all lived peacefully together, but she also knew that everyone needed someone to help look after them. Songhue had to learn to be cared for while she was helping to look after everyone else.

"Anyway, stone hopping is fun, but there's a lot of other things we could do if you'd prefer."

Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:23 pm
by Kyra
The sky magenta girl sat on a giant bolder looking out over a lake, not to far away from the others. She had her eyes closed as she thought of how long it had been since she was here. This land where school and all other troubles could be forgotten and her beloved serians lived. She was very content and happy here with the slight breeze that brought new smells and you could say silent questions in it.

The silver mare saw her bonded and nickered in sheer joy. She tossed her mane playfully and burst into a gallop up to her. This would be her first time with Lady Kyra on her own. Amber was of course of with her playful mate, Sparkle. Crash was off trying to boost the ice mare, Peace's confidence in a sea cove. Dart, the trouble maker and mischievous stallion, was off doing his own thing, which was any one's guess to what that was.

She slowed to a walk and nudged her bonded in the back when she got close enough. Then for fun, she nibbled on her hair and nuzzled into the slide of her neck. Her starlit mane falling down her neck and against Kyra's face. "I am so glad to see you!" she said in her normal voice.

Kyra heard the nicker, but did not move. She knew her newest bonded would come to her. Also, the stress from her world was getting the better of her at this moment, no matter how hard she tried to forget about it. Though as usual, at the touch of any of her dear one's, it vanished into thin air. She laughed and turned to smile up at her friend. Her sky blue eyes full of love and joy. She reached up and stroked the mares face. "I am too Silverflash!" she said her voice so gentle and comforting.

Kyra stood up and walked to stand beside the silver mare, the breeze had picked up into more like a medium wind. Her long hair blew past her face from her pony tail, along with the blue ribbon ends she had used to but it up with. She turned and kissed her girl, "Do you feel it? The hidden and silent words of one is confusion and lonely?"

Silverflash nickered softly, she too felt it. In this way, she and Kyra had found they were so much a like. They both would not fight unless they absolutely had too and would save any of their family from getting hurt, even if others say they deserved it.

With that decide, the magenta coloured haired girl walked to her friend's side and used her element, water, to create a step of ice, so she could easily swing onto her friend's back. She leaned forward and stroked the soft silver coat. "Lets got see you the hidden wind words belong to."

Silverflash nodded and did a small turn before moving into a flat out gallop. Her mane, tail and forelock flew out behind her like the trail of a shooting star. Her pastel eyes shown with happiness and love for her friend. She slowed to a walk and then a halt a few feet from the black serian, Sign and a pixie.

Then both she and Kyra, by accident said, "Hello Sign! Nice to see you again!" Then both looked at the black serian and knew the words of the wind must have belonged to her. "Hello." Then both laughed at the fact they said it in unison. "Here we go again." Kyra laughed, another thing they seemed to do to, was say things at the same time, or say what the other was about too.

Kyra leaned forward and swung down of her friend. She walked and stopped beside Silverflash's head, and stroked her face, while looking at the others. "Hello Songhue. Long time no see," she said smiling at the fairy. Then she turned her attention to the serian with wings. "Hello, I am Kyra and this silver mare here is my friend Silverflash."

Silverflash nickered, "Hello" To the new serian. Then she turned to look at Sign and the fairy, "Hello Songhue." She looked back at the black mare, she could almost feel a strange connection with her, but why. She knew she had parents, but was not sure who they were. Her past she had well it was a blank. She did not want to remember what had happened and why she used to be abandoned. Though she did know one thing, she wanted to find out who her family was and Kyra had already agreed to help. Silverflash also wasn't sure that she ready to face the blank part of her past.

She shook her head slightly, 'Why am I thinking about me, when I know this mare needs help,' she thought somewhat annoyed, but still the strange feeling lingered.

Re: The Winds of Change [Unbonded RP, all are welcome]

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:41 am
by Songhue
Songhue smiled at Kyra, nodding quietly in greeting. It had been long indeed, but she was ever glad to see the girl.

Sign smiled at well, her eyes glowing in recognition as she trotted over to nuzzle the mare. Here was another strong one, someone who was more than a homemaker.

The fae smiled again at the tender notion before swinging off Sign's back, holding up a hand to forestall any objections. The time had come.

Flicking her wings, she turned and approached Sage, coming within easy striking distance to look up at this mare. She truly was something.

"We both know that you aren't here to play a game of stone hopping. There is something you need and you wish to find the one who can provide what you seek."

She turned here with a little bow, motioning out across the lands. It seemed endless, this world of beauty.

"There are many questions, many decisions to weigh and consider. I know this and wish to help. As long as you find what you need, I am content."

Sign had stood silent, listening, and couldn't help but smile. Songhue was here to help Sage and she.. She was here to help Songhue.

"I would recommend that you look over any Serians first, if you wish to hear my thoughts. They, my dear, are the strongest indicators as to what type of bonded you face. Sign, you're very close to breaking your leg."

She turned with those last words, eyes flashing at her lovely sea bonded. The mare had made to step forward, her hoof hovering over a rabbit hole. Something that deep and winding could easily cause a hurt fetlock, if nothing else.

"One of these days my clumsiness is going to catch up to me," she laughed, rolling her eyes as she stepped around the hole with obvious care. Shaking her head, she winked at her bonded and moved closer to Kyra and SilverFlash, nudging her fellow mare.

"I don't know about you, dear, but I didn't wake up this morning thinking I'd be standing here."