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Re: Masquerade of a Demon

PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 11:30 am
by Tigress
She could tell his puzzlement and smirked to herself, she was just a bit above the game and he would have to make pace to keep up. It was cute in a way, how determined he was to beat her at this, the act she'd been putting on for centuries. She knew her lines off by heart and had never faltered in the longest time. Though that made her bitter to admit that it had ever happened at all, everyone was allowed to make the mistake of falling in love once, right? She had learned from her mistakes however, when most others would not.

"No it isn't, is it? I suppose if it was I would have given it up long ago. But fear is a strange emotion, it often lends itself to anger which can be even more fun to break down. If you want to see someone in a truly primitive state though, fear is always the best way to go." Truth be told, there were times where she preferred anger. Telling little white lies and weaving intricate webs of deceit in order to break down the minds of her victims, make them second guess everything they had ever thought to be concrete. She loved the idea of making someone go truly mad, just the thought made her squirm a bit in discomfort and that made it all the more alluring. It would be uncomfortable even for her, thus it was a grand goal to look forward to.

Her eyes flicked up and she batted them beautifully, seeming to soak up his charming grin with a smitten stare. "You wouldn't do something like that to me though, right?" It was so strange to play this innocent game with the stallion, she almost hadn't expected him to fall for it so easily. But with a look and a tone of voice, she matched the lithe and frail feminine body she had been put into, and the act was all too convincing. Sometimes she even surprised herself.

Re: Masquerade of a Demon

PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:21 am
by Kyra
He listened, "Yes, I would agree. Fear is one of the best states to play around with someone. You get the best reactions." A image floated to his mind, one of the ice mare, jumping literally out of her skin. The look on her face and how she froze solid for a few moments.

Dart was taken of guard by her last words and when she batted her eyes at him. He regained his composure a second later. He looked her up and down, wow, is she guessing the game I am playing here, or is it she making a move. He was not too sure there, something told him the innocent didn't quit fit her, but with her looking at him that way, it was hard not to think it. She defiantly was a pretty mare, but he knew looks could be deceiving, "No, why would you think I was going to that to you," he said in a bit of a hurtful voice. If this was her move, well two can play this side game. He dropped his gaze to her pink hooves, as if very hurt that she would ever think that of him.